When it Comes to “Easy,” This Trumps All Else

Pat McCord here again. I’ve been talking this week about ways to make copywriting easy. For me, it was a matter of survival in a dual career – as I explained on Monday, I also write books.

When it comes to easy, there’s one thing you can do that trumps all else.

Get yourself to AWAI’s annual FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair in Delray Beach, Florida. This year it’s happening October 15-18.

If you’ve already been to one or more of these events, you know what I mean. Denise Ford, AWAI Conference and Events Director, said “Bootcamp is like taking an elevator straight up to the writer’s life while everyone else is taking the stairs.” It’s the quick, easy way to success.

What makes this event different from any other intensive programs you might have attended is that it puts you in touch with some of the actual people who’ll be hiring you – marketing professionals who need copy written for their businesses.

But even more important, you’ll make friends that last for years. I love going back as often as I can to see the same people I met that first year. In between, we email, text, SKYPE or talk on the phone.

But here’s something ironic: I almost didn’t go to that first Bootcamp in 2006. I had just purchased the basic copywriting course and didn’t feel ready for the “big time.”

I pictured master copywriters all huddling together with no time for someone like me.

But my husband Bob insisted I jump in, and he even attended with me. I’ll admit I felt awkward … for about 10 minutes.

In the lobby were crowds of people yelling greetings, hugging each other, and exchanging updates and stories.

For the next few days I attended sessions with some of the biggest names in the copywriting world – Clayton Makepeace, Bob Bly, Carline Anglade-Cole, Herschell Gordon Lewis, and many others. Herschell built a reputation as a premier catalog copywriter and is a wordsmith of the first order. (Catalogs need lots of copy.)

Many of these gurus come back every year, so you’ll hear what they have to say, too. But these people do not just stand at the front of the room talking.

You’ll have breakfast with them and get the opportunity to sit with them in the lobby between sessions. I found every one of the experts to be incredibly generous with their advice.

Eventually, Bob Bly hired me to write a book for his Center for Technical Communications. But it was at my first Bootcamp where I met him.

If you’re a veteran Bootcamp attendee, make sure you don’t miss the 2014 event. The shot of energy it gives more than pays for the attendance fee in the following months – in new ideas, jobs and contacts.

That’s what everyone says, including me.

So, even if you’re still sitting on the fence about this year’s Bootcamp, mark it on your calendar and check airfares. Make it real now.

Then go to the comments section and tell me what your hopes are for this year’s event. Put it in writing, and your chances of success are even greater.

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Published: August 1, 2014

2 Responses to “When it Comes to “Easy,” This Trumps All Else”

  1. I've already signed up for Bootcamp. I first bought the AWAI course 2 years ago and was interested in Bootcamp, even then. But I'm slow to convince, so it's taken me this long to feel confident that AWAI is the real deal. I've learned so much and am a more purposeful and more confident writer because of my connection with AWAI. So I'm looking at Bootcamp as being "Boost camp" for my web writing career. I'd like to take what I've been practicing pro bono, improve on it, and learn how to get clients who are willing to pay what my work is worth. I'm excited for October!

    Ellen B

  2. Hello Pat, We have never been to the Bootcamp because I have only been involved in copy writing for a little less then 2 months so I was not around last year.

    I am trying to get good enough to be looking for a job by then, but it might be close. Almost Everything in my life I have been able to learn fairly fast but this has slowed me down for sure.

    I am very much looking forward to it though. We are looking forward to meeting you and Bob and you can show us the way around. :)

    Best Regards,

    Bob & Ruth

    Bob Thrall

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