Your Favorite Hobby Could Bring You Success as a Writer

Do you have a hobby you love? A special talent you enjoy sharing? Perhaps a career in a field you find fascinating?

Even if you don’t, is there something you’d like to know more about? Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn about horse racing. Or the mating habits of seahorses. (Quite interesting, actually!)

Joking aside, as long as you have an interest in a topic, there’s a market for you to start your freelance writing business. Something I discovered totally by accident …

You see, I am an aspiring actor living in NYC (read: waiter). And I decided to escape the “waiter’s life” by pursuing copywriting.

However, after I completed AWAI’s Accelerated Program, I wasn’t really sure what my next step would be. So I started looking for freelance apprentice jobs, where I could learn from an experienced writer. A gig where I could write, but have the time to keep auditioning.

When I finally landed one, I was stoked to start writing big blockbuster promotions. But, my copy chief had different plans for me …

Researching and writing blog articles.

I won't lie … I was a little upset. I thought anyone could write a blog post. Isn’t copywriting where the money is? How would I achieve the coveted “writer’s life” this way?

Apparently, I judged things a little too soon …

Blogs, I learned, are a form of “content marketing.” “Content” can be any information or materials created for your consumption – newsletter articles, web pages, podcasts, and YouTube videos. You name it!

And, as you can imagine, there is a ton of content out there. In fact, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said, “We create as much information in two days now as we did from the dawn of man through 2003.” That’s a lot.

The key is that people are looking for quality content from sources they trust. They rely on experts or “authorities” for advice. Just like you and thousands of others have come to AWAI to learn how to make a living as a paid writer.

Since “authorities” are proven to bring in more lifetime customers and better sales, companies are desperate to provide quality content on a regular basis. No matter what industry they’re in!

But, they very rarely have time to spend planning and writing content for themselves. So they need a skilled content marketer to come in and do it for them. And they’re willing to pay a handsome sum to whoever can do it.

If you can write good content that’s informative, actionable, and keeps readers coming back for more, businesses will want to work with you!

Statistically speaking, nine out of 10 businesses are looking for content marketers. And they’re likely to spend $118.4 billion on it this year …

With those kinds of numbers and such a huge demand, blog articles are starting to sound pretty lucrative, right? And, like I mentioned, as long as you have a passion for a topic, you can become a great “content marketer” in that industry!

So, if this is something that appeals to you, I’d like you to make a list of all your interests. Once you’ve written down a bunch of topics, take a good look at it and see what jumps out. Be sure to circle or highlight those. See if you can narrow down to one from that list.

If you’re having trouble, feel free to post in the comments. I’ll be glad to help! Hearing others’ perspectives can help you solidify your decision.

Whatever you choose, stay tuned for tomorrow’s issue of The Writer Life, where I’ll show you the next step in turning that passion into a living. All you have to do is be willing to learn and ready to write.

See you tomorrow!

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Published: August 11, 2014

13 Responses to “Your Favorite Hobby Could Bring You Success as a Writer”

  1. Robert Rice:
    I have many interests, hobbies, etc., and have already written to a magazine about my fitness idea. If my article isn't published, I will send it on to another, or to the manufacturer of the item I use.
    Tues. I have a time reserved for the free teleconference. Thanks for your information. Susan

    Guest (susan)

  2. Hi Robert! I have a ton of interests and am always in learning mode. I am finding that to be a double edged sword, in some ways! I am also new to the world of copywriting. I am getting ready to begin the Accelerated Program for 6 Figure Copywriting. That would seem to provide the foundation that I need, no matter what niche I choose. I do have an inrerest in Cyber Security though, if I just have to pick one.


  3. Hi again, Robert! Personal development is a life long interest. That's another possibility.


  4. i have a passion right now the benefits of vitamins.

    Guest (Kimberly)

  5. I'm in the 3rd week of The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting and learning a lot. I've written & published 22 books, but this writing is different. My interests are wide and varied: reading, gardening, quilting, alternative health, aging issues. Hot buttons: domestic violence, homeless, education, women's health. Not sure where to narrow my focus yet.


  6. Hi! There are 3 things coming to my mind at the moment: travel (on my own or with some group); endless efforts to make the running in stadium every day habit :D; and ways to relieve stress, for example using essential oils, conscious selection colors for garment, etc.


  7. Hi Just started Have selected disruptive industries as my theme. This would include 3D Printing, virtual reality and space tourism. Hope this will " set the kettle boiling "


  8. Three months into the Accelerated Program and I am somewhat overwhelmed with all the supplementary readings. Love to read. To narrow down to one topic is challenging. Thinking about article writing as a means to begin a portfolio. Researching techniques and sources seems to me to be an appropriate place to help me narrow my focus.Some favorite hobbies also include music, science, and business.

    Guest (DALance)

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