You’re Now Ready to Become a Superstar

In the past four days you’ve gone on an incredible journey toward “content marketing” stardom … including writing, publishing, and sharing your own article! And that’s just the beginning. What you’ve become is what nine out of 10 businesses are looking for nowadays – a content marketer who can plan and produce quality work. (And your blog is your portfolio!)

Now you’re ready to take the next big step in your career: becoming an authority in your field.

Remember when I talked on Monday about how all businesses want to be authorities because it means more sales and long-term customers (read: bigger profits)? Well, you want to be recognized as an authority, too, because you’ll get all of those benefits, as well!

Being an “authority” means you’re an expert people turn to for advice on a particular subject. Think Martha Stewart for cooking/decorating or Dan Kennedy for marketing.

You’ve already created quality content people want to read. As you continue, reach out to other leaders in your field and forge relationships. These are the folks who run the most prominent websites, are published authors, etc.

Remember that list of blogs and authors you made in the beginning of the week? That’s a great place to start.

Connecting with those leaders in an organic way will further your relationships with the consumers in your field. Send an email introducing yourself and get to know them. Chat them up in their forums and on their blog posts.

Down the road, they may want you to write something for them, or perhaps share an article you already wrote! You never know – the important thing is to make that connection and get involved. Not only will they want to help you out (because, after all, any attention you give their website is helping them), but readers will view you as in the know.

And guess what? If you already have a fan base in your industry, businesses are going to want to pay you big bucks to write for them. Because not only do you clearly understand their field inside-and-out, but you will bring in a bunch of new customers – your own followers!

With content marketing, there are so many opportunities for your freelance business. You could focus on blogs, social media, or video. Create and write publications for a company, or perhaps a newsletter. It also acts as a great stepping stone into copywriting work, if you’re into that.

(My copy chief is now working with me to create quality copy in addition to the content I am creating. Just as I was hoping!)

No matter your goals, you’ll find “content marketing” to be a fun and simple way to get started living the writer’s life. And please, share your ambitions and successes with me in the comments. I would love to read them and help you get to where you want to be.

Remember, you’re already on your way. All it takes is passion and the drive to keep going.

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Published: August 15, 2014

3 Responses to “You’re Now Ready to Become a Superstar”

  1. Hi Robert, Thanks for all the really helpful info. I just finished a copywriting course with AWAI in July, so am really a newbie. The thing is, I really took it to learn a little about writing more persuasively. My husband and I moved to Merida, Mexico in December, and I really want to do travel writing. My dream job would be for International Living as their Mexico on the ground correspondent. How do I go about this? Regards- Rhoda


  2. Hi Robert! Your formula makes it sound really simple to write articles. I am about to give it a try with various subjects that interest me. It will be a good way to create some samples, which I don't have right now. By the time I complete the copywriting course, I should have others. I am keeping this week's series close to hand. Thanks so much for sharing this.


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