3 Minutes to Change Your Life

Three minutes … 180 seconds.

You can’t accomplish much in just three minutes. Or can you?

This question came up for me after a recent stint in the 7th/8th-grade Language Arts class I volunteer in. The teacher has a great three-minute strategy for getting good work out of the students in the class.

Mrs. Hibbard sets the timer for three minutes. She then has the students do an assignment that can be accomplished in that time. It might be a quick write about something they read. It might be proofreading a short piece of writing. Whatever it is, though, the work helps students later.

Three-minute activities don’t have to be trivial

Three minutes … her strategy got me thinking about what can be accomplished in that short amount of time. I can set the table in three minutes. Or, change a cartridge on my printer. Or, fill our coffee maker. (It still takes almost seven minutes to brew the coffee.)

I looked online, and the three-minute tasks I found there were about the same as mine. All seemed fairly trivial. None of them had the long-term impact Mrs. H’s three-minute tasks had.

Then, “synchronicity” struck. Synchronicity is when two related events seem to happen around the same time for no apparent reason. It’s happened enough for me that I really believe in it.

This time the synchronicity I experienced benefits you in your copywriting career.

All thanks to Michael Katz and AWAI

Michael is the author of AWAI’s Creating Email Newsletters for Professional Service Firms. But Michael’s now come out with a new way to learn his self-marketing and business-building strategies … in three-minute chunks.

That’s just three minutes per day. Three times a week. For 12 weeks.

How big a time commitment is that all together? Most movies you watch run anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours. All Michael is asking are 108 minutes of your time … stretched out over 12 weeks … watching three-minute videos to learn his own serious business-building secrets and strategies.

Michael’s system—called simply 3-Minute Marketing—guides you to uncover your unique strengths and communicate them to potential clients in a natural, no-hype way that brings in massive amounts of new business.

How can Michael pack so much crucial information into such a tiny amount of time?

Michael bases his mini-sessions on Pareto’s Principle—also known as the 80-20 Rule. This rule says that 80% of your business success comes from just 20% of your efforts.

Figure out what those 20% efforts are, and you’ve freed up a huge amount of time to build your success doing what you want to do … writing money-making copy rather than chasing potential clients.

That’s exactly what Michael has done. He’s distilled everything you need to understand to harness that 20% effort into entertaining, easy-to-understand, three-minute videos.

Destroy the “I gotta do this before I do that” roadblock to success

To make learning more fun … and more effective … Michael has organized these three-minute chunks brilliantly.

Okay, confession time. I’m a very orderly person (if you ignore my desk). I automatically assume the fastest way to accomplish something is to take systematic steps. A comes before B comes before C.

This works much of the time. But sometimes, taking systematic steps like this becomes a barrier to reaching the end point. I’ve seen this happen with AWAI members. They’ll tell me they haven’t written spec copy (for instance), because they still have to finish Program X. And after Program X, they have to tackle Program Y … and so on.

Michael designed his video series to eliminate this potential success-killer. He’s deliberately planned it to “jump around” between topics. This keeps your attention focused. It keeps his discussions lively. It makes the entire process enjoyable …

 … And, it eliminates the “I have to master this before I master that” mindset that can slow or kill your progress toward success.

What three minutes can mean for your life …

When I first heard from Rebecca about Michael’s 3-Minute Marketing (that synchronicity thing), I was excited. I’d seen how much impact three minutes have on learning in Mrs. H’s class. And, in Rebecca’s note, I read how much impact three minutes can have on your career. That’s why I wanted to share this with you. The power of three minutes.

So, please do me a favor and click here right now … and take three minutes to learn more about Michael Katz’s new way to learn … and how it can change your life by building your career … in three-minute chunks.

3-Minute Marketing

3-Minute Marketing: Bite-Sized Strategies to Build Your Freelance Business in Just 3 Minutes a Day

Michael Katz shows how to build and market your writing business 3 minutes at a time. After just 36 3-minute lessons, you'll be marketing your business alongside the most successful freelance writers. Learn More »

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Published: September 29, 2014

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