6 Ways Companies Benefit From Strong Social Media Marketing

In yesterday’s article we looked at how companies large and small are struggling to keep up with the rise of the social and mobile web.

The numbers are extraordinary … with only 12% of companies feeling they’re doing a good job with social media.

But those few smart companies are doing some amazing things.

Here are six ways in which they’re leveraging the power of social media:

  1. Building brand awareness

    Coca-Cola has over 87 million friends on Facebook. That’s an amazing way to build and protect your brand. Their closest rival, Pepsi, has just 33 million friends of Facebook. Less than half. Coke wins!

  2. Engaging with customers

    Airbnb, the company that connects people looking for places to stay with others who have rooms for rent, created its first commercial by reaching out to its followers on Twitter. Thousands of fans submitted six-second Vine videos, which were then edited to create the final commercial.

    That’s right, Airbnb used social media to not only engage with their fans, but to collaborate with them.

  3. Customer service

    Social media isn’t just about marketing. It’s also a great tool for customer services.

    Blackberry, makers of the popular smartphone, use Twitter @BlackBerryHelp. With almost 1.5 million followers, they’ve built a support network that answers questions 24/7. They have separate accounts in different languages for different countries around the world.

  4. Driving sales

    Social media isn’t just about “connecting” and “engaging.” It’s also being used to drive direct sales.

    L.L. Bean is a superstar on Pinterest with 5.5 million followers. Click on a product image and you’re taken directly to the sales page on the L.L. Bean site. Engagement to the sale in a single click.

  5. Supporting the B2B sales process

    If you think social media is just for B2C companies, you’re dead wrong. Social media has been embraced by smart B2B companies, too.

    With almost 300,000 followers, Salesforce.com uses LinkedIn as a content platform to influence buyers and move them toward a buying decision.

  6. Getting social through mobile platforms

    If you have the Yelp app on your smartphone or your tablet, you already know how restaurants, bars, clubs, coffee shops and other local venues use social and mobile media to attract you to their locations.

And, that’s just scratching the surface of what businesses can do with the social and mobile web.

From your point of view, this means the possibilities are almost endless. As a writer, copywriter and marketer, you can use social media to help any and every client you ever get.

Tomorrow, we’ll dig down and look more closely at the specific ways in which you can use your current skills to carve a profitable niche in the social media industry.

In the meantime, get back on Google and check out some of the top brands of the major social sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and so on. Begin with a search for “top brands on Facebook.” See what these brands are doing, and how they do it … then keep the conversation going in the comments section.

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Published: September 10, 2014

3 Responses to “6 Ways Companies Benefit From Strong Social Media Marketing”

  1. Thanks for the increasingly valuable tips Nick. I have found Nick Patel's blogs to be informative, and I include a link to his recent post on leveraging social media.

    www dot quicksprout dot com/2014/04/23/the-surprising-words-that-get-content-shared-on-social-media/

    Lee Nourse

  2. Hi Nick, Bob T. here

    I didn't come up with anything today that I could understand. I am sure you can make something out of it but I struck out.


    Bob Thrall

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