7 Ways Being a Web Writer Adds Power to Your Life

What made you want to be a web writer, anyway?

Was it the six-figure income from home? The potential to retire this year and still make more money than most doctors?


Those are intriguing statements designed to catch your interest. They sure caught mine, a few years ago.

But all they really did was make me want to read more. It was the more that sealed the deal for me.

You see, writing for the Web brings with it a whole slew of benefits we commonly refer to as “the writer’s life.” Plus, a few extra benefits that only online writers can enjoy.

Writing for the Web isn’t all about the income. It’s about adding power to your life. It’s about giving you that power to live your life the way you want to.

How can it do that? Here are my Top 7 ways that web writing adds power to your life:

  1. Freedom

    It sounds cliché, but the number one benefit of the writer’s life is freedom. What exactly does that mean? It means that you are the owner of your business. You decide your direction, your goals, your work schedule, your daily routines. You have no boss because you are the boss. For those of us who slogged through the corporate world, that’s an invigorating feeling. You get to walk through life as a business owner and entrepreneur, not an employee. There’s definitely power in that.

  2. Flexibility

    As a web writer, your schedule is pretty darn flexible. You can write in the morning, afternoon, or nighttime. You could even wake up and write in the middle of the night, if you wanted to. Some tasks — like contacting clients — need to occur during normal working hours. But the vast majority of your work can be done anytime. And that means you have the flexibility to schedule your work around the things that matter to you. Invited for coffee with an old friend? Sure. Want to play a round of golf? No problem. School presentation or sporting event? You’ll be there.

  3. Learning

    You’ll learn tons of important things as a web writer. Not just product knowledge, either. You’ll learn in-demand skills like how to build websites, how to publish online, and how to generate leads. Whether or not you offer those services directly, you will learn them as you go through your career as a web writer. Those skills are extremely marketable in today’s world. So even if you’re not a technical person, being a web writer gives you a good dose of “street cred” when it comes to technology.

  4. Expert Status

    If there are easier ways to become an expert in your field than web writing, I’m not aware of them. Demonstrate your knowledge on a professional-looking website … publish articles on influential blogs … share what you know and things you find through social media … and your reputation as an expert will begin to grow. It’s only a matter of time before people realize you’re an expert whenever you post an article, comment in social media, or otherwise participate in online discussions. And the more confident you are when portraying yourself as an expert, the quicker and more effectively you’ll pull it off.

    Other forms of copywriting aren’t so easy to build expert status — you have to do it the hard way, with client lists and reputation. But with web writing, you can pretty much start off as an expert … you just have to be ready to back it up when called on.

  5. Persuasion

    One of the key skills any good copywriter develops is persuasion. Being able to persuade people to your point of view is powerful in almost every aspect of your life. But with web writing, you can actually engage people in conversations. Whether it’s in social media or comments on a blog, you can interact with people on an ongoing basis. And that means you’ll develop persuasive skills that are even more adaptable to all the real-life situations you encounter.

  6. Focus on Yourself

    First, you’ll be building a business. And that’s going to improve your confidence as well as a lot of other skills. But you’ll also have the flexibility to pursue some other interests that you haven’t been able to before. Maybe it’s as simple as finally having time to go to the gym. Or maybe it’s learning to meditate, or getting involved in a new sport, or crafting. The possibilities are endless.

    Because your schedule is so flexible, you will find time here and there to focus on yourself. Use it. Pick something that intrigues you, or that you’ve always wanted to do, and try it out. Your new interests might even open whole new opportunities and career paths you’d never considered.

  7. Focus on Your Family

    Family is one of the most-cited reasons for wanting to work from home, and many web writers are no exception. Whether your family consists of just you and your significant other, or you have a bunch of kids running around, or you have someone who needs special healthcare, family is almost always a key motivator. Even if “family” to you just means spending quality time with friends, your social interactions are important. With the flexibility in your schedule, you’ll be able to build, support, and strengthen your relationships by spending time with those who are most important to you.

    Web writers have an added advantage when it comes to social media, too. Because many web writers need to follow social media for their business, it’s that much easier to keep tabs on your social connections, too. Just try not to get bogged down socializing when you should be working …

What Are Your Reasons?

So there are my seven favorite ways being a web writer adds power to your life. There are plenty of others. What did I miss? How does web writing improve your life?

This article, 7 Ways Being a Web Writer Adds Power to Your Life, was originally published by Wealthy Web Writer.

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Published: September 3, 2014

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