The Cure for Chronic Overwhelm is Here …

Here’s something shocking I just read …

According to The Wall Street Journal, creative workers can be interrupted or interrupt themselves as often as every 3 minutes.

Think about that for a moment … and then think back over your last couple of hours. Are you above or below the average?

The article then went on to say it takes an average of 23 minutes to get back on task.

If this is you, you’re losing about 40% of your productive brain power just dealing with interruptions.


No wonder so many writers tell me they feel stressed out and overwhelmed when they try to make progress.

With so many distractions out there, it’s hard to know where to focus or how to move ahead.

And when you don’t know where to focus, it’s easy to lose yourself in busywork, give yourself a serious case of analysis paralysis, or let life’s constant interruptions pull you off track.

So how can you eliminate distractions and put your brain to work on the right things?

Spend 3 minutes being coached by Michael Katz.

Not every day — just 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday — for a total of 9 minutes together.

That’s all it takes to turn things around …

But why just 3 minutes, 3 times a week?

Well, Michael is an absolute pro at helping freelancers and solo professionals cut through distractions and focus on what really matters when it comes to growing their businesses.

And he’s learned that when it comes to mastering new concepts, more is not better for writers.

So rather than overwhelming you with a ton of information all at once, he likes to coach in bite-size pieces.

And 3 minutes is enough for a strong, useful lesson … but not so much of your time that you can’t fit coaching into even your busiest day.

Plus, by giving you just a single idea at a time, he ensures you can master the concept and put it to use before the next message from him arrives.

It’s a simple yet sophisticated approach.

So what can Michael teach you in just 3 minutes? Here are a few examples …

  • Finding ideal clients
  • The hidden value of your personal expertise
  • Why it pays to stay in touch forever with your network
  • What to put in your social media updates
  • The 2 tips that will get you awesome testimonials
  • How to relax and be yourself around your clients with no danger of losing business

All in all, Michael has 36 marketing, business-building, and client-getting video lessons to share with you.

They’re bundled together in AWAI’s newest program, 3-Minute Marketing: Bite-Sized Strategies to Build Your Freelance Business in Just 3 Minutes a Day.

In a world of constant distractions, it just might be the answer.

A way to get what you need to know in a way that works around life’s distractions, giving you the insights and advice you need to really take back control of your career.

So I encourage you to sign up for 3-Minute Marketing today.

When you register for 3-Minute Marketing before midnight on October 3rd, you can start enjoying this focused coaching from Michael for just $129.

Register for 3-Minute Marketing now. Lessons begin October 6th — so be sure you’re registered in time!

Or, learn more about the program here.

3-Minute Marketing

3-Minute Marketing: Bite-Sized Strategies to Build Your Freelance Business in Just 3 Minutes a Day

Michael Katz shows how to build and market your writing business 3 minutes at a time. After just 36 3-minute lessons, you'll be marketing your business alongside the most successful freelance writers. Learn More »

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Published: September 30, 2014

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