The Foundation of Success

Yesterday, you discovered the true value of your knowledge and a simple strategy for choosing what subject to write about. Today I’ll show you how you can lay the groundwork for an in-demand info product that will impress your target market, generating income and authority.

When Billy first showed me how to sail, he exclusively used “boat speak.” He gave me the grand tour and taught me the proper name for everything – left was “port,” right was “starboard,” the front of the boat was the “bow,” and so on and so forth.

Being anxious to sail, I wanted to skip it and get to the good stuff raising the anchor, steering the boat, hoisting the sail. The real “meat and potatoes” of sailing!

That same day, we overheard a call that came over the radio from another boat that was stuck on a rock. The coast guard was asking them all these questions, and I had NO idea what they were talking about. But the captain of stranded boat calmly answered in the proper “boat speak,” and they were able to get help.

It dawned on me that knowing those terms was more important than I thought. The fact is, without understanding the boat itself, you can never hope to sail it. Just like you can’t write without knowing the alphabet or do math without understanding numbers.

If you want to truly help others with your info product, and create a reputation as an expert in your field, you have to present it in a way that’s easy-to-digest and understand. And that means establishing a strong foundation.

No matter your topic, there are fundamentals your reader should know before you get into the meat of your subject. Perhaps they need to understand the history of your topic or get to know special terminology.

If it’s about fitness, they may want to understand the basic movements for your routine and what muscles they affect. Or the science behind your diet plan.

This is absolutely necessary to help your market achieve their goals! If you throw them in the deep end without going over the basics, they’ll become overwhelmed and give up. More people will finish your info product and become lifelong fans if it takes them step-by-step toward their goals.

To help you develop the right foundation for your info product, the action step for today is to take a trip down memory lane. Whatever your topic, what was the first thing you researched, read about, or looked up on the subject?

Write down what you come up with. And share your stories in the comments section. It’s always fun to hear about the origin of your expertise!

Tomorrow, I’ll show you the secret to getting your info product finished faster than ever. So you can start reaping the benefits right away.

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Published: September 23, 2014

5 Responses to “The Foundation of Success”

  1. Big ol' thumbs up to Robert Rice! Everyday tons of stuff comes from AWAI but this particular article really hits the nail right on the head and is worth reading.


  2. Hey, Robert!

    Wonderfully instructive article!

    I'm a great fan of Kennedy and I've even signed up for the Info Summit in St. Louis.

    I agree that of the many AWAI articles we red (including four I'm writing now!) your advice may offer the most immediately feasible payoff.

    Richard Lacey

  3. Robert, the first light bulb lit over my head when a friend asked me if I could help him find something he could build in his workshop to sell online.

    I learned that the pet memorial industry was a booming one. So I brought the idea to him to build pet coffins! Well, he never did take my advice, but the entire affair caused me to consider creating a blog and mini-store for those who have lost their precious pets. This is why I enrolled in How to Write Your Own Money-making Websites!


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