The New Gold Rush

Quick quiz: Who really struck it rich in the California Gold Rush?

Was it the miners who struggled in heat, rain, and snow? By most accounts only about half of the miners made a “modest” profit. So, not the miners.

On the other hand, consider these names: Leland Stanford, Levi Strauss, and Mark Hopkins. Each of these men traveled to California to make his fortune in the Gold Rush. But they didn’t pan for gold in streams.

They made their fortunes providing food and supplies to the hordes streaming to California for fast riches.

These men became unbelievably rich because they understood a basic rule of business. Great wealth can be made simply by providing people with what they need and want.

That’s simple, smart marketing.

Fast-forward 165 years to today. What do people need and want right now? Scads of things, but one of the most sought after commodities today is …

 … information.

The information Gold Rush

Certainly, people today want money, health, fun times, and a world they envision as safe and just. They want winning stocks, effective nutritional supplements, enjoyable vacations, and many, many other things.

And, how do they find what they’re looking for? Through information. People now-a-days, more than any time in the past, depend on information to better and enrich their lives. Look at commuters on a subway car. They’re reading on their smartphones or tablets.

Certainly, some are reading books on their devices. Or texting (especially if they’re young). But many are reading informational articles … or visiting websites … or trying to decide what they need to buy next.

And, this rush for information provides us copywriters with a tremendous opportunity to give these people what they want.

It’s called information marketing. Here’s what Clayton Makepeace—possibly the highest paid copywriter working today—says about information marketing …

“Information marketing is the process of selling information-based products. Many of the greatest opportunities for copywriters and entrepreneurs are in creating and selling information products. There’s no relationship between the cost to produce them and the price – CDs that cost $2 to produce could be sold for $200 or even $2,000. This provides the opportunity for outrageous profits. Also, there’s an art to selling these kinds of products – one that involves the use of a lot of bullets and fascinations.”

Sounds a lot like how Levi Strauss, Mark Hopkins, and Leland Stanford built their initial fortunes … by providing eager consumers with what they deeply needed and desired.

Information marketing can be your source of “outrageous profits.” That sure has a nice ring, doesn’t it?

The ideal way to tap into these outrageous profits is not to market information directly to information consumers. The perfect way to do it is to be an info-marketing copywriter—the person who develops and writes those products for businesses that use them to amass their profits.

Here’s just a tiny sample of the businesses using information products to stay profitable … products you can help them produce …

  • A company providing advertising, marketing and management education, training, and coaching and more in the restaurant industry. The company is continually changing its own marketing in the industry, as well as developing new campaigns for its members. Annual revenues: approximately $20 million.
  • A health care company with over 300 franchised clinics nationwide, constantly in need of new newspaper ads, direct-mail campaigns, and online campaigns aimed at patients with chronic conditions. Annual revenues: over $150 million.
  • A publishing company creating and selling DVDs and online courses on wine, cooking, art, travel and health, anti-aging and longevity. This company continually tests new direct-mail packages against controls for key products and solo offers, up-dates and publishes dozens of different catalogs each year, and feeds online and social media sites with content. Annual revenues: approximately $10 million.
  • An “opportunity company” that researches and assembles information for one to several new moneymaking opportunities per month and then develops comprehensive, multi-step, multi-media campaigns reaching as many as one million people. Annual revenues: approximately $10 million.
  • A parenting skills coaching business that conducts conferences and publishes Christian and secular books, home-study courses, online courses, and newsletters. This relatively new business develops dozens of new products every year.
  • A for-profit trade association in the martial arts industry that publishes a monthly online magazine, newsletters, done-for-the-academies advertising, and marketing campaigns. Annual revenues: approximately $15 million.

Being an information-marketing copywriter can be a dream come true for you. And, while it can be one of the easiest niches in copywriting to succeed in, success is …

Not a sure thing, unless …

Strauss, Hopkins, and Stanford made their fortunes selling the same things many other Gold Rush entrepreneurs tried to sell … but failed.

The reason behind their success was simple. They knew the secrets to marketing what they sold.

And, for you to succeed as an information marketer, you need to learn the same secrets—this time fashioned for the 21st century Information Age.

Who’s the perfect person to teach you those secrets?

I’d known about this man for many years by reputation, since he’s one of the most successful and highly respected gurus of information marketing. But it wasn’t until I met him at Bootcamp three years ago that I got a sense of how deep his knowledge of information marketing (and marketing in general) goes. Or, how enjoyable and fun he is to be around.

This perfect instructor is Dan Kennedy … and he’s offering to be your guide to making outrageous profits in the Information Age Gold Rush. But he’s offering more than just instruction and guidance. He’s offering you everything you need to become a Kennedy Certified Info-Marketer.

Dan’s going to get you there with his Four Module Program. Here’s what it covers …

Module 1 Comprehensive “Tour” of the Info-Marketing Industry

Module 2 Needs of These Clients & Specific Writing Opportunities

Module 3 Client-Getting: Who, Where & How: Who They Are, Where to Find Them, How to Effectively Present Yourself to Them

Module 4 Effective Copywriting for Info-Marketers with a Portfolio of Samples and Analysis

Dan and AWAI are offering much more, as well. Including a rock-solid guarantee. But I’m not going to go into detail about all that right here. I’d rather let Dan do that himself.

Click here to learn how you can be the Levi Strauss of the Information Age.

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Published: September 22, 2014

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