“Clicking” Your Writer’s Life Puzzle Into Place

Christina Gillick here – taking over The Writer’s Life this week.

As we discussed already, building a successful freelance career can be as simple – and fun – as completing a jigsaw puzzle.

First, start with the corners … the basics of copywriting.

Then, build the edges to create your frame … also known as choosing a niche.

Next, start filling in the center of your puzzle … your freelance website.

Depending on the time you have available, you might have a good deal of the middle completed … or, you might have just a few pieces in place.

Either way is fine. The great thing about jigsaw puzzles is you can complete them at your own pace. In fact, I still have pieces of my own writer’s life puzzle that aren’t yet in place.

This puzzle is an ongoing, jump around, complete a little each day, process. (Much like building your freelance career will be.)

So, even if your puzzle center isn’t finished, you can work on another section …

For instance, you can start assembling the pieces between the center and the edges. Let’s call this the “background” of your puzzle.

A typical puzzle background is made up of different elements …

  • A puzzle of flowers might have leaves in the background.
  • A cityscape could have various buildings making up the skyline.
  • A sunrise would divide the sky into a rainbow of colors.

In our freelance career, this “background” is a collection of all the ways we make our services visible to potential clients – from social media to email.

Over time, as you build each of these sections within the background, a complete picture will begin to form. Eventually the sections will become large enough to connect to other sections.

When this happens, your freelance business will start to “click” together, potential clients will start finding you, and you’ll steadily get stronger as a freelancer.

Today, start with just one easy way to make potential clients aware of your services …

Maybe it’s telling your friends and family about your new career.

Or, maybe you’d find it easier to change your social media bio to say “freelance writer.”

Either way, choose something you can do now and start there. (That’s today’s action item.)

Over time, you can add in other sections – filling out your puzzle and making your business “click.” Some methods may be a little more challenging – just like a jigsaw puzzle has sections that aren’t quite clear.

But, by doing the easiest parts first, you’ll make progress and, as your puzzle takes shape, you’ll start to see how the remaining pieces fit.

So, what one section are you “clicking” into place today? Brag about it in the comments.

Then, join me tomorrow. I’ll wrap up the week with a suggestion for speeding up this process (just in case you’re in a hurry).

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Published: October 23, 2014

3 Responses to ““Clicking” Your Writer’s Life Puzzle Into Place ”

  1. Just saying. I clicked the link toseesome examples of freelance websites. It arrived at a Brady Bunch page (tiled pictures) of people, presumably AWAI graduated copywriters. I clicked on 3 random pictures - pops up a bio and each had a website. THe first websitewas populated by somewebservers example page. The next 2 were broken links. This was an article about having a website for your business. Much to learn here.

    Andrew F

  2. I am learning so much. I like that we can do it at our own pace. I have been telling my friends and family that I am a freelance writer. I will now place it on my facebook page.

    Guest (Judith)

  3. I've just spent 2 days at a business center work shop program and my head still hurts from information overload. Not only did it take me from doing this course and put me a few more days behind; it made me connect with a few more business entrepreneurs and let them know I'm wanting to start my writing business. Contacts and networking to about 45 new people and who knows how many people they know and will tell.

    Guest (Missy-Jo Blue)

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