The Proof, Promise, and Payoff of Your Writing Career

Ever wonder why so many people go back to Bootcamp year after year?

I mean, heck, this is my eighth year … and I know a handful of writers who’ve been coming even longer than me. (Pam Foster is on year #9!)

It boils down to three things:

  • Proof: Sure, you can read about all the directions you can take your freelance writing career, but it’s terrific to come to an event like Bootcamp, where you actually see people making it happen.

    From first-year freelancers who’ve landed their first paying projects, to in-the-flesh experts like Clayton Makepeace and Carline Anglade-Cole, who’ve carved million-dollar empires out of the simple art of copywriting … seeing the real thing rocks.

  • Promise: If you’ve ever been to any kind of job fair for any career, you’ve surely picked up on the buzz of possibility in the air, right? Because at most career fairs, you’ve got recruiters with jobs to fill and up-and-comers looking for opportunity.

    Well, the Bootcamp Job Fair definitely has that buzz … but even better is the fact that you can land a writing job at any point during the conference just by striking up a conversation with the right person.

    (By the way, connecting in person holds a lot of value. But most writing jobs don’t materialize unless you follow up via email. So, even if you’re not at Bootcamp this week, know that reaching out to a marketer over email and following up consistently and politely is the best way to land a paid job.)

  • Payoff: People come back year after year because Bootcamp as a whole and Job Fair in particular bring radical boosts to their writing businesses. And that holds true especially for anyone who follows up on the spec assignments. (You can access all the spec assignments through the Bootcamp Home-Study Program, by the way.)

So, as you continue to define what freedom means to you, like we talked about on Monday, and as you practice being mindful about it, like we talked about yesterday …

 … I want you to visualize the proof, promise, and payoff you’d like to see in your own writing career. Because, when you’re able to get really specific on your goals, you’re much more likely to accomplish them. What kind of payoff are you looking for? What will serve as your proof?

What promise can you make to yourself, today, that you can follow through on as a writer?

Remember, though … you don’t have to come to Bootcamp to experience the proof, promise, and payoff behind life as a freelance writer. If you feel ready to take that next step now, go for it. AWAI Member Services is here if you ever have any questions on how to get started (or you can ask me here).

And, if you’d like extra guidance, the Bootcamp Home-Study Program captures all the career-launching genius shared at Bootcamp and gives you access to the many spec assignments available.

As soon as I walk through the Marriott doors this afternoon, I know I’m going to see old friends. I’m going to connect with new writers. And I’ll get to listen to copywriting legend Richard Armstrong, who’s slated to give the keynote.

Which means tomorrow, I’ll be back here, ready to deliver some of the morsels of genius he and everybody else share, so you can enjoy payoff in your writing business for years to come!

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Published: October 15, 2014

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