Are There Now Too Many Writers?

Do you dream of a life filled with freedom, fulfillment and financial independence?

Every writer envisions the writer’s life in a different and personal way. Some look toward an idyllic life writing on their back deck overlooking a peaceful lake. Others prefer urban excitement and international travel.

Yet looking around the huge ballroom packed full of well-trained copywriters at an event like Bootcamp might give an aspiring writer pause.

Is there really enough high-paying work left for new writers to make good money in the writing market?

After all, looking at 400 fellow copywriters in one room may seem like a lot of competition.

I assure you, it’s not. But don’t take my word for it …

According to the most recent statistics available from the U.S. Census Bureau, there are now 27 million businesses in the United States.

Every one of them needs copy.

Websites. Sales letters. Catalogs. Emails. Brochures. And much more. Most with a need for regular updates, some weekly or even daily.

Yet the Bureau of Labor Statistics could find only 129,100 writers – of all kinds – in the entire country. That’s all writers, from the lowest-paid newspaper staff writer to well-known novelists like Stephen King.

Simple math shows that’s more than 200 potential business clients for every writer in the United States.

And that’s not all. Most businesses of any size have need of far more copy than any one writer can deliver. Most of my clients hire multiple writers at any given time – there’s just so much work to go around!

A few days ago I received an email from a new potential client who represents no fewer than 10 companies. They’re all growing. Fast.

But he has a big problem preventing even faster growth. In his words, “One of the biggest bottlenecks is COPY.”

I want to help him. I really do. But my schedule is already jammed full for the next several weeks.

Which leads me to share one of the big open secrets in the industry – and one you can take to heart if your goal is a six-figure income as a writer …

The demand for good writers is insatiable.

Your services as a writer are desperately needed.

Which means, if you want to control your own destiny and use freelance writing as the means to do it, there’s never been a better time to get started than right now.

Today, grin as you open your mailbox or inbox and find more “junk mail” … perk up when your music or show is interrupted for a commercial break … and pay closer attention when flipping through the catalog left in the bathroom.

These are all signs of the enormous and well-paying untapped potential available to you as a writer.

Stay with me this week and you’ll discover four more “secrets” to hitting a six-figure income as a freelance writer – in the next 12 months.

Tomorrow I’ll continue by answering this common question: How good of a writer do you have to be to earn six figures?

In the meanwhile, I’d love to hear what your vision of the writer’s life looks like. Let me know in the comments. You can make it happen!

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Published: November 24, 2014

17 Responses to “Are There Now Too Many Writers?”

  1. Hey Steve!

    If you're too busy for your potential new client, feel free to send him on over.

    JimBob from Canada

  2. Hi Steve,

    Huge congrats on your win! :)

    I love the statistical component of this article -- the numbers are eye opening and exciting!

    My vision of the writer's life? Having the freedom to set my schedule and work wherever I am so I can be there for my 3 year old, my partner and my aging parents. Oh, and treat friends to a special dinner, gift, etc. whenever the mood strikes. All while having a great time writing motivating, uplifting and useful content! :)

    Cheers, Carrie

    Guest (Carrie W)

  3. Ditto--I'm free!


  4. Hi Steve Thanks so much for the encouraging words!
    My vision is of writing copy from the Balearic islands off Spain, from Fiji, from a B & B in Scotland, from a train climbing through Switzerland...To earn my living anywhere doing what I love, traveling!

    Guest (Ann Jamieson)

  5. Hi Steve, I'm not worried about being outflanked or out written by competition. That's not bragging because I do feel I'm a decent writer already. Now I'm learning how to be a good copywriter thru the Accelerated AWAI program. What does concern me, at least a little, is that I'm 74 years of age. Will any company be willing to take a chance on an old dude?


  6. Hi Steve, My vision is to surprise my kids with their college loans statements that show a $0.00 balance. Ron Perry

    Guest (Ron)

  7. Steve, I'm so THRILLED for your success and looking forward to your remaining posts and progress! Thanks for the statistics on number of businesses vs. number of available writers. Great fodder for the Thanksgiving table (when the family again reminds me that I can't make a living as a writer even though I've been doing it for a while now :) ).

    Wendy Strain

  8. I'm working diligently to complete the Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting. My goal for the new year is to finish the program and then move on to write for the B2B niche.

    I already have a prototype website using the free version of Word Press. Later on I can move this information to a rented space on a web server. In addition, I have a business name and business cards.

    My goal is to concentrate on B2B white papers, social media and websites with some graphic design.


  9. Thanks for the encouragement, Steve. My version of the writer's life includes writing web and print copy for non-profits and possibly medical device companies, allowing me to spend more time with my four kids. You're an inspiration!


  10. Honestly, your article gives me confidence. I am on part 3 of the accelerated course with AWAI, and beginning to look for work.

    My writing needs to improve with more specifics at times, but overall I love to write and I feel confident that I can find my place.

    I am contacting people and enjoying the AWAI course. This a service I can provide and do so from anywhere.

    scott moore

  11. Hi Steve, Your article renewed my spirit as I near completion of my website and prepare for my launch into B2B copy. Even with the wealth of support from AWAI and fellow writers, your thoughts provide a needed push, to keep moving forward.

    All the best, Tom

    Tom Rintelmann

  12. Hello Steve and congratulations.

    My vision for myself as a copywriter is being challenged and finding that I can deliver. I see myself writing mornings and free in the evenings to spend with my new grandbaby. Another motivation for me is to make sure my children do not have to worry about me as I get older.

    (I am commenting because I just listened to an audio by Mindy McHorse and she suggested getting involved with forums and other writers, so here I am, half way through the "six-figure copywriting course" and I plan to do what I am told. At this point I don't know how else to do it.)

    Thank you for your article.


  13. My vision of the writer's life is modest, as I want it to allow me to live my life and support my family comfortably; free from financial worry; free from wage slavery. But my desires for an abundant life are much grander. And I see the opportunities to achieve these desires as actually achievable vs a JOB.

    Andrew F

  14. Thanks Steve for the awesome response to Tom about age not mattering. I'm 65 and halfway through the accelerated program. Leaning towards B2B but also very interested in alternative holistic medicine. I'm an AIWA member but its too much trouble to log in on my cell phone :-)

    Guest (Stephen Bolin )

  15. I've been working off and on with the AWAI materials for 4 years, and except for some resumes and editing a novel, I've fallen short of achieving much. Besides, I'm interested in everything, so settling on a niche is hard. I feel that I could do well in analytical work, since I've done it all my life, so I am attracted to white papers, contents sales material, web auditing and subsequent re-doing are sounding very attractive. Sans AWAI, I'd never even known they exist!


  16. Congradulation's Steve in your recent success. Myself I'm looking to finish this copy writing course within the following year and would be very happy just making a living out of copy writing with the benefits of having time for a second career later doing something in voice overs or animation as well as writing some story books. I still haven't picked a niche and there is another big obsticle I need to deal with before starting up any business. Planning to deal with the obsticle after the new year. I have grander visions but, but keep the baby steps to the for front so as not to lose sight and help stay focused. I never unleash ideas until I feel it is safe to do so and certain they have at least a chance at success.

    Guest (The Missy-Jo Blue)

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