How Good Must You Be to Earn 6 Figures?

Yesterday, we spoke of how good writers are in constant high demand.

Today we’re going to define “good” as it pertains to earning a six-figure writing income and moving into the writer’s life of your dreams.

But before we talk about good, let’s talk about great.

I believe every one of us has a built-in desire, perhaps even a calling, to greatness in areas important to us.

In my life, these areas include my family life, spiritual life and working life.

I desire to be a great husband and father.

I desire to be a great leader and example as I teach children’s church and fulfill other roles like singing in the choir.

I desire to be a great copywriter, recognized by my clients, mentors and peers as being far more than merely competent.

These are all aspirations to greatness.

But do you have to become a world-class marketing expert to begin living the writer’s life? Must you first become some “copywriting guru” to start earning a six-figure income?

Actually, no.

Some companies mail millions of letters, emails and catalogs every year. They test and test and test. And their best writers are some of the top experts in the industry.

I’m talking about industry giants like Clayton Makepeace, Dan Kennedy, and Bob Bly. All of whom earn a high six-figure, if not seven-figure, income every year, thanks in large part to their writing prowess.

It takes years, often decades, for most writers to reach the level of proficiency and profitability these top echelon copywriters have achieved.

Yet, year after year, these same companies hire brand-new copywriters with fresh ideas and new perspectives. And many reach amazing levels of success and income right out of the gate.

What’s the secret?

It’s simple …

Master the fundamentals of solid freelance writing, such as those taught in The Accelerated Program.

According to Mark Ford, this alone puts you firmly in the top 10% of all copywriters.

Not to mention the millions of business owners across America who still don’t have a solid grasp on how to make more money from their websites, catalogs and other sales materials. That’s what you offer.

When your writing directly improves the bottom line, suddenly you’re the hero. And smart business owners gladly pay you handsomely to continue writing for them.

Which means you can earn a six-figure income as a writer simply by becoming competent as a writer. Many writers, properly trained, reach a six-figure income in their first year.

You can, too.

However, you’ll definitely want to hear about the six-figure writing secrets I’ll share over the next few days, which fill in the missing blanks many writers struggle with.

Apply what you’ll learn from the secrets I’m sharing this week and you’re virtually guaranteed a six-figure income in the next 12 months.

So, yes, pursue greatness. Just don’t believe the myth you have to first become one of the best writers in the industry to earn a six-figure income and start living the writer’s life of your dreams.

Instead, focus on kaizen, the Japanese principle of measured, continuous improvement. Make learning and application part of your daily schedule. Competency and expertise will naturally follow.

Tomorrow I’ll continue by sharing a big secret about the types of clients you should work with – and which you should not. You must use it if you wish to start earning that six-figure income earlier rather than later.

But while you’re here, I’d love to hear about your aspirations to greatness. Tell me, how will living the writer’s life help you reach greatness in those areas important to you?

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Published: November 25, 2014

19 Responses to “How Good Must You Be to Earn 6 Figures?”

  1. I do aspire to be a great copywriter. I highly enjoy writing marketing and sales messages and want to get better at doing so.


  2. I aspire to be a great copywriter. I enjoy writing and want to continue to get even better, but also to make the most out of it for my family. I create many great marketing ideas for my fiancée's company and many people enjoy what I've created thus far. I would like to get paid to do this also.

    Guest (Ginger)

  3. I aspire to be great at being consistent. And I aspire to solving big problems -- ie, sales and marketing problems. Copywriting just so happens to help me do that.

    And I've discovered people will pay more to solve big problems than they will pay for copywriting.

    6 and 7 figure writers don't sell copy... they sell solutions and results.

    Sean McCool

  4. Most things that people take for granted are gone for me--family, health, and spirituality. Yet, I recently decided going "south" to Central America was the best way to escape the "bullshit" here in the "greatest country in the world"(lol)and with your encouragement I find myself looking forward to not only an "escape" but a better more fulfilling life among indigenous people whose first thought is not how they can take advantage of you.

    Guest (Dave)

  5. I truly aspire to transform myself into a great copywriter. I've just purchased the Accelerated program as a stay at home mom and this will be my door opening in to a flexible, financially free future. Aren't those the most beautiful "f" words?!

    Guest (Joanne)

  6. Hello Steve, thank you for sharing.

    My aspiration is to become someone who helps people make informed decisions about what they buy, whether it is a service or a product. I realized years ago that I hated shopping in a store where the personnel had no clue about what they were selling.

    In the past, I had wanted to be informed and "sold",when I was looking to buy something, it was disappointing and frustrating, I was begging to be told which was the better laptop, which was the better, zero, nada.

    I want to be the one who answers the buyers questions to all of this and this is from personal experience.


  7. I aspire to be a better writer that expresses the client's product or service in the best light that speaks to customers. I'm still learning and have not been able to complete the marketing or selling aspect of the copywriting business. I would be more encouraged if I could find a mentor to help prospect clients and review my work more regularly. Unfortunately, I'm only learning the trade not earning from the trade yet. Need help turning the corner to become a six-figure copywriter.


  8. I aspire to be a much better writer than I already am (which is already pretty good).

    I also aspire to better communicating to prospects my value to their business.

    Jeff Johnston

  9. My Big dream is to be the best I can possibly be with the talents that I have been given, always learning and improving, and to lead others to be the best they can be. To be paid a lot for all of that is icing on the cake. AWAI has the best roadmap(s) to that Big Dream.

    Steve Johnson

  10. I actually meant to give this article a 5 star rating. I clicked too soon evidently.

    I want to be better at several things, all of which require more time at home. I currently travel on a regular basis throughout the year.

    Becoming a competent copywriter will, in itself, help me develop an income that I need to build more freedom into my life.

    Develop competence first, then beyond.

    I need freedom at home to be a better father, husband, and provider. All I am doing right now is providing.

    scott moore

  11. Looking to transition from a solutions engineer to a "solutions provider" as a copywriter. Totally new to this arena, I am fascinated to be able to put creativity in main-course profession and the "writer's life" as promised by AWAI is what got me here. Yet to get started...

    Guest (Shyama)

  12. Thanks for these posts. Actually, learning and applying what learned leads one to greatness, but in addition to it, is DEDICATION. You must be dedicated every now and than, other wise, the learned issues, will be gradually diminishing, and in order to avoid it, dedication with the other ones brings about perfection, perfection, brings about a SORT after GURU,a GURU in turn, breeds others to be gurus too, but only if they follow the foot steps of the GURU.

    Guest (SALIHU DIKKO)

  13. I have a some experience in setting up a web site, & writing in the events page for my American legion post to which I am a member. I realized that I love doing that. I think writing is so powerful & compelling if written correctly,& that's what my intentions are.
    Simply to learn the correct way.


  14. A writing career has always been a dream of mine to achieve "some day." Now that "some day" is today, so my aspiration on the road to a writer will be achieved one step and one day at a time. After finishing the Accelerated program I will be well on my way to achieving my goal as a freelance writer. The next step will be to find paying clients to help make my dream a reality.


  15. Well, shoot, who doesn't want to be successful? Who doesn't want to make money and have more control over the gift of living? I wish to heck I could figure out my niche. I love everything and am expert at very little. Let me rephrase that... I'm expert at nothing. But that doesn't keep me from writing every day in some form or another. So what does the writer's life mean for me? Being happy.

    Guest (Sharon)

  16. I want to make enough to afford myself! My main interests lie in music, literature, language -- thin s that you pay to do, not get paid for doing. I'm doing a book that is part scholarship, part inspiration, using notes I've accumulated over many years, and I need to "buy" myself travel and research time, and a lot of books t be able to do this. I need to become immune to distractions and say NO to do this. But finish it I will!


  17. I aspire to be GREAT in all things, not just in copywriting, problem solving or marketing. I strive everyday to be the best I can possibly be, while learning the lessons that I've been put here on this earth to learn. Copy writing will not define me, it may bring wealth, comfort and deadline crunches but, "greatness" lies in being true to ones self and knowing yourself. That means knowing your short comings, flaws and aspiring to The Greater Power.

    Guest (The Missy-Jo Blue)

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