How to Become an Overnight Expert

This week we’re uncovering the secrets behind earning six figures as a freelance writer.

So far we’ve revealed the truth about how much work is available, how good your writing skills must be to earn a high income, and how to pick and choose your ideal clients.

Next up, how to potentially double your income in one day.

Yes, you read right.

Double. In one day.

It all boils down to the principle of specialization.

Just like a neurosurgeon earns more than a general practitioner, a writer with a specialty can command higher rates for targeted clients.

You may be a competent writer perfectly capable of writing sales letters that sell business products or services to consumers (B2C).

That’s a generalist.

But select a single niche, or market, to write for and suddenly you’re a specialist. And, in the eyes of many prospects, an automatic expert.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes.

You’re an international travel magazine editor looking for a writer who can put together a popular article on top restaurants in Tokyo.

Are you more likely to hire the generalist who offers magazine articles as one of many services? Or will you be somewhat biased toward hiring the travel writer specializing in diverse cuisines?

Here’s another example.

You’re now Bob at Private Pilots Inc. who needs to sell more private pilot services to owners of private jets.

Comparing two writers, who do you think you’ll call first? The writer promoting a variety of “B2C Copywriting Services” or the one with a specialty in aviation, marketing to the affluent, or better yet, both?

This one is a two-pronged secret:

  1. The tighter you focus your niche, the easier it is to get hired – at higher rates – because of your perceived expertise.
  2. The more you write in that niche, the greater your depth of knowledge and more productive and effective your writing becomes.

What’s not to love?

Obviously, you should know something about the niche you select and dedicate yourself to improving your knowledge of that market.

This will make selecting a niche easier. Consider what excites you to talk to others about. Often, there’s a market you can focus on right there.

The best niches are growing markets with enough financial interest to support your writing services. If there are multiple strong competitors and magazines serving that market, you’ve probably found one.

Have you selected a niche already? Tell me in the comments. If not, share what you’re most interested in, so others can chime in with ideas for you.

Don’t miss my final secret tomorrow. I’m going to tie everything together and share how you can get the best-paying clients to call you first.

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Published: November 27, 2014

16 Responses to “How to Become an Overnight Expert”

  1. I've chosen the healt & fitness niche market.


  2. Great advice... you're on a roll this week, Steve.

    The only thing I'd add is this... don;t fall into the trap of thinking you have to choose a niche or specialization and then you're exiled there forever.

    Fact is you could do 10 things if you wanted. Just have different marketing funnels and websites for each thing you specialize in.

    Start with one then add on as you have ideas on new niches or special services you could offer.

    Study Proctor and Gamble. They are great at this.

    Sean McCool

  3. I am brand new at writing, and particularly copywriting, but I have 10 years experience in building commercial trucks and trailers. That is the niche I have chosen. I hope that my Purchasing and Customer Service contacts in the industry will be able to recommend me to people who want web, email, etc. work done. I have sampled some websites in the industry and they are mostly dismal, including the company I retired from, so I am hopeful.
    The main ting I need to do is more writing, any writing, as that is my weakness.

    Suzanne N

  4. Thanks for your article... I've spent some 20 years selling double glazing conservatories and more in the home improvement industry here in the UK. Although this niche has many businesses they don't seem to have a massive use for copy writers and the big players seem tubule agencies would you say this is typical of a niche or am I wrong thanks Paul


  5. Pets

    Guest (Ann Jamieson)

  6. Great advice. I offered general copy services to people in my network who needed help. Wasn't getting paid much, but got experience for my portfolio.

    Now I see the benefit specialization has.

    I chose B2B Tech Start ups for companies who have $10M+ in funding. I love start ups, technology, and have even had a go at building my own B2B SaaS product.

    I've branded myself as The Start Up Writer at It allows me to write about start ups and why copy is crucial for B2B Marketing.

    Thanks for the article! Would love your thoughts on my choice.

    Steve Erl

  7. Hi Steve: Since Bootcamp I have been comfortable with downsizing my interests to a few areas. I am targeting the training and development area for B2B products and services in primarily online training/learning. As I transition overseas I will add B2B copywriting services for international or foreign firms targeting American firms. The last area is travel writing specializing in festivals.

    Guest (Chuck Robbert)

  8. Hi Steve,

    Thumbs up for an informative article.

    Yes, as a beginner from what I've heard, it does make life a lot easier when you have a specialised niche. It saves time, keeps things simple, immediately categorises you as an expert in your field.

    So, I am planning on focussing on the warehouse and distribution sector, as I have 12 years experience in that industry.

    Looking forward to get started :).

    Linda Hoeksma

  9. Hi Steve Would you say the Home Improvement Market is a viable niche


  10. Ted As I am a practicing dentist,health and dental is a natural niche. Website writing, particularily, interests me.

    Guest (Ted U)

  11. Thank you Steve for a great series of articles and I am looking forward to tomorrow's. The one niche I feel strongest about are "Human Relationships from a Christian Perspective" I have great passion for each of the groupings involved from Fathers and their children, Growing Children and their relationship with their Parents, Christian Courtship and Christian Marriage.


  12. I think my niche will be in the financial market and particularly in raising kids to be debt free into adulthood.

    I see where I could and should have handled my money differently. I should have had a different philosophy toward debt.

    I talk about my plans to pay debts off routinely around younger guys at work. We talk about what can be done in life when there is no debt.

    Is there a profitable niche for this? If so, I need some suggestions.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend.


    scott moore

  13. I'm wondering if my niche can be a social issue - for example, I've been championing the issue of juvenile justice in our penal system for many years. Would it be possible for me to write about this & make money doing it?

    Guest (Eli)

  14. The area I'm interested in is Christian writing and related topics. Is there a need for this or a place where I can plug in to in baasthis field?

    Guest (Barbara)

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