Three Reasons Why You Can't Afford NOT to Master Internet Marketing Now

Now, I’m not one of those geeks who claim that the Internet is the solution to all of our problems.

But for us marketers, I count three reasons why the monster medium some call the “World Wide Waste of time” truly can be a godsend.

1. It’s as Cheap as All Get-Out: While it costs me up to six cents to put a direct mail promotion into a prospect’s hands, I can reach the same guy on the Web for a penny or two – and in many cases, free.

That simple fact delinks risk and reward in ways we could only have dreamed about in the ‘80s!

While the potential rewards of Internet promotion are every bit as great, the cost – and therefore the inherent risk – is a fraction of what you assume in direct mail.

2. Guaranteed Winners, Anyone? When the dust settles after a direct mail promo, you basically know five facts about your effort:

  1. How much you spent …
  2. How many folks received your promotion …
  3. How many folks responded …
  4. How much money they spent with you, and …
  5. How much money you made or lost on the mailing.

But wouldn’t it also be nice to know at what point in your promotion the buyers actually made their purchase decision?

Or even better – to know at precisely what point non-buyers decided to turn your promotion into a birdcage liner?

I would have killed for that kind of info on my direct mail promotions!

In online marketing, you can know all that and more!

This is big stuff: See, if your direct mail package fails to beat the control on its first outing, you’ve just wasted a month of your life – your package will probably never be mailed again.

But if you knew precisely at which point in the copy you lost your prospects, you could simply …

Repair or replace the weak links in your sales copy and offer …

Continue testing until you had a winner …

And then keep on refining your message until you have an out-of-the-park grand slam!

That’s the stuff dreams are made of!

3. Faster Moolah: Unlike the U.S. Postal Service which takes two to three weeks to deliver bulk mail, the Internet lets me deliver my sales message and begin generating sales instantly.

Plus, in direct mail, some 20% to 40% of your orders come back to you by snail-mail – which means it’ll be another long week before you have that money to gleefully toss into the air and rub all over your body.

When you promote on the Web, the celebration can commence instantly!

This article was republished with permission from Clayton Makepeace

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Published: December 9, 2014

1 Response to “Three Reasons Why You Can't Afford NOT to Master Internet Marketing Now”

  1. I'm going to need faster internet, I think. Do you think paying more for faster internet is appropriate?

    Jon Cocks

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