December 2014

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Finding Motivation … But Not From Where You Think

Mac Bull finds motivation in the face of a big challenge and shows you how you too can overcome your fears so you can have breakthrough success.

Do More in Less Time: Creating Systems to Improve Your Workflow

Systems are an important way to boost productivity. Find out the best things to systemize when you’re a freelance web writer.

The #1 Rule for Creating a Powerful Performance As a Writer

The next step in creating your show-stopping performance as a writer is perhaps the most important exercise of all. Dig deeply to get to know your audience.

How “Setting” Impacts Your Writing

Robert Rice dives into a first major step of the acting process – understanding your external world – and how to use this technique to write compelling copy.

The Surprising Connection Between Great Acting and Copywriting

Discover insider tips and strategies for how actors prepare for compelling performances, and how you can use them to gain a big advantage in your copy.

Clayton Makepeace on the Astonishing Power of Fear

Clayton Makepeace shares his expert view on using fear in your copy… and tells you how to avoid five blunders copywriters make when using fear.

How to Stay on Track for Freelance Writing Success

Becoming the “Total Package” for your clients and earning a heck of a lot more money than you do now, while working LESS, is doable. But it takes time.

Two Major New Projects … and an Unexpected Bonus for this AWAI Member

This AWAI member credits her freelance copywriting success to the knowledge gained at the Web Copy Intensive, networking and referrals. Read her story here.

Clayton Makepeace Reveals the Secret to Making More Money Year After Year as a Copywriter

Creating Video Sales Letters can regularly grow your income year after year. Learn the best techniques from industry’s VSL expert.

Work Smarter by Harnessing Your Mind

Tap into the power of your own mind by using these three tips to maximize your brain’s underutilized abilities, and write better copy more easily.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Chris Allsop

In 2008, Chris Allsop was poised to leave her job for the freedom of freelance copywriting. But life threw her family a curveball and their financial situation deteriorated. Read on to find out how she still managed to add $2,000 extra to her monthly income.

A Simple Way to Boost Your Writing Income This Year

By staying on top of what’s working in our industry, you’ll be the person your client calls on to write it when the time comes (and you’ll charge accordingly).

Breaking News … 2015 Web Copywriting Intensive Is Officially Sold Out!

The 2015 Web Copywriting Intensive is officially sold out! Place your name on the waiting list here.

Why Every Freelance Writer Should Know Marketing “Math”

Knowing a few key marketing numbers could make you look like an instant genius in your client’s eyes. These are the numbers that matter to any serious business.

How to Make Even the Most Boring Product Seem Irresistible

When you’re writing for everyday products, it’s a challenge to grab and hold reader attention. This master-level copywriting secret helps you overcome that.

Everything You Need to Know About Direct Response Success You Learned in Elementary School (Almost)

Here Clayton Makepeace shares some of the numbers direct-response marketers need to know, how each is used and what they mean to you.

Three Reasons Why You Can't Afford NOT to Master Internet Marketing Now

Clayton Makepeace gives you three reasons why you should master internet marketing.

How to Bring 10x More Value to Your Clients

Take this essential step to become instantly more valuable and earn 10x the fees. Plus, you’ll be one step closer to being the “Total Package” to your clients.

Know Thy Prospect

Clayton Makepeace discusses the importance of knowing your prospect, and provides tips for crafting messages specific to them.

The Art of the Irresistible Offer

Clayton Makepeace explains the eight factors that go into crafting an offer that’s too good to pass up.

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