A Simple Way to Boost Your Writing
Income This Year

How’s your week going?

Hopefully you’ve been following along and having a number of “ah-ha” moments as we explore what it takes to become the “Total Package” for your clients.

Today, I’d like to share another one of Clayton’s strategies for multiplying your income.

And that is simply, to stay on top of what’s working in our industry.

What does Clayton mean by this?

A few quick examples:

Video Sales Letters (VSLs): I’m sure you’ve seen them. They’re those narrated PowerPoint-style presentations selling a product or service. If you’ve noticed them popping up everywhere, it’s because they work … very well. So, make it a point to learn what elements go into crafting a winning VSL. Learn what you need to, in order to offer this as an add-on service to your existing clients. They’ll appreciate it.

Product Launches: This is huge for marketing new products online via email. If you’re on any kind of email list, chances are good you’ve seen a series of emails promoting a new or existing product. Find out how this is done … figure out what strategies exist to promote a company’s products to an existing email list.

Autoresponder Emails: This is another great skill to have. That’s because practically ALL businesses that are online use email to keep in touch with their customers and offer them new products and services. By knowing how to write an email autoresponder series, a whole new world of opportunity opens up to both help your clients boost sales and increase your income.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Get a basic working knowledge of how this works. If you’re ambitious, learn a little SEO copywriting, so you know what it takes to create the kind of content search engines like Google are looking for. This will help your client’s web pages rank higher … again, giving you another opportunity to increase your yearly income.

Bottom line: All these are things you might want to have some working knowledge of a writer … so, when it’s appropriate for your client to use one of these strategies, you can be the one to write it (and charge accordingly).

Think of it as adding more tools to your toolbox. Now you can tackle more challenges and bring out the right tools for the job as needed.

So, how can you stay on top of these trends?

The best thing you can do is sign up to as many email lists as you can.

Then, study what they do. If they’re launching a new product, for example, keep all the emails they send you during that time period.

If you click a link and it takes you to a video sales letter, again … watch it and study it.

Doing this simple exercise alone will pay off in spades. It’s how Clayton’s kept his skills honed, even to this day.

Do you already have some of the skills mentioned? How are you keeping up with today’s fast-paced world? Let me know by leaving a comment here.

One last thing – so far, you’ve got all the tips you need to become the Total Package for your clients. Tomorrow, I’ll give you the last piece. You’ll need it if you want to put all this into action and succeed with it!

The Makepeace Method for Writing Video Sales Letters

The Makepeace Method for Making a Fortune Writing Video Sales Letters

Video is taking the Internet by storm. It’s why Video Sales Letters are used so often. They work! And now, Clayton Makepeace reveals his make-your-clients-rich formula for writing Video Sales Letters. Learn More »

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Published: December 11, 2014

2 Responses to “A Simple Way to Boost Your Writing Income This Year”

  1. G- Great series this week, thanks. Quick tip about VSLs: folks who want to get the VSL audio transcript can usually click to close the browser tab/window containing the VSL and a small window will ask if they want to stay or leave the page. If they click on stay, they'll usually get a print version of the VSL displayed, which will often be the transcript of both the audio and the text that usually accompanies the VSL. Happy holidays!

    Guest (Bill Makley)

  2. Thanks for the guidance this week, G.

    One way I'm staying on top of the field is creating a master mind map. One for the field of copywriting; and another of all the programs AWAI has.

    These help me master everything faster and know where to focus my efforts rather than feeling overwhelmed by all the choices AWAI gives us.

    Enjoy the holiday season and live 2015 in crescendo.


    Daniel G Taylor

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