How Commitment and Visualization Cement Your Success Goals

Here’s something you may not know about Bootcamp …

Each year, AWAI showcases some of the members who have achieved their writing dreams and met significant goals in the past year. These writers get a chance to tell their stories from the stage.

Called the Success Panel, it’s really a highlight of Bootcamp. Listening to these writers speak is always a moving experience – especially because everybody on the stage once sat in the audience, new and wide-eyed about the idea of building their own freelance-writing business.

So, listening to how far they’ve come and how they pulled it off is something every writer gets value from.

When you’re there live, you feel that emotion in a different way. And that’s why every year after the Success Panel wraps up and the cameras stop rolling, somebody … or a handful of somebodies … approach Katie Yeakle and Rebecca Matter.

They point to the table where the Success Panel was seated, look Katie and Rebecca in the eyes, and say, “I’m going to be up there on that stage next year.”

And, you know what? It always seems to come true.

At the 2013 Bootcamp, copywriter Julie Hassett walked up to Katie Yeakle and told her she planned to be sitting on the panel the next year.

Julie Hassett speaks on the 2014 Bootcamp Success Panel.

Sure enough, the 2014 Bootcamp rolled around, and Julie was on the Panel. Better yet, while sitting on that Success Panel, she shared the incredible news that just two days before, she’d received a royalty check … and it pushed her over the edge into her first six figures as a copywriter.

If that kind of rapid-action career success is something you’re interested in, I encourage you to voice your own commitment, right here, right now.

So, Step 3 in your “Make-It-Happen” plan is to visualize yourself at Bootcamp, your courage building thanks to all the energy and inspiration. And then, picture yourself approaching Katie or Rebecca to tell them when you plan to be on the Success Panel.

Better yet, visualize yourself up there on that Success Panel!

Making a public commitment is a proven way to cement your goals … share it with me here!

When we reconnect tomorrow, I want to tell you about the shocking thing one fantastically successful copywriter did at this past Bootcamp … I could hardly believe it myself.

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Published: December 31, 2014

8 Responses to “How Commitment and Visualization Cement Your Success Goals”

  1. Great article Mindy, very motivating.

    Here's my commitment: I will be on that success panel, either 2015 or 2016.

    2015 will be my breakout year, and of course I have to create the results that earn my spot on the panel, so we'll have to see which year I get there....but I will be up on the stage and I'm adding that achievement as a success marker in my plans.

    Jeff Klaubert

  2. I plan to be on that panel. The things I learned at Bootcamp '14 have sent me down a great path to success, and I intend to share that success next year. Can't wait!

    Guest (Colette Rice)

  3. Hi Mindy,

    Count me in! Bootcamp '15 will be my first one. I'm a new COS member and have not yet even started pitching prospects. I'll track down Katie or Rebecca and ask that a spot on the panel be reserved for me in '16!!

    Guest (Lee Nourse)

  4. As I type this comment, my heart begins to palpitate and I can feel sweat pushing from inside my fingertips threatening to drench my keyboard. Each breath is a little more difficult to remember to take. I know I want the freedom to earn a living on my own terms. With a tremor in my voice I say: I want to have a couple of clients in my corner before I attend my first ever Bootcamp. With conviction in my heart, I know I will. I've already signed up! Happy New Years!

    Evelyn M

  5. Hi Mindy, I am in! 2015 will be my first year in business. I plan on staying laser focused on the right business name and getting the right clients for me. This can only be a win-win. Yes, a winning year in 2015!

    Malana M

  6. I spent most of 2014 doing my best to get into shape as a copywriter. Joined the COS and made a commitment to myself that this was going to be it. Turns out my inner self's an idiot (he gets distracted too easily and is always questioning everything I do) and I should've been making the commitment with an "actual" person.

    This is the year I MAKE IT!

    I am psyched for bootcamp 2015 and can't wait to meet some real copywriting humans.

    Max Latimer

  7. I'd like to think I can laugh about this by time of Bootcamp 2015. I applied for Unemployment benefits this morning after a long year of unemployment (I was fired in 2013). I am sitting at my community college now trying to find work, this because my cat recently p*ssed in my laptop!!! I am negative Nelly, growing increasingly pessimistic because I have no funds to replace my laptop, for marketing... I am trying hard to find work and I hope employers will accept work completed at the college.

    Nora King

  8. I wrote a less-than-positive comment around an hour ago due to my current difficulties getting established. I will say that I have resolved this New Year to not only find employment, but to find employment in this field of copywriting instead of falling back into former(and familiar)lines of employment. When I do, I want to immediately start saving for Bootcamp. I hope to be a success story, to include having a more positive outlook.

    Nora King

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