Use Your Writing Skills to Get Clients
to Come to You

John Wood here. This week I’m writing about five people whose Money-Making Websites, in addition to creating a secondary income stream, have brought them additional benefits you may not have considered.

Yesterday, I showed you how Becky Rider found her Money-Making Website to be a personally rewarding way to help other people like her with a gluten sensitivity live happier and healthier lives.

Today’s added benefit is something every freelance writer wants … instant credibility.

Have you ever been unsure about how you were going to put a roof over your head each month?

AWAI member Susanna Perkins has …

In 2009, she found herself out of a job, when the lawyer’s office she worked for closed down.

Over the next little while, she applied for 200 jobs. She got one interview.

Somewhere in there she did a three-month stint as a temporary worker in a call center. It almost drove her crazy.

Looking to cut costs, in the spring of 2012, Susanna and her husband moved to Panama. They planned to live off his pension, supplementing it with funds from Susanna’s blossoming freelance writing career.

Then, things began to go right …

It all started when she decided to take Nick Usborne's How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites program. Over the summer, she participated in Nick’s live webinar sessions, where he goes step-by-step through the Money-Making Website building process.

That’s when she realized there was a need for a site that assisted non-technical people with the ins and outs of WordPress, something Susanna knew a lot about.

So, in December of 2012, she launched her WordPress Building Blocks website.

Since then, Susanna’s income has grown dramatically. On top of the affiliate income her site brings in, she sets up one or two WordPress websites a week for people who contact her through her website.

Plus, she also gets copywriting clients as a result of her website. And one company even contacted her out of the blue and told her they liked her style and wanted her to join their team full-time. Although she declined to take the full-time position, she now devotes 20 hours a week to producing content for them.

In addition, other smaller businesses have contacted her to write copy for them. In fact, Susanna says, because she took Nick’s program on creating a Money-Making Website, she no longer has to actively market her freelance writing services. Instead, the clients hunt her down!

“This is a way that you can get yourself out there and make yourself known in a particular niche – and not always have to look for new clients for your business. Let them come to you,” she says.

Because of her website, in people’s eyes, Susanna has transformed herself into an expert. To her visitors she’s looked upon as being a trustworthy resource and the preferred option when people need help with WordPress.

Money-Making Website Benefit #2: It’s a way for you to build instant credibility both as a writer and on a topic you’re passionate about.

Isn’t that every freelance writer’s dream? To be looked upon as an expert and have prospects come to you, instead of having to spend time marketing your business and chasing down clients.

As an added bonus, you’ll have more time to focus on the writing part of your career.

This past August, thanks to Susanna’s increased income, she and her husband moved back to the United States. They recently purchased a new home in South Carolina.

None of it would have been possible without her Money-Making Website.

Your task for today … think of a topic that would instantly make you an expert within your niche and give you more credibility as a writer. Add it to the list you started yesterday. This is how you’ll start to build the content for your website.

For example, if you’re a freelance writer whose niche is alternative health, you could write an article about some aspect of Chinese medicine. If your passion is writing, your topic could be letter-writing resources for non-writers.

Please feel free to share your comments by clicking here.

You won’t want to miss tomorrow’s issue, where I reveal how Hollywood took on Santa and, thankfully, Santa won.

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How to Write Your Own Money Making Websites

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Published: December 2, 2014

4 Responses to “Use Your Writing Skills to Get Clients to Come to You”

  1. Hi John, I guess this is a question about my own personal niche/money making website options, as well as, a general question on the topic...How do you go about selling your knowledge...I understand recipes or web building skills...

    My passion and skills are in social services...I've been a social worker for 20+ yrs and in private practice for 12. How do you use that passion and knowledge to create a money making website...I can help many people...But how do you turn it into a "passive income?"

    Sue MorinDecember 3, 2014 at 4:40 pm

  2. Hi John, I've been using Nick's program trying to create my own website. I'm interested in helping folks grow their own veggies and fruit in small spaces. I will be building my site based on container gardening. My web site address is My main topics are organic, vertical, permaculture and aquaculture. I'm not sure if this will be a good subject. I'm retired and would love to be able to pay-off my student loans. Any thoughts or ideas you might have are appreciated.

    Richard SmithDecember 10, 2014 at 9:52 pm

  3. I own PepperMadeCopy dot com. How do I "Beef" it up to have clients come to me?

    I have been finding it hard to solicit prospective clients, what is a good technique to "hook" them in a casual conversation about their website?

    When you SEO a blog for your website, is it a good idea to post it on ALL your social websites? (In order to get clients to come to you?)

    Chris VoiceNovember 12, 2015 at 2:25 pm

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