January 2015

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To Land B2B Writing Projects, Get on the List

If you can’t get a content-writing project from a B2B prospect today, strive to get on that prospect’s list of writers to call next time they need one.

Don’t Fight… Switch to Clients Already Using What You Want to Write

Don’t waste time trying to persuade any B2B prospect to use the type of content you write; instead, move on to prospects already using that content today.

To Save Time and Earn More Money… Specialize

To gain credibility, get more work, and earn more dollars per hour, every copywriter should specialize in a certain niche and in a certain type of content.

Golden Opportunity for “No Portfolio” Copywriters

Have a thin portfolio? Read this article to learn about the service you can offer to potential clients that doesn’t depend on an extensive portfolio.

Opportunities – They’re All Around You

There are many companies with huge needs to fulfill. Here are ways to tap into the approach of giving every opportunity a try, even if it’s outside your niche.

February Great Books Club Selection: Bird by Bird [video]

The February selection for the Great Books Club is Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.

Living the Writer’s Life… Simple Secrets of the Pros

The secret to living the writer’s life isn’t wizardry but rather a whole lot of WORK. Here are some common steps the pros use to make it a whole lot easier.

The Top 8 Criteria for a High-Quality Backlink

Getting backlinks to your website isn’t enough for effective SEO — they must be good ones. Here are 8 criteria to check when getting backlinks.

Master These Persuasion Techniques to Make All Your Writing Ambitions More Achievable in 2015

No matter what your goals are in life, it will take persuading someone to achieve them. In this book from Mark Ford, Persuasion: The Subtle Art of Getting What You Want, Ford makes understanding (and applying) persuasion techniques surprisingly simple. Learn more about how you can start mastering this powerful, valuable life skill today.

No More “Quick Fix” Marketing!

Stop using “quick fix” marketing strategies. The PSD method will put you on the path to better marketing and a healthier freelance income.

Build Your Own Platform… If You Build It, They WILL Come

A well-built platform helps to position you as an expert and allows clients to see what you can do. Here are three ways to create a steady stream of prospects.

The Power of Visualization … for Creative Types

What would you like your life to look like one year from today? Here’s a creative method that allows you to set clear intentions and then go to work.

How to Overcome Fear and Step Into the Writer’s Life

Here are 3 simple lessons from Felix Baumgartner’s world-record parachute jump that can help you make the leap this year and reach your writer’s life goal.

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Master copywriter Clayton Makepeace explains why copywriting can be a “lemon-proof” profession.

The Number One Thing Clients Notice About You Right Away

Discover how to make your enthusiasm evident and attract people in droves who can hire you. This will give you a distinct advantage over other copywriters.

How to Get More High-Quality Referrals, More Often

It’s important to demonstrate your writing ability (even if it’s just spec work) to the contacts you meet. Here are three effective ways you can do that.

How You Can “Go Small” for Big Revenue

Small clients can mean big revenue for your freelance copywriting business. Here are three ways you can find good small clients.

The Writing Process, Deconstructed – Part 2

Writing is a five-step process. Learn about the revision, editing, and proofing steps of the writing process and how they can improve your work.

3 Easy Methods for Training Your Brain to Create Better, More Original Ideas

Once you start voraciously reading for ideas, you’ll need help sorting it all out. Here are three easy methods to get your “first employee” to work for free.

How A-List Copywriters Form Big, Control-Beating Ideas

The best writers in the industry have this deep-rooted hunger in common. It can help you create a “potential copy ideas” library to advance your career fast.

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