How Copywriting Gives You the Means to “Pay It Forward”

It happened last October during Bootcamp … I got a firsthand glimpse of what life can be like when you make it big as a copywriter.

But it wasn’t during one of the presentations … or even at the conference hotel.

It was the third day of Bootcamp, and I ended up at lunch with about 20 other writers. The venue was on the nicer side – the average entrée was $15 and up, not including wine and sides.

We talked and laughed while we ate, sharing stories of writing and of life.

Then, toward the end of the meal, one of the majorly successful copywriters who had dined with us, got up and stealthily picked up the tab for everybody. Everybody.

Can you say … wow?

Because not only did this person casually drop somewhere close to $500 for lunch that day …

But it was done with such generosity. And all the awed “thank you’s” from around the table were quickly accepted and quieted.

You know, it’s one thing to read about which mega-copywriting star has a beachside vacation home or three motorcycles or a boat.

I wouldn’t mind someday claiming those things.

But, to see the manifestation of a hefty income brought to life during a day-to-day activity as simple as lunch …

Well, let’s just say I was awed and inspired once again to be part of the well-paid copywriting world.

We hear about financial success through writing all the time, along with the kindness in the industry where other writers have your back. But to see it in action? Astounding.

It was one of those lessons, though, that I only could’ve experienced at Bootcamp.

Ever since, I’ve been picturing myself being able to give back so generously …

Can you visualize doing it, too?

A glimpse of Bootcamp attendees … raise your hand if you’d like to “pay it forward” someday!

That brings me to Step 4 in your “Make-It-Happen” Bootcamp plan. What else can you picture yourself doing with the hefty copywriting income you could earn as a result of coming to Bootcamp? Share it here.

I’ll have a tip for you tomorrow about how to get the money-wheels greased. Just think, someday you could be the generous writer at the table, paying it forward.

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Published: January 1, 2015

6 Responses to “How Copywriting Gives You the Means to “Pay It Forward””

  1. I would set up a scholarship for other young mother's who have survived a stroke and lost sight of their dreams because of it. It took me so long to regain my physical self and longer still to regain my internal strength and tenacious nature. I've not had many, outside of the Barefoot Writer, give me an opportunity to reclaim myself -- the bold writer that I was sure to become before I was struck down. So it would be an honor to help another struggling mom to make it. Thanks so much!

    Guest (Vanessa McKinney)

  2. Hello AWAI,

    Happy New Year. Once when AWAI was small and subscribers were few, AWAI had compassion on those who wanted what you sold, but could not afford the high price tag. Back then you allowed subscribers to pay by installments. Are those days gone for good, or has AWAI joined the rest of the world in greed & indifference toward those that want to break free but can not afford to?

    Guest (Willie)

  3. I'd tick off the last two things on my Grandma's Bucket List. She wants a flight in a tiger moth, and she wants a trip on the Australian train, the Ghan.

    Daniel G Taylor

  4. Cool story, Mindy!

    I just saw my sisters for Christmas, and we are all painfully aware that we can only see each other once or twice a year, mainly for financial reasons. One of the things that I could picture myself doing when I make more money as a copywriter, is to host a fun vacation with my family, and nobody will have to worry about the expense (because I will pay for it!)

    Mandy Marksteiner

  5. At the October 2014 Job Fair Bootcamp I had a breakthrough and created my business name, BizMarketingSmith, along with "Marketing Engineering that Creates Revenue" tagline. The Bob Bly and Dan Kennedy bootcamp presentations gave me confirmation that I should immediately market myself as a brand and provide quality services for premium client fees. I've created my website, along with associated social media pages and videos. I'm moving forward to financial independence.

    Gary P Smith

  6. I would take the worry of retirement away from my folks.
    My mum has been on workers compensation for 30 years and is in 24/7 pain. Dad has been the sole breadwinner and is quickly nearing retirement age. Although, when it comes, I'm not sure they will be ready.

    Taking that thought out of their lives would mean the world to them. Once I had that covered, I'd work on someone seeing to fixing my mums back.

    Max Latimer

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