Living the Writer’s Life … Simple Secrets of the Pros

Many of us grew up watching the classic movie, The Wizard of Oz. The “Wizard” uttered the above quote at that moment Dorothy and her friends discovered he wasn’t a wizard but rather a mere man feverishly manufacturing it all.

Welcome back for day four of The Writer’s life. All week we’ve been sharing ideas as to how to make the leap into the writer’s life this year. Over the past three days we’ve looked at making preparation, goal-setting and platform-building a priority. Today, I’ll unveil the SECRET to making the leap into the writer’s life.

All of us have people we respect in this industry. They’re the gurus, the wizards. It’s not that they call themselves that … it’s just that they’ve reached a certain level of success. And they make it look easy, almost effortless.

But, if you were to peek behind their curtain, you would find a human being, just like you, working hard to make it happen.

Today is a good time to talk about another salient point: the secret to living the writer’s life isn’t wizardry but rather a whole lot of WORK.

The good news is there are several steps each of the pros has taken and have in common. Here are a few …

First, they write every day. Some strive for a particular word count, others for a certain number of pages, and still others will work on whatever project they need to finish at the moment. The type of method you choose is less relevant than the act of writing, every single day.

Second, they never end a work day without doing something that will help to fill the pipeline of business in the future. Far too many of us wait to market ourselves until the prospecting well is empty. The key is never to let it run dry. Do something every day to move your business forward. Send out a proposal, email that marketing packet, or give that speech to your local Rotary club.

Third, they never stop learning. Even those that are at the zenith of their careers are continuously reading new books and researching the newest ideas in their particular niches. They’re committed to constantly improving themselves.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is … but, make no mistake, it isn’t always easy. However, it is worth every ounce of sweat equity and financial investment you put into it.

When it comes to the writer’s life, we DO have to pay attention to the “person behind the curtain,” because he didn’t get where he is by accident. Just like Dorothy and her “team,” what we learn from the experts and each other could just change our lives.

With the start of a new year, what courses will you take, books will you read, or mentors will you seek out? Let me know in the comments.

It may be time to find a person that can help you and meet “who’s behind the curtain.” You may be surprised just how much it could change your course.

Come back tomorrow for my final installment of the week. We’ll look at why an itch may just be more important than a niche.

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Published: January 15, 2015

6 Responses to “Living the Writer’s Life… Simple Secrets of the Pros”

  1. Hey Bob

    Your message is very timely because I was just about to make a reading list for the year. I have already started reading some books - Show Your Work is quite intriguing - but I want to read at least 25 non-fiction books this year. Sounds very easy for most people, but I am a slow reader who loves to visualize the words. Hence, this seems like a respectable count for me! LOL

    Thank you for this wonderful series #HUGS Kitto

    Guest (Kit)

  2. I would like to take a training that teaches me how to submit a good proposal or queries. I have submitted a lot of proposals for several months now following AWAI guidelines but no one get back to me. About the books to read, my goal is to read at least one marketing book each month. I love self improvement books too and hopefully to be able read those as well. Bob, I find your writing is inspiring and looking forward to more of your articles. Thank you - Norlela

    Guest (norlela)

  3. Hi Bob! I really appreciate that second point: marketing.
    Writing & learning may be the flesh (our passion), but marketing is our lifeblood for sure. Marketing can be a challenge. Something we tend to relegate to the "when I get to it category." The tip to do it daily isn’t something I considered, but will definitely do.
    I began the year by enrolling in AWAI's Accelerated Copywriting Course.
    Will continue by reading David Ogilvy’s “On Advertising”, and seeking yourself as a possible mentor.

    Mike S

  4. Hi Bob

    I enjoyed reading your articles:
    Preparation, Goal setting,Platform building...and the Secret to making the leap into the writers life.
    Look forward to see what you have to say tomorrow,about; why an itch may be more important than a niche.

    Thanks Regards Larry Pelley


  5. I want to do just what comes naturally -- write with a passion!


  6. Hi Bob

    I'm reading the Book club selection for the month "Bird by Bird". I had this book in by bookcase for years. I never made the time to read it. I'm so glad this book was chosen. Anne Lamott drills home how important it is to write daily.


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