The Number One Thing Clients Notice About You Right Away

I’m Julie Hassett, here to share the final lesson I learned in 2014 that helped me become a six-figure copywriter – less than one year after my first trip to AWAI’s Bootcamp!

The other lessons I’ve shared this week were …

#1: Never be the smartest person in the room.

#2: Be hungry for the world at large.

#3: Let your subconscious go to work for you.

#4: Make sure others know you can write copy.

Today, the final lesson is somewhat big picture.

Lesson #5: If you want to be a copywriter people always want to hire, connect with, and value … it’s very important to LOVE the industry you’re in.

Think about it …

When someone is seeking a writer, do you think they’ll be more likely to send big jobs your way if your main concern is your next paycheck?

Or, will they be more confident sending work your way if they believe you’re passionate about – and immersed in – the business of copywriting?

Loving this industry will put you at a distinct advantage over the copywriters who are desperate just to get paid in whichever way they possibly can.

Your enthusiasm will be evident and will attract people in droves who can hire you.

If you’re brand-new to the business and you’re just getting to know it, how would I suggest you go about “romancing” copywriting?

Get involved at every opportunity possible. Start by getting on AWAI’s teleseminars and Professional Writers’ Alliance expert calls. Contribute to industry groups on social media and LinkedIn.

Read copywriting classics. Not only will this make you a better copywriter, but it’ll also help you nurture a respect and interest in the history and the future of this industry.

Surround yourself with others who are passionate about the work they do in the direct-response industry. Then, ask a lot of questions and begin to offer your own ideas.

Contribute your own writing on the industry. Submit your ideas to AWAI’s The Writer’s Life, for starters! Write an original weekly blog on your website. Or guest post for others.

Once you take these steps, you’ll find yourself immersed in a fun, intelligent, dynamic industry that’s worth getting passionate about. And you’ll become a better conversationalist at the events you attend next year.

So, there they are … The five things I learned that gave me the drive and opportunity to become a six-figure copywriter during my first year in the business.

Want 2015 to be your first six-figure year?

Put goals and systems in place now to make it happen in the coming year. Let these lessons be your guide …

I wish you big success and even bigger royalty checks in the New Year!

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The Professional Writers’ Alliance

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Published: January 9, 2015

2 Responses to “The Number One Thing Clients Notice About You Right Away”

  1. Julie, your articles have been very informative. I found the letter you wrote to clients to be a great template to use for fellow copywriters.

    Bob Ett

  2. HI Julie

    Thanks for your great suggestions.

    Regards Larry


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