February 2015

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Getting Repeat Clients: Your Project is Done. Now What?

Learning how to transform first-time clients into repeat clients is key to your web-writing success. Find out how it’s done.

The No-Judgment Writing Technique That’s Become a Popular Obsession

Discover the no-judgment writing technique that’s become a popular obsession; build confidence that translates into goal-achieving action.

The Surprising Daily Ritual That Could Unlock Your True Potential

This simple daily ritual has the power to change your career and change your life.

Rewire Your Brain to Defeat Traditional Thinking Traps

Use this four-step solution to change bad habits and rewire your brain so you can make good on goals and achieve the writer’s life you dream of

Reset Your New Year’s Goals and Relaunch Your Writing Career

When New Year’s goals fall flat, use this Resolution Reset Process to recapture that beginning-of-the-year excitement and achieve your writing goals

New Year’s Eve Disasters and a New Outlook

The copywriting industry can sometimes be a stressful one. Learn about the technique that can help you reduce stress, remain focused and increase energy.

How to Understand Ryan Deiss’s 5-Part Sales Machine

Ryan Deiss has spent millions building an email sales system that works. Learn his system’s 5 core principles to create a win-win for you and your clients.

The Basics of Successful SEO for Copywriters

Even though search engine optimization can seem mysterious, Heather Lloyd-Martin shows that it’s really just good, thoughtful writing.

How to Eliminate Low-Quality Backlinks and Boost Website Rank

All links to your site aren’t helpful. Here’s how to eliminate backlinks that harm search results and what to do if you can’t get them removed.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Heather Robson

Heather Robson is a freelance copywriter and novelist, who has homeschooled her two daughters for the past 10 years. Heather and her husband have designed a life that balances work, family and personal enrichment that would not be possible with regular 8-5 jobs.

Your Work Schedule: The Secret to Increased Productivity

One of the big perks of running a freelance business is having control of your work schedule. But you do need to set a schedule. Here’s how …

4 Tips From Nick Usborne for Better, More Effective Websites

Improving websites begins by focusing on what visitors want. Pinpoint that and then deliver it for dramatically improved results.

The 5 Core Principles of Content Writing Success

Achieve greater success as a web writer by building quality relationships with prospects, rather than using typical interruption-based marketing tactics.

How You Can Use Site Audits As a Key to Winning Long-Term Clients

Site audits are easy to complete and highly valued by clients. Plus, these lucrative projects are the perfect path to new long-term writing relationships.

Who Do You Believe? And Why?

The success of every bit of promotional copy depends on how believable your words are. But, what makes the words you write believable?

Live: The Barefoot Writer February Issue

The February Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

It All Comes Down to Marketing Confidence

Make luck happen in your life and career. These five steps can set you on the path to total self-confidence when marketing your freelance business.

Boost Your Confidence With a Message You Can Love

It’s important to combine self-confidence and a good-looking website (inner game + outer game) to deliver an irresistible message to your prospective clients.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Toni Rockis

After retiring from 30 years in education, Toni Rockis discovered an in-demand writing niche that fuels her passion for education and offers her more money than she ever earned as an educator.

Start With This “B” When Writing Winning B2B Catalog Copy

What's the key to B2B catalog copywriting? Pam Foster explains that the big "B" should be your starting point for both B2B and B2C catalog copy.

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