February 2015

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AWAI Member Lands New Full-Time Job … and Couldn’t Be Happier

After submitting a spec assignment to a marketer at the 2014 Bootcamp Job Fair, this AWAI member landed herself a full-time web-copywriting job.

Tap Into the Power of Self-Delusion

In order to take advantage of good luck when it appears, you have to feel ready and powerful on the inside. Here’s how to build that inner self-confidence.

A Bootcamp Spec Leads to a Big New Project for this AWAI Member

This AWAI member took advantage of the opportunity to submit Bootcamp spec assignments ... and it paid off. Read his success story here.

Create Opportunities and Wealth With Entrepreneurship

Web writing and entrepreneurship go hand-in-hand. Find out how being a web writer sets you up to launch and grow your own business.

Getting Ready to Catch the Firefly

Luck is like a firefly on a summer evening. It’s there for a moment, and then it’s gone. Here’s how to prepare yourself to grasp good luck when it appears.

How a Little Luck Made One Freelancer Unstoppable

As a freelance writer, getting a lucky break can move your career forward quickly. But can you really rely on good luck as the foundation of your success?

A Hidden Source of Easy Copywriting Practice

In order to become a great copywriter, you must write every day. Here are some tips for using email crafting as a source of practice.

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