New Year’s Eve Disasters and a New Outlook

I’m going to tell you something about me you might not know. Actually, a couple of things.

I’m not a big celebration person … especially if it means associating with a great many people. (Great many for me is anything over five!) You can imagine I don’t enjoy New Year’s Eve parties.

Because of my foible, my wife Linda and I stay home on New Year’s Eve and celebrate with each other.

This year I’d planned a dinner for that night for just the two of us: a traditional small prime rib and Yorkshire pudding.

To work out properly, both menu items required a hot oven. Midway through roasting the prime rib, the oven coil burned out.

Now it’s time for the second revelation about me.

I don’t like (read “I hate”) when my carefully laid plans go awry. I can usually adapt and make things work. But I fume while doing so. My mood takes a nosedive.

What happened this New Year’s Eve? I improvised and made the meal work … without fuming, without spoiling my happy, celebratory mood.

Had this happened a year ago, this would have been a disaster. And, even if I were able to pull it together, the disaster would have spoiled my enjoyment of the meal. I probably would have been miserable until the ball dropped at midnight.

Why the big change?

What’s the difference? Another year of maturity? Could be, but at 66 I should be getting shorter tempered and more curmudgeonly.

No, I credit my reaction to a change I introduced into my life last July. Or rather, I should say a change Dr. Annette Annechild brought to my life.

Dr. Annechild has helped me calm the tigers that sometimes take over me. Who is this amazing person who’s made this huge difference?

She’s Katie Yeakle’s personal meditation mentor. And since July, she’s been my meditation mentor as well.

Let me tell you how this came about. Last July, Katie asked me to write an article for The Golden Thread about a new program AWAI was launching … 21 days of meditation—morning and evening—guided by Dr. Annechild.

So, when Katie asked me to write the article last year, I figured I’d try the program. Maybe it was finally time to try something I’d thought about doing for a while. Something several friends had suggested. (I wonder why?!)

But that’s not the main reason I decided to try Dr. Annechild’s meditation program. You see, I admire Katie greatly. She accomplishes more than almost any person I know and does so with grace and even temper. Not easy in this business.

And, if part of her secret could be meditation … well, what did I have to lose?

More than just calming me and lowering my blood pressure …

I noticed a change in many aspects of my life almost as soon as I started listening to the recordings. Dr. Annechild’s soothing guidance brought a sense of calm that lasted from the beginning of my day to the evening meditation.

But meditation brought more. It brought greater focus to everything I do. Especially my writing.

About a week into the 21 days, I decided I’d finally write the book I’d been pretending I was going to write for 20 years. And I’m doing it!

It’s taking longer than I’d anticipated. Not because I’m procrastinating or dawdling. What started as a simple “it’ll get done quickly” endeavor has become “let’s get it right.”

This book has grown so important to me it became a Christmas gift to my wife Linda and my son Joaquin. Every time I complete the first draft of a chapter, they get it … not to edit, but as part of my commitment to them to finish the book.

Focus and freedom …

Writing my book. Writing for AWAI and COS. Teaching COS Targeted Learning Programs. Writing fundraising copy. Volunteering at the school. Working as the secretary for my Rotary club. Learning Spanish. Having time to relax and enjoy my life.

That’s a pretty busy schedule. Do I do all that … and not fret and fume when the oven burns out on New Year’s Eve … just because of meditation?

Who knows? All I know is last July Dr. Annechild brought a renewed focus and sense of purpose into my life. And I’m still meditating.

This has been a really easy Golden Thread article to write. I loved doing it. I loved being able to tell you about something that has made a huge difference for me … and I daresay for Linda as well.

The program is starting again next Monday, the 23rd. This is where I’d normally insert my standard copy, “If you want to learn more …” and tell you what a great opportunity this is for you. And, how incredibly affordable it is.

I’m not going to do that this time. Here’s the link: Click here. You decide.

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Published: February 16, 2015

1 Response to “New Year’s Eve Disasters and a New Outlook”

  1. Will,

    I had to chime in here. A few years ago I was working with Mark Joyner. We were talking about doing a course. So I had to get in touch with author Victor Davich.

    Back in 2004 Davich wrote a book called "8 Minute Meditation. Quiet Your Mind. Change Your Life".

    I don't think we ever did the course but I read the book. And it "changed my life". Turned it upside down actually. I could go on and on about the benefits of meditation. Instead, just do the course. You'll be amazed...

    David Tomen

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