A 10-Minute Marketing Upsell Shortcut Guaranteed to Get Results

Cindy Cyr wrapping up my week at The Writer’s Life. So far, you’ve discovered that in order to expand your assignments you should:

Always offer an upsell when presenting a proposal to a client.

Diagnose and prescribe what will solve your client’s problem and give them the best possible results.

Use checklists to thoroughly examine and find every opportunity to deliver effective, efficient and impressive results.

Look for opportunities to increase your client’s income.

Today I want to give you a 10-minute shortcut for tapping into the most successful marketing models in your niche, so you can feel confident you’ll be able to deliver results for your client.

It’s a fine balance when proposing an upsell. Proposing too much can cause overwhelm, and even cost you a client, especially if you propose things that don’t work. So, you want to propose things that will get immediate results.

The best way to do this is to avoid making things up from scratch and model what is already working.

Top-performing companies spend a lot of money testing in order to get the most effective and efficient marketing funnel.

You can find out exactly what they’re doing in about 10 minutes, and then use this as your blueprint following these steps:

Step 1: Look at your niche to see who the top competitors are in your market. Who else is selling what you want to sell, and who is the most successful? If you don’t know, look in Clickbank in their Marketplace. Find the category you want to sell in and look up the top-selling products.

Step 2: Buy the product and write down everything they do. What is their upsell? What is their offer? How is their landing page laid out? What does their copy look like? What are their traffic sources, and so on? Create a blueprint by writing down their exact steps in order, along with details about what and how they offer things.

Step 3: Compare their funnel to your prospective client’s funnel. What components is your client missing? For example, if the model you examined offers a three-pay option and two bonuses, and your prospective client only offers a single-pay option and no bonuses, then you might include an upsell to develop a new offer.

Or, if the model offers two upsells, and your prospect offers no upsells, suggest developing upsells for them.

So, that wraps up our week …

I’ve shown you how to expand your projects and confidently prescribe upsells that demonstrate your value by revealing missed opportunities that are efficient, effective and impressive.

Will you start offering upsells? Did you have a favorite method of prescribing? I’d love to hear your feedback and am happy to answer any questions you may have, too. Post a comment here.

One final thought …

While some will automatically take your upsell, not everyone will. That’s okay though. Because, even when a client doesn’t take your offer, a well-prescribed upsell positions you as an expert that brings more value to the table … especially when competing against someone who does nothing more than take orders.

So, prescribe with confidence. When you do, you’ll close more sales, build better relationships with clients, and will soon have a roster of long-term, happy customers who not only hire you again and again but refer you to other clients.

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Published: March 13, 2015

3 Responses to “A 10-Minute Marketing Upsell Shortcut Guaranteed to Get Results”

  1. Dear Cindy Cyr,

    This week has been an eye-opener for me. This topic has built up my confidence, and given me a road-map that enlightened me on how to go about when a client approach me with a project.

    I learned how to offer an up-sell, diagnose and prescribe solution for clients, make a check-list, look for opportunities, and much more.

    These are some of the insights that I really need as a copy writer.

    Thanks for the insights.


  2. Ms. Cyr,

    I"m not there yet, still in the accelerated course, but I believe that the specificity and clarity of what you have offered will be of great help once I am there. Many thanks.


    Guest (Bob Cohn)

  3. Great article series Cindy, I completely agree. Often business owners don't know what they need so if we can tell them "why" a video or a case study would be a good fit we not only have opportunity to earn more but to become their go-to person for strategy as well as content.

    I love your checklist ideas. I have found a goal assessment questionnaire allows me to get into the clients head before subscribing so I can start with solutions that will meet their top-of-mind goals. Like your doctor analogy, every visit you have to fill out a "what's wrong" questionnaire, then a nurse takes your vitals before you even see a doctor.

    Guest (Cindy Youngblood)

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