This Power Shift in Writing Means More Income for Writers

Have you heard about the crazy power shift in writing that’s been building over the past five years? It’s literally changing the landscape of how business gets done.

Mindy McHorse

And, if you get in on it now, it’ll lead you to a bigger, steadier, more predictable writing income.

It’s called content marketing – and it’s so significant, we’re doing a spotlight feature on it in the April issue of Barefoot Writer (out this Friday!).

Some people think content is just the latest buzzword to replace “copy” or “written materials.” Maybe. But content marketing is a real thing. Think of it as a smoother, more respectable approach to direct marketing.

Gone are the days when companies can slap big, bold claims on their sales materials to try and impress customers. It’s almost like they’ve quit dancing for us up onstage … and now they’re willing to come out on the floor and waltz.

They have to, in a way. Thanks to the Internet, customers can research and compare companies and service providers more thoroughly than ever. And, if those companies want to earn any business, their focus has to be on cultivating strong relationships.

They can do this by giving customers what they want to know through the gift of good, useful content. Good content builds trust, which leads to sales.

The content part is where you come in. When you understand how all the different types of content work together as part of the sales process … it puts you in an excellent position to show companies how to effectively connect with prospects and convert them to buyers.

So this week, I want to shed light on why content marketing may be the best direction to take in your writing career. By Friday, you’ll know how to get started as a content writer, land projects, and establish a long-term content-writing career.

Let’s begin with a rundown of the most popular types of content:

  • Website content
  • Articles and online editorial
  • Blog posts
  • Emails and autoresponder series
  • E-newsletters
  • E-books
  • Free reports
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Reviews
  • Social media posts

Every one of these forms of content plays a crucial role in the sales process. Now, not every company needs every type of content, but every company does need a content strategy. Without one, trying to connect with prospects is like wearing a blindfold in a dart game – you keep throwing words out there and hope something sticks.

But, if you take the blindfold off and map out a smart content marketing strategy for your clients, they’re a lot more likely to hit a bull’s-eye.

That’s because each type of content reinforces the other types. And, where potential sales are concerned, each type of content can overturn buyer-doubts and convert passive prospects into loyal customers.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to be able to write every type of content to become a content marketing specialist. But, you do need to know how they’re all connected, and that starts with choosing an industry. We’ll talk more about that tomorrow.

For now, just think about which of the content types above you’d like to be able to write, and write well. Pick your top three.

The Barefoot Writer

The Barefoot Writer

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Published: March 30, 2015

41 Responses to “This Power Shift in Writing Means More Income for Writers”

  1. My three: Blog Posts, Website content, emails and autoresponder series.

    Guest (John Preston)

  2. I've been writing content for my employers website for 15 years. But there's always stuff to learn...especially how to make this a freelance career. I'm looking forward to learning more tomorrow about website content, auto-responders, and reviews.

    Shawn Maus

  3. Loved the article and I am looking forward to hearing the rest of the series. I would pick web content, blogs, and e-newsletters for me top 3 content types.


  4. I would really love to pursue Web content, Reviews,E mails and auto-responder series.
    What are white Papers?

    Guest (Brandi Poole)

  5. Web content,blog post E-mail responder,E-newsletter and ebook

    Guest (Lewis vest)

  6. 1. Articles & Online editorials,
    2. White Papers
    3. Case Studies

    Guest (Evelyn Leopold)

  7. My three would be case studies, white papers and e-newslettters.

    Guest (John Loblack)

  8. Only three? okay, blog posts, case studies and social media posts. Maybe an occasional white paper or two.

    Guest (Donna Creighton)

  9. Reviews

    E mails and Auto Responders

    Social Media Posts

    My three picks.

    Guest (Karen Calamia)

  10. My 3 are case studies, enewsletters and web content.

    Looking forward to reading your series, Mindy.

    Guest (Bonniee Pecka)

  11. It's hard to narrow it down, but probably:

    - website content
    - articles
    - e-newsletters

    (then articles & free reports)

    Sharon Brodin

  12. All the points mentioned above are very important to me.

    Meanwhile, I will select the following three, which in my opinion when carefully learned will give me insights on how to write the rest.

    This include:

    a) Website content.

    b)Articles and online editorial.

    c) books.


  13. I'd be interested in starting with:
    1. Articles
    2. E-books
    3. Case studies


  14. As life passes in life, and the world becomes more complicated, we have to use ingenuity and combine skills to make our way through life and be able to sustain ourselves both financially and mentally. I find that writing is not only therapeutic and satisfying as well. Writing is a good way to keep your skills sharp. Life is stressful.I am interested in Articles and online editorials, News letters and occasionally testing Social Media Posts. I am impressed with what I have seen with AWAI.

    Guest (J Denise Morey)

  15. A good reminder of the importance of:

    'Why I write'.

    My top three are:

    White papers- To market a companies product or service, effectively.

    Case studies- Present a real life scenario, that prospects can connect to.

    Emails and autoresponder series- Follow up to get closer to the end of the sales cycle.

    I will be looking forward to this series!


    Tom Rintelmann

  16. a) Website content b) Articles and online editorials c) Social media posts


  17. Blog posts, Ebooks, free reports

    Looking forward to learning more about content creation!

    Guest (Melanie Fischer)

  18. My 3 (1) web content (2) email autoresponder series (3) whitepapers


  19. Just recently I have been writing more website content for someone I work for in the personal training industry. I would like to branch out to much more technical work.

    I would pick case studies and white papers. Then it is a toss up between articles and online editorial and blog posts...maybe even reviews.

    Guest (Marena Drlik)

  20. I'm already writing emails and autoresponders so thats the first one I need to learn more about. The emails lead to landing pages so there's #2. Case studies and White papers would be next. That leaves blog posts which tend to be short format like email messages. I know that's five but I look at them as three categories.


  21. Blog posts, free reports and reviews.


  22. I like all the points but I prefer

    a) Website content

    b) blog posts

    c) Emails and autoresponder series

    Guest (Lois)

  23. web content e-books white papers

    Guest (Char)

  24. I like research and writing longer pieces, so I would choose white papers, case studies and maybe articles or newsletters. I'm not sure exactly how some of these choices are different from one another, but I'm looking forward to learning.

    Guest (Judy Strong)

  25. Hi Mindy, Thanks for all you do!
    Mine would be Website content Articles and online editorial Free reports I love this stuff!

    Guest (Doc Boatright)

  26. Hi Mindy,

    Thanks for the great information.

    My Three Are:

    1. Website Content
    2. Reviews
    3. White Papers

    Mike S

  27. Looking forward to following this train of thought this week, Mindy. Very interesting. My three would be: articles & online editorials, case studies, website content.


  28. I think this is the novelist in me coming out, but I gravitate toward online articles, blogs, and ebooks. Social media posts and reviews come as part of the package, I think...blogs can be reviews and all posts should be connected somehow to social media!

    I don't know as much about case studies or white papers, or I might consider them.


  29. Hi, Mindy McHorse My niche is Financial (Content marketing)I'm looking forward to learning how to write Content marketing my top three choice :-
    * Website content
    * White paper
    * Email, Direct mail letter, Sales letter


  30. Mine are website, case studies, Reviews


  31. Hi:

    I agree with Randi. I have been writing since Y2K, and I prefer articles and eBooks (My publisher and I spelled it that way.) I don't really like blogs as much as I do reviews, but as she said, one can easily become the other.

    As for the others, I would be willing to try them.


  32. Blog email e-books

    Guest (Jacqueline)

  33. Hi Mindy! I am so looking forward to this series! It was hard to choose, but my three choices are ebooks, enewsletters and case studies


  34. My three at this time would be:

    1.) Website content
    2.) Articles and online editorials
    3.) Emails and auto-responder series

    Guest (MGreene)

  35. My TOP THREE PICKs...

    Website, articles and free reports with blogs and social media closing in fast from behind.

    Guest (Jennifer C)

  36. If we can treat free reports as little eBooks (they are, in a way, aren't they?)I'd choose:
    e-Newsletters e-Books and free reports Reviews

    if not, e-Newsletters e-Books Reviews

    Just like other people, I had to think and I didn't like choosing just three :D


  37. @Guest (Brandi Poole) Here's some information on white papers

    thatwhitepaperguy dot com/white-paper-faq-frequently-asked-questions/

    I hope you'll find it helpful and quite fascinating ;) I thought white papers were blah technical/corporate documents, until I found this site.


  38. I would choose content writer, email and auto-responder,and case studies.


  39. My three would be articles, newsletters and case studies. How about travel writing?

    Guest (GailG)

  40. I am totally new to this. I have a Marketing and Education background. Articles, reviews and perhaps online auto-responder series interest me. I am a true novice, and would really like to start from the ground up, I want to do it right!! Thanks!

    Karen Kovach

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