Choosing a Niche Based on Product Knowledge and Marketing Demand

Quick review. Yesterday, you did some serious brainstorming. Using your imagination and some online tools, you created a long list of potential niche markets for your B2B copywriting business by working your way through steps 1, 2 and 3 of my proven process.

Now you’re ready to cut that list down to just a few possibilities.

But before I show you how to do that, is there a niche on that list that has bubbled to the surface? A niche you discovered during yesterday’s exercise that seems like an obvious choice? If so, put a checkmark next to it. That one will definitely make the final cut.

Now, let’s add a few more checkmarks.

Step 4

Go through your list and checkmark those niche markets where you have related industry or product knowledge.

For example, if you’ve been a warehouse manager for 10 years, then you have experience with material handling equipment, shipping supplies, trucking services, health and safety consulting, and probably many other types of products and services, too.

That knowledge gives you a significant head-start in those niche industries. It’s not a big leap to say that the marketing director of XYZ Shipping Supplies will want to talk to you about writing for her. Why? Because you’re already well-versed in the type of products she’s marketing. Who better to write her web copy, brochures, emails and ads?

By the way, this step may prompt you to add new niche possibilities to your list. That’s okay! At this point, the more the merrier.

Chances are, after doing this step, you’ll have checkmarks next to three or four niches. Possibly more.

Step 5

Not every niche is a good one. There are some industries where the demand for copywriting services is low or even non-existent. Take cement-mixing companies, for example. Those companies do little, if any, marketing. Instead, they get their business through existing connections and bidding on contracts. (So, if you have Cement Companies on your list, cross it off now!)

I can’t emphasize this enough. You must select a niche market where there is a high demand for copywriting services. If you don’t, you’ll be banging your head against the wall.

So, how do you figure out if there is a demand? It’s actually quite simple.

  1. Visit the websites of a few companies in the niche you’re considering.
  2. As you peruse those websites, ask yourself: Do these companies do a lot of marketing? (Clues include active blogs, newsletter sign-ups, social media links, content such as case studies and white papers, etc.)

If it’s obvious that companies in a particular niche do a lot of marketing, then all that stuff — blogs, newsletters, ads, emails, white papers — needs to be written. In other words, there’s a demand.

So, go through this process and checkmark those niches where an obvious demand for copywriting exists. Cross out all others.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you should have a few niche markets remaining on your list. Each will have one or two checkmarks. (One might have three.)

At this point, there are probably two or three niches that are emerging as obvious choices. Feel free to share your list in the comments.

In tomorrow’s email, I’ll walk you through two more steps that will help you make the final choice.

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Published: April 22, 2015

11 Responses to “Choosing a Niche Based on Product Knowledge and Marketing Demand”

  1. My shortlist of niches-

    *Language Teaching Software and Products
    -as a professional English teacher and bilingual I believe I could work in this niche

    *Educational products and services- again, as a teacher

    *Tour and Travel Companies, including student travel and educational tours for 'boomers'
    -as a world traveler I can connect with the emotions of the prospects

    Martial Arts Supplies- I'm a black belt/ practioner

    Any feedback is welcomed!

    Peter D

  2. Hi Steve, Great stuff! However, I am having great difficulty in naming even one niche, much less several to choose from. My work background is corporate pensions, which have their own set of rules and consultants, so I don't see how that is an option for a niche, unless it's CPA firms?? Any comments you can make would be greatly appreciated!

    Guest (Alice)

  3. Hi, Steve.

    You mentioned a friend of yours selected accounting firms as their niche and is doing well.

    I've considered that area as well as I have a degree in accounting and was an accountant for a number of years.

    My issue is that from what I've seen of accounting websites, they don't do much marketing if any.

    Am I missing something?

    Thanks for your help!

    Guest (Beth)

  4. Having been in the "beautification" industry for over 30 years this seems like a no-brainer. It is a service based industry and one I am known in.

    Having traveled a lot for business and pleasure and acted as my own tour creator this niche can tie in with the first one or be a stand alone. Women traveling, genealogy traveling and touring with a local all tie into things I have experience in and enjoy.


  5. My niches are:

    Technology - I'm a technical writer.

    Staffing services - I worked as a consultant plus I am planning to become certified as a resume writer.

    Non Profit - I like helping people.

    Medical - This is a maybe. Two members of my family are naturopathic physicians. Plus, I'm a user of natural remedies.

    Guest (Giselle)

  6. Thanks for this process but I still have some issues.

    My final interesting niches are Travel, Catalogue and Mobile Technology. I love kmowing about places and flipping through catalogues as my hobby. But I like mobile technology because we are in the era of technology.

    Isn't it possible to manage the 3 niches? What do you think?

    Guest (Bunmi)

  7. My possible niche markets wind down to:

    •construction sales and marketing, mid-size (strong background in recent years)

    •residential real estate

    •travel (has been years, but I've traveled a lot and stayed long in a few foreign countries)

    •parenting and homeschooling (have done consulting with many years of research behind me)

    •food industry (local and regional fine cuisine afficianado)

    •natural healing and health industry (way into it for 20+ years)

    I can honestly think of endless possibilities. It's hard not to sincerely want to be a generalist! I am looking very forward to the process of searching the web tomorrow to seriously consider all of these choices! Thank you for your expert advice, Steve.


  8. My possible niches, all of which I have some background in:
    Financial Investing and investment advice Computer systems training and systems consulting Real Estate Investing and property management Travel, Intercultural communications, languages Event marketing Hospitals

    My first choice is writing for financial investment, second would be event marketing

    Elizabeth AA

  9. Steve, thanks for the great information. It has been very helpful.

    I have found my strongest niche to be in the Senior Industry.

    - Senior Retirement Living

    - Senior Move Management (a separate industry, but closely related and growing fast)

    - Caregiving Agencies

    - The Weight Loss Industry would also be of interest.

    Judy H

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