Why Choosing a Niche in B2B Copywriting Is So Important

Imagine you’re the marketing director of an executive coaching firm. You’re launching a new program soon and need a bunch of stuff written: a web page, a brochure, a few blog posts, a white paper. And, that’s just for starters!

Steve Slaunwhite

Not surprisingly, you’re desperate to find a good copywriter. There are two you’re considering …

The first is Paul …

Judging from his website, it’s clear that he’s a solid writer and well-trained in B2B copywriting. Paul is also a generalist, claiming to be able to write marketing materials for a range of industries, from consulting to software to industrial equipment.

The second is Susan …

She’s an equally good writer and has similar training. However, on her website, it’s clear that — unlike Paul — she’s a specialist. In fact, her specialty (her niche) is working with executive coaching firms! She plans and writes marketing materials just for those types of businesses.

As a marketing director, which writer are you likely to hire?

Susan, of course.

You’d be a fool not to. She’s the specialist. She understands the executive coaching business. She “gets” what you’re selling. Who better to craft the web pages, blog posts, emails and other marketing pieces you need?

That’s why, as a B2B writer, it’s vital that you find and focus on a niche market. Especially if you’re just starting out or you’re in the early years of your freelance business. Can you still succeed if you don’t pick a niche? You can. But it’s going to be tougher. And, take longer.

I say, take the easier road. Pick a niche! There are a myriad of advantages to doing so.

  • Clients will be easier to find and land.
  • You’ll be able to command higher fees. (Clients pay more for a specialist.)
  • You’ll write better copy. As a result, you’ll have happier clients likely to give you lots of repeat business.
  • You’ll find it infinitely easier to promote yourself, because you’re focused, rather than all over the map.

In addition, focusing on a niche is the fastest way to launch a B2B writing business. One copywriter I know started freelancing earlier this year. She picked a niche and jumped in with both feet. Within four weeks she had landed three clients. Today she’s booked solid.

Could she have accomplished that as a generalist? Maybe. But like I said, it would have been a much tougher road.

I know what you’re thinking. “Steve, you’re preaching to the choir. I know I have to pick a niche. The problem is, I’m stuck. There are so many niches in B2B. How do I find one I like and can be successful in?”

I hear you! It isn’t an easy choice. But the good news is, I have a proven process for helping B2B writers find their niche. And, I’m going to walk you through that process step-by-step.

So, watch out for my emails in The Writer’s Life this week. Do the steps. (There is homework.) By Friday, you’ll have a clear idea of what your niche should be.

Until tomorrow … feel free to share your comments with me.

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Published: April 20, 2015

20 Responses to “Why Choosing a Niche in B2B Copywriting Is So Important”

  1. I would like to know more.


  2. Thank you so much for helping me find a place in the copywriting world. I hope I would eventually have it and be comfortable writing after identifying which niche i would fit in. I look forward to learning from you, Steve, during this one week of following me through.

    Guest (Belle)

  3. Hi Steve,thanks for the interesting article.What do you think if just starting out I do NOT pick a nice but an area I wish to specialize in ? I would like to specialize in lead generation, list building and autoresponder followup. Thanks


  4. What are the B2B niches? I am interested in education, adoption and parenting. I have 18 years experience in education and am well-versed in social media. What would be your suggestion for me to learn more about B2B in my interest areas?

    Dee Texas

  5. For the past 10 years I have been a National Account and Sales Manager for a National Staffing firm. Our focus has been construction staffing. Since May 2014 I have been disabled after a neck surgery. Do you have any suggestions for work I can do from home a few hours a day?


  6. Steve, One thing I'm confused about re: B2B niches: Some niches, like Susan's "executive coaching firms" niche, focus on a type of business. But other niches specialize in methods -- techniques, products -- case studies, white papers, etc.... But aren't people who do that (like me) generalists? And if so, should we fine a business type niche within the technique -- e.g., niche Susan's service to white papers for executive coaching firms? That seems TOO narrow.

    Richard Lacey

  7. I am looking forward to this series this week. Selecting a niche has posed a to be a bit of a conundrum for me so this guidance will be very welcome.

    Carmen H

  8. Hi Steve!
    I keep bouncing back and forth on my B2B "niche"! Both would open doors for me in order to allow me the "business travel" experience and both are my soul's passion. What to DO!?! Taking a deep breath, allowing the universe(God)to guide me towards one that will actually take me to my second passion for writing..as well as become the Travel Writer that I also envision myself in becoming before 2016. looking forward to learning more this week. Jeanette


  9. Hi Yes, I know, a specific Niche is needed in order to; specialize.
    Look forward to; your next comments.

    Regards Larry


  10. Steve, I am having trouble finding my niche. I have 25 years of experience as a technical communicator in the IT industry; last July I completed a PhD in Education (Instructional Design), and I have valuable experience in teaching music, Spanish, and English as a Second Language (ESL). I would love to combine those skills but I have no clue how to market myself. Can you give me some direction?

    Michael Kerr

  11. Steve, this series telling us about choosing a niche is excellent! I can't wait to read more. I'm just at this point, myself, and can't wait to read more. Thanks so much!

    Guest (Kathleen)

  12. Hi Steve, I have been doing something called Prospect Research for 20 years. I think it would translate nicely into Internet Research but I'm new to all this copywriting. Is it possible to earn close to six figures in this market with my skills? I'm also interested in romance writing. Is that a niche or a specialty? THANKS!

    Guest (Daria)

  13. hi Steve:

    I must admit, I'm a little confused. Wouldn't the marketing manager want to hire someone who could speak to his broad customer base, that is a generalist, rather than someone who specializes in people like him? Does Susan have the ability to speak to his customers because she specializes in working for executive coaching firms?

    JimBob from Canada

  14. Hi Steve,

    New to both AWAI and Copywriting.
    I am a financial planner and a Corporate Trainer in Life Skills and Leadership Skills.I am also YOGA practitioner.
    Looking for focusing on my Niche, I am in INDIA , can you suggest how can I explore clients in US.I am also curious to know how to crate a website as a copywriter. Can you tell your website to get some idea about same.
    Thanks a Ton. Your articles have been immensely helpful.


  15. Thanks for this encouraging article on niche picking. I have picked one and it is in the food industry-in particular, spices. I love to use them in my cooking. How can I promote this and provide myself with a writing job before the end of this year? Thanks for the help Steve.

    Sincerely, Viola Gary

    Aunti Vi

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