May 2015

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Bring Your Promise to Life

Being a successful copywriter depends on your prospect’s belief that your promise will fulfill some deeply felt need in his life.

Two-Minute Bootcamp Video Showcases the Real Experience Writers Have in Delray … [video]

The best way to understand what Bootcamp can do for you is to hear from people who’ve been there. Here's a video with Bootcamp alumni sharing their stories.

Breaking from the Corporate World and Embracing the Freedom of The Writer’s Life Meet Circle of Success Member Julie Hassett [video]

This Circle of Success member's definition of the writer’s life is working from her ocean-side office in Mexico. Watch her video to learn how she achieved this lifestyle.

A Key Component to Increasing Your Writing Income While Keeping It Consistent and Reliable

A key component to a successful freelancer is the business side. Discover 4 things you must do to increase your income and keep it consistent and reliable.

Breaking News! Announcing the 2015 Bootcamp Keynote Speaker …

AWAI is excited to announce the Keynote Speaker for the 2015 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair. Click here to see who it is!

Why You Need To Take Action … Yesterday

Don’t let a fear of failure keep you from marketing yourself. Take action instead with these tips from Mac Bull.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Peter Fogel

Since the late ‘70’s, Peter Fogel’s been a stand-up comic, actor and writer. But after the big comedy boom of the ‘80’s and ‘90’s the market changed. At age 40, Peter had to make a 180-degree turn where he was in control of his destiny. Find out he reinvented himself as a copywriter while still maintaining his entertainment career.

Pick a Niche in 10 Minutes or Less and Watch Your Writing Income Soar

Picking a niche for your writing business saves time and can make your writing income soar. Find out how to pick your niche in 10 minutes or less.

Get Every Writing Project Off to a Great Start

The steps you take when starting a writing project will set you up for success or failure. Learn four steps you should take at the start of every project.

Use These 4 Tips to Stop Writing the Hard Way and Write Smarter Instead

Learn how to improve your success at both writing and earning a living as a highly compensated writer by focusing on specific skills and exercises.

Fastest Way to Build Your Writing Muscles for Speed and Quality

Cut years off your learning curve using this writing exercise that helps you write noticeably faster and better in just a few weeks.

Discover a Simple Strategy to Living the Writer’s Life Faster and Easier

Avoid wasting time on ideas that won’t work with a quick strategy that gives you immediate feedback on whether or not you’re on the right track.

Becoming Deaf to “No”

Hearing "no" from a potential clients shouldn't stop us from pursuing their business. Try this strategy when you are confronted with that powerful, two-letter word.

Call: 2015 Bootcamp Secrets Revealed!

Bootcamp details will be revealed during a FREE call on Tuesday, May 12th as special guest Joshua Boswell interviews Katie and Rebecca.

An Inspiring “Rags to Riches” Story

Copywriting helped this member turn his life around, and now he’s on track to earning a six-figure salary. Read his inspiring success story here.

The One Thing You Must Do to Become a Successful Writer

This one important thing ensures your success. It makes coming up with ideas easier, reduces the fear of the blank page, and makes words flow more smoothly.

4 Simple Rules for Getting More Repeat Business and Referrals

How do you get more repeat business and referrals from your clients? Steve Slaunwhite gives you four simple rules to follow.

Four Strategies for Becoming a Six-Figure, A-Level Writer

To become an A-level writer, adopt an A-level mindset. Everything you write is important. Here are four strategies to take you from mindset to mastery.

How to Write When You Just Can’t Think What to Write

Writer’s block can strike any writer at any time. Here are some crucial secrets for harnessing your greatest ally in your search for the right words.

Instant Gratification and Web-Writing Success

Online readers are on a mission. They are searching for answers and they want instant gratification. Make sure your writing gives them what they want.

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