See How Easy It Is to Create a Social Media Campaign for a Local Business

Hi, Nick Usborne here. This is the second in my series of articles on writing for social media. If you didn’t read the first one, you may want to read it now, before you go any further.

In that first article I talked about how writing for social media is both easy and profitable.

Today, we’re going to work through a sample campaign, and find out what’s really involved. We won’t have the space here to cover absolutely everything, but we can certainly tackle the fundamentals.

Most important of all, you’ll see how your own, personal experience with social media can be applied to any local business.

Our target company is called Nick’s Family Gym, or NFG for short. Imagine it’s like a local gym you’ve been to yourself, or driven past in your own hometown.

First, we’ll look at what they’re doing with social media right now. Chances are, they’re not doing very well. Most companies don’t do social media well.

NFG has a Twitter account, but the last tweet was from about three weeks ago.

They have a YouTube account, but have posted just two short videos in the past year.

They’re much more active on Facebook, but the vast majority of their posts are promotional, talking about discounts and the new classes they’re launching.

Two things here … and you know this from your own use of social media.

  1. If you create a social media account, you have to “be there” and tweet or post consistently. If you don’t, people won’t bother coming back. (Remind you of any of your friends’ pages on Facebook?)
  2. You can’t just promote your own stuff. That’s not social; that’s advertising.

When we approach NFG – and we’ll talk about the “approach” tomorrow – we’re going to go in positive and make two recommendations.

First we’ll say that, with our involvement, they’ll be able to get more from social media, because we’ll make sure they update their pages much more consistently. Daily even.

Second, we’ll suggest they stop with the non-stop promotions and work harder at engaging with their audience. By that I mean they should stop talking just about themselves and make their social media platforms more about their customers.

Hey … it’s a gym. There are tons of opportunities for photos and videos of their customers working out. Plus, instructional videos on how to use the various fitness equipment, or take part in classes.

And, of course, we’ll tell the folks at NFG we’re going to “be there.” In other words, we’ll be there to reply to comments, handle inquiries and actually bring their social media channels to life.

Does that sound hard? It shouldn’t. There’s nothing here that isn’t something you already know and do with your own Facebook page.

And, here’s the thing …

You can earn good money doing this. Depending on the size of the company and their marketing budget, you can make between $1,000 and $5,000 a month handling just a couple of channels. And, that’s from just a single client.

I hope that sounds good!

Tomorrow we’ll talk about how you can put together a proposal and walk it into a local business in your own neighborhood.

And, don’t forget to add your thoughts, comments and questions in the text box below.

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Published: May 26, 2015

22 Responses to “See How Easy It Is to Create a Social Media Campaign for a Local Business”

  1. I'm looking forward to tomorrows article! Thanks Nick!

    Diane P

  2. Nick, Still reading every word and not skimming your text. Learning more each day. Thanks

    Donna G

  3. I look forward to tomorrow's approach. I love to write, support and "cheer lead"; but I am a terrible sales person. I am intrigued as to how to accomplish the needs of a client knowing this about myself through your specific lessons. :) I

    Guest (Dinah)

  4. Nick,

    Excellent article.

    What is The Promise of a Customer Benefit in terms of:



    Cash Flow?




  5. Now that we can put video in social media, say Facebook, how far should we go? I can track down a video, but has anyone had to produce them?


  6. Hi Nick and friends, I'm taking this seriously: today I obtained an appointment for my first potential customer :-)

    I need to delay it till next week to have the opportunity to read and study your articles, Nick.
    I'd like to read something on how to solve the problem that I'm not so active in social media, mee too, and the prospect could ask about that (and find that not so good).

    Sorry for my English, Ciao


  7. This is a frustration I have with one client that wants to solely post their own products. I'm very interested in how you approach this and looking forward to the next article!


  8. Nick, I'm not really into social media. I need to offer to my web clients. I need to better understand it to educate clients and prospects.

    Aren't there tips, shortcuts to eliminate time wasted on the small stuff?

    Looking for tomorrow's article AND finding $499 for social media expert cost.

    Guest (Creative Diva)

  9. Encouraged by the articles from the last two days. Writing for social media may be just the ticket for someone like me, still working fulltime while trying to develop my writing skills and drum up business. Thanks, Nick.

    Guest (Mikey)

  10. Great advice I am starting today to find some local companies and give advice and make a proposal. I will follow you throughout this series. Thanks Nick

    Carmen Iris

  11. This sounds great, Nick, but I can't help thinking if it's that easy companies will have someone "in office" who can do social media writing for them.


  12. That is just awesome Nick. Thanks for sharing

    Guest (Jaques)

  13. Awesome series, Nick. It opened up a whole new world. After reading the series though, the question that I keep coming back to is this: How do I determine price? I know you said it depends on the size of the company and the size of their advertising budget, but I still haven't a clue as to how to evaluate those variables and come up with an answer. Do you have any suggestions?


  14. I live overseas in a country where I am not allowed to wor so I can't visit any local businesses to talk about social media projects.
    Would an email campaign be successful. Any suggestions?


  15. Thank you for not drowning us in information! There are a few questions. First: How long does a social media commitment to a company last? Second: If this requires more than two companies to be profitable, I maybe ok; but it depends on what their needs are and if they have satisfactory internet sites doesn't it? How do I get around that sort of wall of resistance? Maybe I am just afraid and am resisting an opportunity that will get me going and on my own. Being on my own scares me especially around tax time. Fear has stopped me from getting a cleaning business started when I was younger and it seems like a mountain that I am not ready to climb. The worst part is that at 65 I want to climb the mountain anyway!! Can you beat that!! lol

    Guest (Leanna)

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