How to Turn Your Own, Everyday Social Media Habits Into a Powerful New Source of Income

Hi, my name is Nick Usborne and this is the first of five articles I’ll be sharing with you this week.

Nick Usborne

This is going to be a tightly knit “how-to” series of articles, showing you step by step how easy it is to make money as a social media writer and marketer.

Compared to other online writing and copywriting gigs, social media writing is incredibly easy.

How come? Because you do it already! You’re already a social media writer and marketer. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or some other social media channel, you already know how it works.

Let’s say you use Facebook. (Many of us do, to some degree or another.)

Well, you know the kinds of posts that get the most attention. You know how to choose a good photo or video clip to share with your friends. You know how to write a title for a post. You know how to jump in and respond to comments.

You may be nodding in agreement with that. But I guess you might also be thinking there’s probably a big divide between doing social media for yourself and your family and doing it for a company that’s going to pay you.

Not so much!

In fact, the skills you have now are the skills most companies lack the most.

Let me explain.

Too many companies just treat social media as an advertising platform. They use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to pitch their products and services. Their language is wooden and promotional. And, when it comes to interacting with their audience – replying to comments, for example – they are totally left-handed.

Most companies haven’t figured it out yet, but they SHOULD be writing and behaving in the same way you do when interacting with family and friends. They SHOULD be using a fresh, honest and natural voice.

In other words, even before doing even one minute of training as a social media writer, you already have the core skill companies need most!

And yes, you can get paid some big fat fees for doing this, making thousands of dollars a month simply by transferring your personal social media writing skills over to the world of business.

If that sounds like a bit of a stretch, don’t worry. This week I’ll be taking you by the hand and showing you how to do this.

Tomorrow, as an example, we’ll choose a fictional client to work with and we’ll figure out how to improve their social media.

The day after, based on what we’ve done, I’ll show you how to write a proposal for your own future clients.

And so on.

By the end of this week, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to understand that making money as a social media writer is well within your grasp.

In fact, of all the ways to make money writing, this is by far the easiest!

And, at the end of each article – this one included – you’ll be able to add your thoughts and comments, and ask questions.

Scroll down and start writing.

That’s right, this is the “social” aspect of this page. I want to hear from you, and I’ll reply, too!

Until tomorrow … when we’ll start working on our first social media project together.

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Published: May 25, 2015

67 Responses to “How to Turn Your Own, Everyday Social Media Habits Into a Powerful New Source of Income”

  1. Hi Nick, I'm looking forward to the week ahead with you! Whenever I see job posts for Social Media writing they usually say "Social Media Expert Needed" or some variation of that.

    My response each time is "I would like to but I'm no expert and can't claim to be one".

    So I'm going to soak up your sagely advice.

    Guest (Lee)

  2. Sink or Swim! Does not fit me. As a former English teacher, my writing is different than the average person. Reading my first phone texts from my insistent children shocked my sensibilities. The little old school teacher in me railed at the thought of lost punctuation, dangling phrases, and the new use of letters that actually had full meanings. Lol, btw,and fyi do have meaning in texting.

    Guest (Dianes jumping In)

  3. Nick, How do you actually find the clients to buy your writing for social media? I use the platforms you mentioned, but there are so many writing newsletters to signup for...for a price. How can I know what is worth the investment?
    Rebecca Majoya

    Guest (Rebecca Majoya )

  4. That is awesome! Nick, I look forward to your series this week.


  5. This sounds like an exciting week for me. Will make sure I don't miss any post by Nick.


  6. Thanks for doing this. Maybe I will get over my SMM block with these lessons. SMM is so boring for me. I do use LI sometimes.

    Guest (Judith)

  7. In short, this is my dream goal. But, I figured out the other day I've let fear get in my way of pursuing it wholeheartedly. So, until I figure out how not to be afraid, I'm going to pretend I've forgotten how to fear. I look forward to this week's articles!

    Guest (Becky)

  8. Can't wait to read what Mr. Usborne can teach me about social media writing. Since I'm there already, it would be SO handy to be able to make some bigger bucks, if possible!

    Guest (Dinah)

  9. For several years I have been using Facebook for communicating with family, friends and acquaintances. I enjoy posting inspirational quotes, sharing photos from the mountain adventures I undertake around Juneau, AK and receiving feedback. Its like being a high tech pen pal. I recognize the power to connect with people who like to stay in touch and at times need some encouragement. There is not a week that goes by where somewhat states, "I needed to read/hear that." That is what it is all about.


  10. Good Memorial Day afternoon, Nick.....

    I'm having difficulty in Web 2.0 Companion class. I've discovered I really Don't have my niche defined.

    Thought I did... but, I am more interested in empowering people to reach their full potential.

    I spent 5 years online answering questions (when CopmpuServe was the Big Danny of the internet)

    So, maybe Social Media is where I should be.

    Looking forward to learning from you....

    Joseph Lacey

  11. Thank you for sharing your tips and wisdom with us. I am looking forward to the next four articles on this subject as I am an aspiring writer and currently building my home based business using social media. Needless to day, I am doing a lot of research and a lot of writing. I believe I've found my happy place!

    Guest (Traci Adams)

  12. Ah Ahh! This is good news, can't wait to hear more about getting paid from my use of social media.

    Guest (Ellie)

  13. Hey Nick article today and look forward to more this week. I've faced two issues while trying to break into this writing niche. 1) Companies looking specifically for social media "managers" are looking for extensive experience which I don't have. 2) I wouldn't be ungrateful for the work but it seems like one would have to be in the constant process of monitoring activity on Facebook, Twitter, etc. It seems like this would be the only way to stay engaged with posts and comments.
    What advice would you have in these two instances? Thanks!

    William S

    William S

  14. Hi Nick,

    I would certainly love to get in on those big bucks. I'm afraid I'm still stuck in article writing, mainly because that's what I love to do.

    My problem is that my own Linkedin site is terrible and no matter how many times I rewrite it, it doesn't get any better. I wouldn't be interested in me if I read my profile. So, I'm wondering how I will able to write one for someone else?

    I haven't even considered a Facebook page for my writing business.

    I will definitely be coming back daily. If anyone can help me, it's you.

    Thanks Nick...looking forward to it.

    Mary C

  15. So many things that we take for granted like social media interaction is (fortunately for us) many times, lost on professionals who think the content, tone and writing style has to be so professional and business-like. I'm glad that copywriting is simpler than we at first perceive, and that this carries over into social media marketing as well. Looking forward to your insights and instruction Nick!


  16. Well that makes sense...thanks Nick!

    Guest (Melanie Fischer)

  17. Nick I have your web sriting 2.0 course and it has been very helpful, as have the exercises and additional material that goes with it. By far the most enjoyable course I have purchased from AWAI. But I am stuck. I can't figure out who I want to write for. I can't figure out how to reach the persons I would write for even if I figured out who it was. I'm spinning my wheels--learning a lot, doing not so much.

    Guest (Clark Newhall)

  18. Is blogging a "must" if we want to write for businesses on their social media platforms?


  19. Nick, this looks and sounds good. For a guy like myself who wants to make a nice income from writing.

    This has always been my goal as a income generator for me as I travel and spen more time with my family.



    Guest (Jerald)

  20. Hi, This series, for writing for the social media, is going to be very informative and helpful for the writers. many of us, including me, do not know the tactics for writing for the media. it may enrich our writing skills and will expand our area of writing.
    Thanks and regards

    Guest (Mahesh seelvi)

  21. Hey Nick!
    I'm so glad you're writing about this topic because I was unsure of social media as a service when I open my copywriting site. I aim to write copy for the Christian market and want to know if you think there is a demand for social media in this market. Thank you for all you do to help young copywriters like me!

    Sarah S

  22. Hi Nick,

    I'm so excited to see that you're doing a social media course. You see, I've just dived headlong into a new career as a full-time RV nomad...and now I need a way to finance my completely capricious and delightfully impractical lifestyle!

    Looking forward,



  23. Excited about this!! Thanks Nick!

    Guest (Vicki)

  24. I really enjoyed this presentation because Nick, you encourage us to learn more about working with social media by making it look fairly easy. I feel less fearful. Thanks!

    Ines Couceiro-Moreira

  25. Hi Nick.

    Now here's something for anyone wanting to get that sudden boost into a writing career!

    Or a nice pop in the writing biz they already have going:

    A week of personally crafted emails from the master of web writing himself!

    To be honest, I'm not so strong on the social media front, even in my personal life. But I'm guessing it's a skill I can rapidly develop and deploy.

    Looking forward to it.

    Best, E.C.N.

    Guest (EC)

  26. Real excited to read your articles this week Nick! Glad you're writing these step by step articles designed to help us see the value of social media marketing and how to get in on the action.


  27. Hi Nick, Looking fwd to this series! I know I want to make my living from writing, but I also love social media. I have struggled to find that one niche that I can thrive in (feed my wallet and my soul!) and social media writing feels like it might just be my thing. Can't wait to read more about your thoughts on the subject. MG

    Marie Gray

  28. This sounds great, Nick. I'd love to make some dosh via Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. I look forward to your next posts. Thanks.


  29. It will be refreshing to learn how to motivate people using my own thoughts instead of being inside the head of a character. I'm not so strong in social media, because I feel I have nothing important to say sometimes. But when I read some of posts neither does other people on occasion. And I often wonder how they could even post the things they do. Although on the other hand you have to give them credit, their writing what they're feeling. Whether you agree or not. Looking forward to reading your articles I'm sure they will be great.

    Guest (Theresa Schevis)

  30. Nick, this sounds like a great way to make a little cash part-time while working on becoming a full-time freelancer. Bring it!

    Jim Lawrence

  31. Thanks for this in advance, Nick! I look forward to hearing what you have to say in relation to how companies should approach Twitter vs. Instagram vs. Facebook vs. LinkedIn, i.e. how often one should post, what the different tones should be. I still have issues with the difference between Instagram and many people/companies post the EXACT same thing in each, which seems redundant and wasteful to me. Thanks again, looking forward to reading you.

    Guest (Laurie)

  32. Hi Nick, This series comes right on time for me as I narrow my niche. Thank you! I'm looking forward to reading and learning more!

    Guest (Cheryl Williams)

  33. I enjoyed the article. I have always wanted to make writing my main career. I am excited for the new challenge this week.


  34. How do we get over the fear of approaching a potential client?


  35. As much time as I spend on Social Media, this should be a breeze for me. Looking forward to learning about how to write a proposal! Thanks for the info.

    Guest (Treebird)

  36. Nick, Really enjoyed your article. I know that because I read every word. As a voracious reader, I tend to skim what I read but you had so much interesting information to share, I didn't. I look forward to delving into your future articles. Thanks

    Guest (Donna)

  37. Hi Nick, I am interested in making money in a new way with my English B.A.. I can do anything with it, but I've tried and am tired of the usual paths. I love writing, almost as much as I love painting, but neither has gotten me far. Oh by the way, I dig poetry, not the grammar aspect of writing. Nonetheless, I'm here for a change. I'm interested in learning more about this and to see if this will keep my interest. I get bored quite easily!

    Guest (S Marie)

  38. Thank you for your time and advice .
    Hope to find a good way to raise income for either myself or others.

    Guest (Corey )

  39. Very cool! Lots of great comments here. For me I love to skim the internet and stay informed. I really enjoy commenting on things that I am passionate about. To also challenge people. So I am looking forword to finding a source and an outlet where I can make a nice living doing that.

    Guest (alvpackman)

  40. Good day Nick,

    sounds interesting your proposal of write and teach us about social media chances to write.
    Particularly I use them very little but I'm interested in learning techniques and tips to do it.
    thanks for your time

    Guest (Guillermo)

  41. I would really like to explore the possibility of earning a living by writing or posting on social media!

    Guest (Leon)

  42. I am excited to learn more everyday on how to become a social media expert. I want to help 100 small businesses this year.Thanks for giving us such great advice.

    Carmen Iris

  43. I am excited... too excited for words. This is right up my alley because I am a Facebook fanatic who loves to post short, insightful, meaningful articles and comments that, quite often, elicit responses from readers who were moved by my commentary.

    Yes, I believe I can do this!

    Give me more, Nick.

    Reginald Chatman

  44. Hi Nick, I am not involved with Facebook or Twitter, but I would like to get involved with business social media with LinkedIn. Are you involved with this site. Is it free to use as well as free to sign up. Please get back to me with this information at amy_slaney at Hotmail dot com

    Guest (Amy)

  45. Nick are you familiar with doing social media with a medical device company? I am helping a medical device company to promote some of their products and I think your ideas could be useful here especially in a story format .The question is how to integrate it with FDA and hippa policies. Any suggestions?


    Dede Sindelar

  46. Nick, I have been trying to promote my Avon e-business on Facebook with very little luck. I would be interested in doing other things on social media but would also like to try to increase what I am already doing. I have just joined the barefoot copywriters & I am anxious to earn money any way I can.


  47. Nick,I am a poet and published novelist, but the money is not so great:) I love to write and have changed the way I write poetry to fit in the small areas you are provided with on social media pages, Twitter especially. I am quite active on Facebook so I am hoping this might be my niche. Thank you!

    Guest (D Michael Smith)

  48. Nick,

    I am so excited about this! In the past I was quite active on Facebook a few years ago. I had many followers when I posted about daily life living and working on a ranch in Oregon.

    Following a period of being homeless, I am now working to complete the Accelerated course, and see no reason not to study this program at the same time!

    Looking forward to learning more!

    Garth Osborn

  49. Hello Nick,

    I never thought of it this way, that businesses would be interested in writers who have a natural flair for writing the way other speak on popular social media platforms. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I will follow the rest of the series with a keen interest

    Guest (Jaques)

  50. Wow--I'm a little behind here...have taken advantage of the $75.00 discount with Site Builder, Nick--thank you for that! Have started on my money making website, but the analytics are baffling to me. Am in your companion Web course, also. And now, am listening to you about social media.

    Guest (Marilyne)

  51. Thank you Nick. Coming a few days late has left me with all questions answered and many ideas to ponder. Coralaine


  52. I have been a teacher for 16 years and now with Governor Christie's new "Get Rid of Teachers" attitude, I am one of the tenured teachers who are being forced to resign to save the Paterson bd. of ed. budget. I have 5,000 friends on my fb and 2,000 followers to my fan page. Please help me land a job as a social media writer! I have four children to take care of!

    Guest (Ericka)

  53. Aloha Nick or as they also would say in Hawaii - "howzit bruddah?" = how is it brother? I appreciate all the questions and your return comments. I will most likely need some help getting "off the ground" so to speak, but noticing I only have a 500 character limit, I will cut this short & start again later!
    Much Aloha & Namaste - RIJ


  54. Hello Nick, I hope that I will learn a substantial way to earn a living from the instructions presented here. It's been hard to find a real way to break into this business because of all the scammers out there. Sorting through the real stuff and getting past the crap has taken an extended amount of time. Just would like to become a relevant part of this computer age we live in. Even at sixty-five I still desire to achieve some success in this area of life. So I am looking forward to learning and finding an enjoyable work environment from what you are going to teach us. Thank you so very much for this unique opportunity!

    Guest (Leanna)

  55. Hello Nick, i am very excited to learn how to make money by doing something i already do everyday for free. It would be amazing to actually work child companies doing something i actually like to do. Can't wait flue tomorrow's blog. Thank you. Kelly

    Guest (Kmatta02)

  56. Hi Nick

    I am looking forward to learning all the trick of the trade by the Master (think smiley face).

    I already found my niche and just need to know where to start.

    So lead-on O Master(smile again)


  57. Hi Nick, I just joined AWAI on a trial basis to see if B2B copywriting is something I can turn into a career. And I must say I am sold but sadly my last day in this program is ending soon. So if you could give me a few tips on how to approach a local company like the sample you did above. Like what to say to the managers etc. Or how to email them or what to say over the phone to get them interested in doing business with me and not think its a sales pitch.


    Guest (April)

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