Funnel Basics: How Acquisition Funnels Translate Into Constant Writing Work

Here we go … all set to fill your writing calendar with high-paying funnel projects! Today’s going to be fun …

So far, we’ve covered the purpose of a funnel, and what key pieces are included.

Now it’s time to connect the dots a little more … how does all this funnel stuff turn into paid writing work for you?

As a writer, you can be paid for every part of an acquisition funnel – even the planning!

In fact – and this is one of the greatest features of acquisition funnels for writers – you can even earn multiple ways from each part of the funnel.

Let’s start with the planning process …

We know that companies are very focused on acquisition. But, while many business owners understand how to buy ad space, pay for PPC ads, or send out emails, they don’t necessarily understand how to plan out what happens next.

You do – in fact, you did it yesterday! Planning out the path from a lead magnet to the main offer, and then stepping past to an upsell and follow-up sequence, has real value to a company.

How much? AWAI President, Rebecca Matter, has said she’d be happy to pay between $1,500 and $2,000 for a brand-new funnel design … and she’s just one of thousands of marketers out there looking for help.

But, designing the funnel is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to generating new work and new income for yourself … here are some more ways to earn from each piece:

The Lead Magnet/Bait Piece

At a very minimum, a descriptive offer page will need to be written for the lead magnet. It doesn’t have to be long – perhaps one to three pages – but it should end with a strong push for the reader to download, try, or buy the lead magnet.

If the lead magnet is a special report, you can create it for your client and get paid for that work, too.

The Main Offer

The main offer copy needs to be written. This tends to look like more of a traditional sales page, built according to the principles outlined in AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

The Upsell

Upsell copy is often shorter than the main offer sales page – but it doesn’t have to be, depending on the nature of the follow-up offer. And, sometimes funnels have more than one upsell or add-on offer, which means more opportunities for you to fill your assignment calendar.

The Follow-Up

The number of follow-up pieces needed depends on how your client wants to follow-up on their main offer and upsells. You might need to write three emails … or seven … or 10!

And, what if the follow-up needs to loop back to a modified offer page? You can write that, too.

There’s a lot of work just to do the basics … and you can grow your income even more with extras, too.

For example, you can offer to write blog posts with links to the lead magnet … Facebook ads … special email campaigns … welcome letters for new customers … thank-you letters … the list goes on and on.

Brainstorm the potential for yourself. Take a single product or service and think of all the copy that might be needed to sell it to a new customer. Challenge yourself to think of at least 10 pieces of copy. Share your ideas in the comments … and, if you have any questions about if a piece would be a good add-on or not, just ask!

Then, stay tuned for tomorrow … I’ll tell you just how to take all the ideas you have right now and multiply them into even more opportunities for income and work with a funnel client.

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Published: June 17, 2015

3 Responses to “Funnel Basics: How Acquisition Funnels Translate Into Constant Writing Work”

  1. thanks a tone and that's an eye opener. endless opportunities and a steep learning curve.


  2. I'm kidding to say your funnel seems like a trap to ensnare preys.
    My current bottleneck is still the credit card issue.
    Don't reply to my comments like the way one of your staff did. I guess everything in my computer may be monitored.

    Guest (Daling Li)

  3. I am a RN for almost 40 years, and am interested in medical niches r/t both children and the elderly. So my copy would involve several upsells and follow-ups to relate "Nursing home placement" both to the adult caregiver making this hard decision and also t the kids involved.

    Guest (Jayne)

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