How to Stand Out As a Writer

Robert Rice

Starting your freelance writing business can be one of the most exciting things in the world.

You’re finally taking control of your life … becoming your own boss … and heading down the path to enjoying the freedom the writer’s life brings.

It can be a little intimidating, too. After all, you’re just getting started. How can you stand out from other writers?

Well, believe it or not, you already have a secret weapon …

And no matter how many writers may come along, you can use it to reduce competition and claim your piece of the pie.

And that secret weapon is you.

As John Carlton said during AWAI’s 2014 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp … in order to become a hugely successful writer, you need to “let your freak flag fly.”

In other words, put your unique voice and personality at the forefront of your business.

Think about famous copywriters you know, like Bob Bly and Nick Usborne. What do they have in common? Very specific personalities and voices that shine through in everything they do.

When you get an email from Bob Bly, for example, it sounds like Bob. He’s honest, straightforward, and a little curmudgeonly. And, his audience loves it.

On the flip side, Nick is warm, funny, and a little self-deprecating. And, his fans love it.

Neither Bob nor Nick will ever want for business. Yet, they will never compete for an audience, because they’re so different from each other. It’s the best of both worlds.

And, you can get to that level by defining what sets you apart and making it known to the world.

Ready to get started?

Your action step for today is to choose one of your most trusted friends or family members and ask them for five words that best describe you. You want them to be as candid as possible, because you’ll be using this information down the road.

This exercise will give you an idea of how your loved ones perceive you, and it’ll break the ice a little …

Which is important, because you’re going to be getting even more feedback throughout the week!

If you’re feeling brave, share the words they gave you in the comments below. You want to get used to telling the world exactly who you are, and a great, safe place to start is right here!

I’ll go first: my friend told me I’m energetic, motivated, and quirky. Not too shabby!

Tomorrow, I’ll show you a fun little exercise to find out more about your personality and whether or not you know yourself as well as you think you do.

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Published: June 22, 2015

26 Responses to “How to Stand Out As a Writer”

  1. A member of my family said I was bold, energetic, outgoing, skillful and candid.

    Fletcher Todd

  2. The five words I got from very good friends are: you ' re ready?
    petite, intelligent, honest, friendly woman


  3. My daughter described me as "Funny, smart, passionate, and social!" Remind me to raise her allowance!

    Dr Kristi

  4. I was told empathetic, intelligent, adventurous, responsible, and gorgeous (I think he loves me :) ).

    Wendy Strain

  5. Responsive, witty and loyal are what I got.


  6. Top of his head from my husband:
    wild--impatient--creative--not boring--unpredictable--clever--smart.

    Guest (Marilyne)

  7. My son tells me I'm free-spirited, confident, inspiring, and have a sparkling sense of humor. I must be a great actress, because I'm actually extremely shy!


  8. "Great job to Robert Rice, as he just hit my Niche about bringing out my inter me. Very, very nice article Robert, wow.
    Hello, I, Paul Lawrence Allen/Pauly is a cancer survivor. As I have been telling but as I expressed earlier God was also in the operating room with us all, so I was blessed to come out the way I did. Also I have released an R&B Old-School album titled: Pauly CANCER SURVIVOR. I can also be found at www dot cdbaby dot com/cd/pauly22. I am also a member of one of the "Baddest" Bands in Tacoma called: Hot & Cool.
    We can be found at www dot gigsalad dot com/hotandcoolband.
    "Hit me up" Pauly


  9. Hi Robert, I can tell this is going to be a great series. Presently working on designing my own "freak flag", but a bit conflicted about asking my wife or kids to describe me. They just might be honest!

    Alan Steacy

  10. I was told I am sweet, kind, smart, cute and a challenge seeker.


  11. kind, considerate, tender heart, bossy, cute.

    Guest (Kimberly Cazier)

  12. The 5 words most of my friends use to describe me are: warm, sarcastic, charming, funny and shy. Strange mix, I guess!The only one I agree with is sarcastic!

    Guest (cheryl)

  13. Great article. I went to my personal Facebook page and I am asking all my friends and family there. Stay tuned...


  14. I asked my son. He is High Functioning Autistic and always says exactly what he thinks. So when I asked him inside I cringed. What I got surprised the heck out of me. Strong, Independent, Loving, Hopeful, Quick thinking, and I am giving you six, Protective. Then he proceded to tell me that the one thing he is grateful that he learned from me is "Too fight with my words not my fists." Who isn't in tears over that??? Blown away.

    Guest (Rae)

  15. My best friend said: Intelligent, creative, assertive, compassionate and determined. Maybe that's why we're friends, LOL!

    Emily Y

  16. I texted my friend and she said that I'm... Humble, Generous, smart, outgoing, stubborn, knowledgeable, sometimes indecisive, and worldly. (I asked what did "worldly" mean? She said that I love nature. That the Naturalist in me is unique.


  17. Organized, sensitive, cautious, adventurous, strong

    Dawn Engler

  18. My spouse says I'm "quirky, forgiving, talented, occasionally grumpy, and insatiable" (Thanks, I think? haha)


  19. Two of my friends described me as: strong-willed, caring, articulate, irreverent, and self-deprecating.

    Guest (Frank)

  20. I was told I was Compassionate, Optimistic, Funny, Hardworking,and Creative.

    Theresa Schevis

  21. Thanks for the article. My adjectives were: quirky, passionate, empathetic, confident, creative

    Guest (Kat)

  22. My words were smart, funny, loyal and silly

    Guest (Jayne Sykes)

  23. My favorite list of describers came from the grandmother of a fifth grade student in the form of an acrostic......
    Boundless caring Energetic and Enthusiastic Very committed to children Encouraging Refuses to quit Loves to give mini lectures, Yankee tolerant

    Guest (Beverly Ball)

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