How Your “Values” Can Skyrocket Your Business

Over the past few days, you’ve discovered how you can stand out and make a splash as a writer. And you’ve been digging deep to find out just what makes you unique!

Now it’s time to dive into an often controversial, yet incredibly powerful, area of differentiation – your values and convictions.

When you think of your favorite leaders in either the copywriting world or otherwise, who pops into mind? Chances are they’re people who resonate with you and your beliefs.

For better or for worse, we tend to flock to people who proudly express opinions we agree with. Whether it be about big matters like religion or politics, or seemingly tiny issues like the best kind of cookie … we enjoy strong, unabashed opinions.

Bob Bly mentioned on Facebook not too long ago that his most popular posts are the ones where he bluntly expresses his opinions. More people share them, more followers respond to them, and they get more traction.

The fact of the matter is, people like strong convictions. And this can be a very difficult concept to adopt, because strong opinions inherently alienate others. Which can be frightening when you’re just trying to get your first client.

Well, think about it this way: if you’re a nutritionist looking to hire a freelancer to write about cancer-causing foods, would you rather hire a general “nutrition writer”? Or, someone whose entire website is dedicated to battling cancer through healthy eating?

Sure, people will disagree with that writer’s beliefs. However, those that do agree will be much more inclined to hire her for projects. They know exactly what they’re going to get.

Even just having a strong opinion on how work should be done, writing itself, the English language can set you apart from your competition. Who wouldn’t want to work with a writer that takes proofreading very seriously?

So, for today’s action step, write down three of your strongest values and convictions. Think about what you talk about on a day-to-day basis, the kinds of blogs you follow, and your everyday activities.

What causes do you continually fight for? What moral code do you operate by? What’s your stance on cookies?

Joking aside, think about writing, running a business, and your niche (if you’ve decided on one). What gets your adrenaline pumping about those different areas? What excites you like nothing else?

Taking the time to write all of this down will give you the extra oomph that will take your business to the next level.

For me, I take a lot of pride in supporting and building up other people in a positive way, while avoiding negativity. That’s helped me narrow down the clients I serve and how I approach my writing.

And, please be sure to share the convictions you believe can help your business in the comments below. The sooner you get used to proudly sharing your opinions, the sooner you can become a successful freelance writer!

Tomorrow I’ll show you how to take everything we’ve uncovered and put it together in a way that would make your favorite crime show detective very proud. Not to mention, get you the kind of attention you deserve in your business.

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Published: June 25, 2015

15 Responses to “How Your “Values” Can Skyrocket Your Business”

  1. The things I'm the most opinionated about are good/bad service in restaurants; government stupidity and wastefulness; politicians who lie; doctors who think they know better than me about my own body; human rights for all people including the mentally ill, the imprisoned, and the poor; and personal efficiency, good nutrition and exercise.

    Fletcher Todd

  2. Hello Robert
    1/ commitment.For my job,I work 10 hrs/ day Monday-Saturday. Since I involved in AWAI, Icommit myself to 2 hours / a day for my freelance writing.
    2/ challenge. This freelance business is new to me . I need to overcome tons of challenges
    3/ progress.I follow the big leaders to make progress in my freelance writing business


  3. Once a minister, always a minister. A stroke at age 66 has forced me into retirement but I can't shut up. I have studied how churches have changed since the 1950's and church-goers have attacked me for what I have found. They prefer todays 'social religion'(service by proxy) over that 'old-tyme religion'. Making religious issues my niche would, I am concerned, not be received well by organized religion organizations. Do you agree that religion as my niche would be an uphill struggle?

    Guest (David Scott)

  4. When in high school, I realized a few tenets I live by, that have become part of my thinking. The first is that all human beings are the same. We have the same emotions, desires, and physical make-up. This wasn't something I searched for, but once it became clear to me, it helped me to establish my belief that each person also is equipped with the capacity for individual freedom of choice. Circumstances promote or inhibit the exercise of that freedom, but it is always with us. The second value that I hold dear is that what I say and what I do ought to be in harmony. As a guiding principle it has created for me a way to think, a way to make choices and decisions. Who I have become is good for business.

    DAR write away

  5. What causes do you continually fight for?
    I am passionate about empowering women to see their greatest self and the value we can share and inspire in the family unit. I support, advocate and have written for free (thus far) for fundraising and grant support for women and children in transitional housing, women's educational opportunities, and fitness modalities that encourage women to get out and move and interact.
    What moral code do you operate by?
    Life is a gift, we all have value. Listening is the most under appreciated skill set. And don't take life too seriously - fun is fun. Laugh and chillax as much as possible and share the goodness!
    What’s your stance on cookies? I always opt for caramel in any situation!

    Guest (Sarah )

  6. I'm a retiree and money and myself don't really get along with each other. Right now, my wife and myself have lost a lot of good health and the expense drags your finances down and deprives you of being able to partake in what you'd like to get involved in.

    I'm not only a writer but a speaker as well. I do have three novels on the market with the third one about to be marketed.

    I became what is know as a staff sergeant which is an amazing accomplishment for any soldier.

    Thank you

    Guest (Dan Bel-Tempo)

  7. Dear Robert, I enjoyed reading your post the Writers Life Today. Especially when you wrote you take pride in building people up. What gets my heart pumping is to write reviews. I just started doing this but I love writing about my experiences with a company, restaurant, or wherever I was into that week. Let's face it your customers are your business's lifeline.

    Theresa Schevis

  8. Robert, I have given this some thought and think that my strongest value would be honesty. I have little respect for those who are not and am really not capable of lying. I have some concern that this may hinder my ability to be an effective copywriter although what I have read thus far has not indicated anything of the sort. Honesty permeates all of my values and my opinion of others. I have little respect for people if I find they cannot be trusted.

    Donna G

  9. I have only one prejudice in life, and that is for Islamic "fundamentalists." No belief in respect to a higher power condones murder. Strike religion out of the picture, "morality" in and of itself shines murder as a mortal sin.
    "A soul filled with hate Is shadowed by darkened Fate.."

    Guest (Cal Twain)

  10. maryrose, to Robert, I am trying to find out about the personality results regarding the test that I took last week. I haven't heard anything yet. maryrose052751 at gmail dot com

    Guest (maryrose neville)

  11. I am passionate about elder healthcare, drugs ruining the lives of serial generations in this and many other countries, and equal rights. I am Still disappointed that after working for almost 40 years, women still work in April for the same money men doing the same job made in January!! My joy of most cookie related things was Severely squashed by Celiac disease and the DUST that passes for cookies!

    Guest (Jayne )

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