Develop Your Secret Weapon for Beating Out the Competition

By now, you understand the secret to standing out in your business. And, you have a solid idea of your unique personality, your valuable skills and expertise, and your convictions.

Now is the time to put them all together so you have a full understanding of what makes you special.

When a prospective client comes to you, whether in person or online, you want to be able to tell them who you are and what you do. Having a summary of your unique strengths helps you do that!

You see, one of the things that makes businesses special is their story and their personality. Much like everything we’ve been talking about this week.

Look at the company “Man Crates,” for example. They ship to their customers a crate filled with random “manly” things that has to be opened with a crowbar. Talk about unique!

People buy them because the idea is funny, very specific, and has a boatload of personality. They are very clearly going after a specific market.

While writing isn’t a physical product, you’re essentially selling the experience of working with you. So, you want to have a really good idea of how awesome it is and why!

The best way to get started is to write down everything you’ve discovered over this past week in a notebook or on your computer. I like to write it as if someone’s telling a story about me – it helps me see myself from the outside perspective.

It will feel funny going on and on about yourself, but I promise it will ultimately help you in the long run.

For example, here’s a part of my summary:

“Robert Rice is an energetic, motivated, and punctual person who always strives to help others achieve success. Through his acting experience, he knows how to get into his audience’s mind and understand them inside and out. And while he’s a bit quirky, he truly cares about helping others and making people smile.”

Once you’ve finished writing your story, go back through and read it out loud. And pat yourself on the back, because you now know how you can stand out as a writer.

Essentially what you have is a boiled-down story of how great you are and why people should work with you. And, you can use it in many ways to boost your business.

I use my story to promote myself on my LinkedIn page, for confidence in reaching out to clients, and to understand the kinds of clients I’d be happy working with. This helps me stand out in my market and ultimately have a more enjoyable and lucrative business.

If you’re feeling brave, share part of your story in the comments below. It doesn’t have to be perfect – it’s always evolving.

But, if you share it, you’ll be one step closer to getting your unique freelance business out there. And you’ll get valuable feedback from fellow AWAI members, to boot!

Ultimately, understanding your unique personality and strengths inside and out will help you succeed as a writer. You’ll know exactly why clients should choose you and have an angle of attack to separate you from the competition … helping you finally realize your dreams and start down the path to living the writer’s life.

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Published: June 26, 2015

11 Responses to “Develop Your Secret Weapon for Beating Out the Competition”

  1. This was a great exercise! I was able to combine my work and life experiences and how several family members and friends view me into a great introduction for potential clients. Thanks!

    Fletcher Todd

  2. Hi there...I was the real estate editor of the daily newspaper in New Orleans...after I retired from that now I write the Sunday real estate page for the other daily newspaper in New Orleans on a contract basis.
    I also teach senior citizens' yoga and am interested in all issues pertaining to seniors.
    I've been working on a deadline for decades, so I can take on a client who might need a quick turn around.

    Angela Carll on senior issues and real estate

  3. Jennie is a charming young lady who reaches out to friends and people who need her help.She speaks three languages, writes music , plays pianos .We do not understand with so much knowledge like this, she can makes a lot of money working for big companies. Why she stills satisfies with her modeste job , instead of getting out of the shell. Jennie , you should search for many opportunities out there.Be more aggressive


  4. Charismatic, genuine, and humorous, Kristi Pierce quickly establishes rapport and gets down to business. An expert in pain management(She's the author of a back pain book), Dr. Pierce has used comedy as a tactic for reducing pain, for over two decades. Whether performing for three or over 300, she has a knack for putting folks at ease.

    You will find her engaging and energetic as you work toward common goals to grow your business beyond your wildest dreams!

    Dr Kristi

  5. My experience as a caregiver offers a unique perspective to those seeking direction on their journey as a caregiver.
    Since losing my wife to cancer, I am dedicated to be a guide, confidant and comrade to anyone who welcomes my assistance.
    I know the caregiver role is demanding and challenging. Hopefully my insight will help others overcome adversity and realize the purposeful rewards it provides.


  6. Eugene A. Kinard is a God serving, energetic & honest individual who seeks to assist others to reach their goals. After working in the telecommunications industry for over 23 years, he has an intricate understanding of how to satisfy the public's needs by building & maintaining each person's trust.

    Gene Kinard

  7. Kat Hutson will take on new experiences and opportunities to shine in such a way that others balk at her ability to keep going without fizzing out. Dedicated and remarkably passionate, she always gives 100% of her energy and focus into each and every project. Her professionalism, open-mindedness, and distinct sense of humor blend work with fun, and have a remarkable tendency to soothe high-tension situations with a respectful lightheartedness geared toward growth and learning.

    Guest (Kat Hutson)

  8. As a former middle school math teacher, women's conference speaker, and an ordained minister, Jaida is comfortable speaking and writing on many subjects. She is a compassionate and caring person who wants to help people find their full potential in life. She is a starter and a finisher. She is a goal-oriented, self-starter who connects with people and helps them to move forward in life.


  9. Robert, Thank you for the personal assessment exercise. What a great way to get to know who we are and what we have accomplished! That is true. Once we understand ourselves we can present ourselves more easily to clients.

    That said, the older I get the more I realize how little I know myself and have to revise the list as I discover it!
    cheers and thanks!


  10. At age 8, Cheryl Majeski is an insightful aging baby boomer who approached her own “over the hill” journey by consciously dropping the "five" at age 50. “It's like turning back the odometer – you get to start your life over but retain both the knowledge and wisdom you’ve gained from the first 50 years now under your belt.” Helping others embrace aging as a time for personal growth and self discovery while dispelling negative connotations keeps this upbeat entrepreneur busy, busy, busy!

    Cheryl M

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