The Simplest Way to Differentiate Yourself in Your Market

Yesterday, you discovered the secret to standing out as a writer and got a taste of how the world sees you. Now, it’s time to uncover the full extent of your personality and how you come across to others.

Believe it or not, periodically asking other people how they perceive you is actually a very healthy exercise. Trusted friends, family, mentors, and colleagues can tell us things about ourselves we might never see otherwise.

Beyond that, we’re our own harshest critics. We tend to think we’re not good enough … that we’re lacking in ability … and give ourselves far less credit than we deserve. Which makes selling yourself very challenging!

Acting is actually my first love. I turned to copywriting two years ago to pay the bills in between shows and to give me the flexibility I need to attend auditions.

I can tell you firsthand as a performer, you’re often better at things than you think you are. For example, I recently had a voice lesson with a well-established opera singer. He took me through exercises that had me singing very high – an area I’m very insecure about.

When I was singing the high notes, they sounded terrible in my head. I couldn’t wait for the whole thing to be over.

Afterwards, my teacher asked how I felt, and I told him I thought it was awful. His response? “Those notes you felt were awful were the most beautiful you’ve sung since I met you.”

The point is, qualities you see as “awful” or “not good enough” may be perceived as wonderful and beautiful by others. And the only way to find out the truth is by asking.

Now, it can be hard to walk up to someone and ask them what they think of you. It’s a very personal conversation, and it can put people on the spot.

So, I’m happy to say I discovered a fun way to find out everything you need without it getting too awkward. is a fun, FREE personality test website that focuses on discovering others’ perceptions of you. All it takes is a few minutes of your time.

First, you take a test rating different aspects of your own personality on a one-to-ten scale. Once you finish, you create a profile to save the results, send it to people you know, and they take the same exact test about you.

After they finish, you get the results and see how they perceive you vs. how you perceive yourself. This gives you a wealth of information that will help you market yourself as a writer.

So, your action step for the day is to take this personality test and get at least five friends and family members to participate. If you’re averse to signing up for the website, you can take the test without creating an account and send out your own set of questions based on the results. Either will do just fine.

You’ll start to discover the beautiful, positive ways people perceive you. And later this week, I’ll show you how you can leverage those qualities to stand out in your business.

When the results start coming in, be sure to share your biggest surprises in the comments section below. I’d love to hear what you’ve discovered about yourself and how you think you can leverage it in your business!

For me, I was very surprised by how outgoing people think I am – I believe myself to be quite shy and awkward! This knowledge gave me the confidence to market myself better and reach out to more potential clients.

Tomorrow I’ll show you how to dig through an experience most everyone shares to find powerful qualities that’ll help you stand out and command higher fees in your business.

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Published: June 23, 2015

5 Responses to “The Simplest Way to Differentiate Yourself in Your Market”

  1. This is a great article! Self perception is always so different than other's view of you. To know how other people feel has helped me to be more confident in who I am.


  2. This was a waste of time for me. Every device I have (iPad and android phone) received the same error message about needing Adobe flash 8. I clicked ok as instructed. Nothing happened. The owners of the website need to inform folks before beginning the test that they need to install the software needed.


  3. Robert R, Thanks for the suggestion although when I opened Google Chrome yet I still received the same message.

    Guest (annette)

  4. I had a lot of fun on this website :) Thank you for sharing!


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