Use a Money-Making Website to Market Yourself and Land Your Dream Clients

“What’s the best way to market myself?”

Truth be told, there are many “great” ways to market yourself.

Although, according to six-figure copywriter and master motivator Joshua Boswell, the method that works best is the one you’ll actually do!

So, this week, I’m going to give you a marketing strategy every writer can easily do, regardless of your experience, confidence level, or personality type.

Rebecca Matter

Rebecca Matter here, taking over The Writer’s Life to teach you how to implement my favorite self-marketing strategy that will get your foot in the door with any client you want to work for …

In fact, it’s the one I would personally use if I decided to start my own freelance writing business from scratch.

I love it, because you don’t have to be uber confident like with cold calling, or have a ton of experience … in fact, you can use it even if you’re a total newbie who hasn’t worked with a single client yet.

So, what is this magical strategy?

Putting up a Money-Making Website.

If you’re not familiar with a Money-Making Website, it’s basically an information site on a specific topic. In this case, your website would be on a topic relevant to your niche. You can learn more about them here, but I’ll also give you an illustrative example …

Let’s say your niche is the mommy market. And your ideal clients are companies who sell products and services to new moms.

You might put up a website filled with content geared toward first-time moms, addressing common concerns and fears they might have about caring for their new little babies.

On the website, you may have how-to articles, training videos, a community forum, and reviews of various products and services they’d be interested in (the ones sold by your dream clients!).

Basically, it’s a website where new moms can find answers to their questions, solutions to their problems, and a way to connect with others new moms like them.

But, here’s where it becomes the foundation for your perfect marketing strategy …

First, your Money-Making Website positions you as an expert in your field. It gives you instant, undisputed credibility with anyone you target as a potential client.

Next, your Money-Making Website is the best portfolio and business card you could have, all wrapped up into one neat package. Your site demonstrates your ability to write and shows off your knowledge of your industry.

And then, your Money-Making Website is the very best conversation starter you could ever have. Any time you want to approach a new client, your site gives you a relevant reason for establishing that connection … as well as a way to demonstrate your immediate value to that prospect. (This week, I’ll show you exactly how to do that.)

But, the benefits don’t stop there …

When you build and maintain a Money-Making Website, you’ll also be building a passive income stream by posting ads, selling products, and driving traffic to other websites. That income stream will grow over time, and could provide you an additional $500, $1,000 … even $5,000 a month.

Imagine how that would change your mindset when it comes to the writing projects you decide to take on …

With your own website generating passive income for you even while you sleep, you’d be able to pick and choose your freelance writing projects … working only with preferred clients and on assignments you’re passionate about.

Plus, your Money-Making Website is one of the fastest ways to hone your skills as a writer. It becomes a testing ground where you can try out new writing strategies that you learn from AWAI.

That’s a lot of benefits from a website that will take you a couple of weeks (if that) to launch and then just a few hours a month to maintain.

By now, I’m sure you’re seeing why this is my favorite strategy for marketing yourself.

Along with having an asset that makes you money on the side, you end up creating a marketing machine that gives you an automatic “in” with all of your dream clients.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back with the first of four surefire ways to use your Money-Making Website to market yourself.

In the meantime, tell me if you already have a Money-Making Website, by posting a comment here. And, if you don’t yet have one, tell me what niche you’re interested in writing for – that will be your first step to putting one up!

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How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites

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Published: June 8, 2015

46 Responses to “Use a Money-Making Website to Market Yourself and Land Your Dream Clients”

  1. Hello Rebecca, Thank you for the tip.
    Actually, I just bought a program : How to make money from Blog . I keep watching Paula's video over and over again. I tried to learn as much as from this program.I am not ready for other program yet .
    Have a Blessed day, Sincerely yours Jennie


  2. Hi Rebecca: I would love to get going with a website, had one some years ago which did not make any money. My niche would be in insurance. What to look for in an insurance policy and what to be wary of; What various policies do and why you need them; What is absolutely necessary when you are filing a claim; How to periodically review the policies you have to make sure you are properly covered for you needs, etc. My problem is lack of funds to get started.
    Thanks, Patrick Herron

    Guest (Patrick Herron)

  3. Check out my online store at shop dot claytonbye dot com

    Guest (Clayton Bye)

  4. Hi Rebecca, I see this as a great tool, if the niche involves retail , B2C type market.

    What if my niche is B2B technology companies like Google, Amazon & the like.

    Appreciate if you shed some light on that!

    regards, -sravani

    Guest (Sravani)

  5. I have written education articles, but have also written on biking, interesting people etc. Should I somehow combine them all?

    I love your idea, BTW

    Guest (Sandy)

  6. Hi Rebecca, I have 2 websites, but they are about to become profitable:
    1) www dot cecallidesign dot com
    2) www dot cecalli dot com Please take a look and shoot me your comments :)


  7. So far, I'm not sure whether it's *possible* to have a niche in what interests me most: science.


  8. I have a foodie blog called HeatCageKitchen that I started in 2012 after Bootcamp. I would, at some point, like to turn it into a MMW. But I'm working on getting copywriting clients at the moment.


  9. Greetings, Rebecca! I founded StreetZaps, a pet safety initiative, that failed to monetize. My goal is to transition to online writing focusing on more responsible products but don't want to invest in an additional sinkhole site. With Nick Usborne's and Jay White's tutorials, I hope to succeed and already reserved the domain, PetThereSafe. You are an inspiring mentor for me and so many. Thank you in advance for your guidance. Best, Blair

    Guest (Blair Sorrel)

  10. My daughter is about to launch an online clothing boutique. She said there is room for me to post small captions, or stories. So, I thought possibly talking about encouraging comments relative to some of the pieces of clothing. An example would be loose fitting lightweight shirts. I could talk about positive thinking when in a closed environment such as an elevator, or a small waiting room in a doctor's office. Comparing close quarters to loose clothing and it's carefree, breezy feeling.

    Shelley Maiden

  11. Rebecca, I have several websites to sell books and improve lives, some get a few visitors but no sales:
    www dot rojego dot com, most visits - no sales.
    www dot jeffgoolsby dot net, less visits - no sales.
    www dot Preventcorruption dot com, visits - no sales.
    www dot singles-personals-dating-matchmaking-romance dot com, no visits, no sales.
    www dot QuitSmoking-LoseWeightPermanently dot com no visits no sales.
    My books would help lots of people if I can get sales working.

    Guest (Jeff Goolsby)

  12. How is a newbie like me suppose to excell when I haven't even begun to walk. I am a published writer, but so are many 'barefoot writers'. The trouble is, in this society of, 'it isn't what you know, it is who you ....!" I wrote two books, one a memoir based on my journal which I have been writing since 1959. The other a fictional/nonfictional novel about President Kennedy and the 'Berlin Wall'. Neither one sold! Now I am printing all the info that 'Barefoot Writer' has made available for me as a new member. I will have to read, read and study. Then I will have to learn how the game is played and then maybe the coach will let me in?

    A Nobody is Somebody

  13. Hi Rebecca, thank you for this post. I have a MMW called "truehealthtruelife dot com" and it's geared towards newbies or anyone who struggles with healthy living. I started it before I was in copywriting, but now I'm moving full throttle and I'm so glad I've already got my website! Its the niche I want to be, and the site is good even now. Since I don't have any experience(Still in training program) I'm wondering how big of a role should or could my website play in landing clients?? Looking forward to hearing more about fine tuning MMWs in approaching clients!


    Guest (Michael)

  14. Thanks Rebecca! I'm in process of recreating my wordpress website to MAKE it a Money-Making site! SO many changes in the last couple of years & I'm fine-tuning. Should be up & running in the next few days! In the meantime--check out the blog posts (& video's I already have up since last fall! zeeva dot net

    Guest (Zeeva)

  15. Hi Rebecca.
    I launched a blog/website linked with my acupuncture business earlier this year, with a view to making it a money-making venture once I had a decent number of followers.
    Unfortunately, I don't seem to be getting any followers but, I think part of the reason is I don't know how to market it properly, even on Facebook. I have posted the link to each blog post but even my friends have said they didn't see it.
    I feel stuck and don't know how to go on from here.
    Any pointers would be gratefully appreciated.
    Best regards, Teresa

    Guest (Teresa Farrell)

  16. Thanks for writing about this topic. Websites are a dime a dozen and lost on the internet unless they are optimized with the correct keywords, keep getting relevant content and have ways of generating income which you touched upon with ads and driving traffic to other sites. I sure hope you'll expand on that. Thanks for this and all of the other training you provide!

    Guest (Steven Graham)

  17. Hi Rebecca,

    My niche is B2B copy for the Building and Construction Industry. Possibly in the green building or hi-tech area. Would a money-making website work in this arena?

    William S

    William S

  18. Hi,

    Can social anxiety be a profitable niche?

    I have suffered severe social anxiety for all my life (46 now). It is perhaps one of the most debilitating and "influential" thing I have experienced. So in a way, I have a first-hand experience of it.

    I still have the problem and so I can't really advice about "how to overcome SA" kind of stuff.

    Will just writing general information about SA and about my experience of it through all these years be of any value to others and for making money for me as well?

    Or creating a more general website for say "anxiety" or even "mental health" or "self development" etc. and add SA as one of the topics (categories) be a more viable (and profitable) option?


    Guest (Susheel)

  19. Hi Rebecca, Yes, I think I'm ready to start a website in a few weeks. I would like to start out with the niche: Internet Specialist Analysis. While doing this I can still read up on Copywriting and decide if there is another niche that may suit me along the way.
    Thanks for all the help.

    Guest (Irene Schweitz)

  20. I've never had a website, but have known from other sources that one can be created to establish a passive income. I just need to get the 'step-by-step' information on how to get started with that. Sounds lucrative, as well as a good 'back-up' plan. Thanks. :-)


  21. Hello Rebecca, Great article! I don't have a site up as yet but my niche is the health and fitness industry (leaning toward fitness equipment specifically).

    Do you think there is a possibility for a money making web-site in this niche?

    Thank you.

    Marcellus Greene

  22. Women and Weight Loss Women and Health Issues Women and Menopause Women and Fibromyalgia
    **All things related to feeling/looking/being better.

    Guest (Floral)

  23. Hi Rebecca I have a budding site www dot dancemancopywriting dot com that's in development. It is not yet monetized and the suggestions you & others at AWAI are making make a lot of sense. Still working through the accelerated companion series and B2B crash course. Also am working on the Dan Kennedy program. Looking to monetize my dance website too. www dot dancesportboston dot com. Keep the suggestions and guidance coming. Thanks

    Guest (John)

  24. Hi Rebecca,

    How about for the Christian Market?...I am a freelance copywriter writing exclusively for the Christian Market...primarily for Christian non-profits, missions, and ministries for increasing their donors and fundraising revenues....letters and emails primarily, instead of web writing. Any suggestions for if/how a Money-Making Website for the Christian market?

    I can envision having a website for a personal passion of mine (Jesus Heals!..miracles today), but focus on paid jobs 1st?

    Susan Palmer-Christian Copywriter

  25. Hi Rebecca, Very interesting piece...and it has my interest. I'm new and would like to start a website in the Christian market and appreciate any feedback. Also, would you advise using this website as a dual purpose site? One that focuses on the services offered to potential clients as you have described, combined with my personal freelance website?
    Thanks, David

    Guest (David Crum)

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