Living Proof: AWAI Member Steve Coombes on His Writer’s Life

Is the writer’s life real? It’s a question we hear all the time at AWAI.

But what people actually want to know is: Is the writer’s life possible for me?

Well, I’ve been watching it happen for 18 years now. So, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

This week, I’d like to introduce you to five AWAI members who, not that long ago, asked that same question.

You’ll discover exactly what they did on their way to enjoying all the writer’s life has to offer, and how you can follow in their footsteps.

First up … please meet Steve Coombes …

Just eight years ago, Steve’s typical day started with a rush out the door – he had a long commute ahead of him. Combined with long hours at the office and a drag of a drive home, he wasn’t getting to see much of his family.

These days, things are different. Steve works from home, surrounded by his seven children and his wife. There’s no more commute … and no more emotional conflict between needing to be the breadwinner and wanting to spend time with his family.

But, as you’ll see, there were a few barriers Steve had to face down before he made the leap to being a writer. He had to convince his wife … and himself … that copywriting was the best path forward.

See how he did it – and what happened next – right here:

As you can see in Steve’s story, giving copywriting a chance wasn’t a decision he made lightly. His existing job provided a certain amount of security. But, just as there were risks to trying copywriting, there were also costs to staying in the life he had before.

Think of your own situation. What are the costs – real or emotional – to continuing in your current path? How would being able to work from home, as Steve does, change things for you?

Please feel free to share your situation – and the potential changes copywriting would make – in the comments.

Then, stay tuned for tomorrow. I’ll share how copywriting became a “Permanent Plan B” for one member who’d originally planned to lead a very different kind of writer’s life …

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Published: July 6, 2015

10 Responses to “Living Proof: AWAI Member Steve Coombes on His Writer’s Life”

  1. I connected with Steve's story and case study. I completed the Accelerated Program and the Masters Program some years ago. I was doing well and then life took a nasty turn. I became despondent, felt like a loser, and lost all interest in writing. It has taken me almost 8 years to begin to feel better about myself and regain my desire to succeed as a writer. I am reviewing the programs and updating my website and blog. Steve has inspired me to focus on what I know best and see if I can find a niche for myself.


  2. I have always wanted to work for myself as a Free Lancer, so that part is over. I know and follow several articular writers in the local papers, and I like that too.
    I elected to go with Research "first" to reestablish some cash flow, then I would go to B2B or White Papers, maybe staying within the Alternative Health niche. My problem is getting started with contacts, conversations, leads, writers etc. I joined PAW, Group-site and Freelancer.Com. No interests so far, but they are there.

    Guest (Dale)

  3. Hi, I would love to attend a boot camp session, but my finances are terrible. Any way in the side bar of Steve's study, thee is a mistake. The head lie reads how she and then her. Needs to be changed. Raises a question. Is this a woman or man? Hope there is no mistake in this comment. ha.

    Guest (huntscribe)

  4. I'm in the 65+ population, so I'm not precisely looking for a career shift. I am, however, looking for a way to flesh out my income. I find it encouraging to read how I may be able to write about my interests and perhaps turn a buck here and there. I'm just getting started with the training, but I'm already getting ideas and seeing some potential. I've looked into a number of opportunities, but this is the first one that makes me feel 'at home'.


  5. Hi Katie,

    Thanks for today's post. My interest in living the writers life has never faded.

    I read the Accelerated ..., did exercises up to 8, attempted the restaurant letter. I dread it being substandard, and want to send it for review with eyes closed.

    It's safely kept in a folder.

    The 'niche' and personal website things are next on my agenda. B2B is my pick, Case studies are more real to me, e-newsletters is a challenge I want to try. Those two.

    Christine Muleme

  6. I can relate to some of Steve's story. I am in a situation right now where I have been a teacher for 20 years. I am at a crossroads right now, though. I don't want to teach anymore. I truly believe I can make a success with this program, but I have some fear, legitimate fears. I know that we need to make a certain amount of money in order to stay within a household budget and the biggest factor is health insurance. I was the carrier of our insurance. I know I need to make enough money to buy our own.
    Steve's story, however, is inspiring. The more I hear about people like him, the more I believe in myself.

    Joyce Cos

  7. Hi Katie, Thank you for sharing about Steve Coombes copywriting life. Writer's life is possible for those who love to read and write. As for me there is no such thing as job security. My services was terminated though no fault of mine because company want to save costs and I worked for 15 years doing customer service.


  8. Katie, Hi.
    My interest is to write books on money or paranormal experiences but I have been reading about copywriting from your group, so far. May I ask about what you can tell me about my interest?

    Guest (M B YISA)

  9. Good Morning, thank you so very much for this eyeopening opportunity...I am on the ground running...!!

    Guest (Speedracerii)

  10. I am about midway through the Accelerated Copywriting program, and will be attending my first Bootcamp in October. This is the first time that I am sure I will succeed in achieving freedom from my job, getting out of debt, and loving what I do!

    Joyce H

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