Living Proof: Guillermo Rubio Reveals How Being Scared to Be a Writer Proved It Was the Perfect Choice for Him

Katie Yeakle here, with one more person I’d like you to meet.

All this week, you’ve seen proof that the writer’s life can help you create the life of your dreams.

Maybe, like Steve Coombes, you have a family at home who depends on you. Or, maybe you’re like Pat McCord or Peter Fogel, with creative dreams that need the financial boost copywriting so easily offers. Or, perhaps you’re like Krista Jones, completely fed up with how your work life turned out, and you’re looking for a “reboot.”

Or, maybe you’re like Guillermo Rubio …

“G” (as he’s known to many of us) knew he wanted to live the writer’s life. He had owned the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting for five years … had been through it, and completed every exercise. But, he just wasn’t able to take the next step of actually getting started writing for clients.

Spoiler alert: Today, G has a flourishing copywriting business. He earns a solid six-figure income while enjoying the freedom of being his own boss. But to get here, he had to learn more than copywriting skills; he had to overcome a major obstacle: fear.

Here’s how he did it …

G was able to use his fear as a guidepost for where he needed to go next in his career. The same things that scared him were the exact steps he needed to take to make his next breakthrough.

Take a moment and apply G’s lesson to your own life. What next step in copywriting scares you? How might that fear be a signal to you about what you need to do next?

Share your fear in the comments section below. And, if there’s anything I can do … or any of us at AWAI can do … to help you move forward with that next step, share that, too. That’s what AWAI is all about!

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Steve, Pat, Peter, Krista and Guillermo this week. I hope they’ve inspired you and given you some ideas you’ll start using right away for living the writer’s life of your dreams.

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Published: July 10, 2015

10 Responses to “Living Proof: Guillermo Rubio Reveals How Being Scared to Be a Writer Proved It Was the Perfect Choice for Him”

  1. Okay, I did what Katie said. I started telling people I'm a copyright. Some months later, having difficulty getting a job in medical transcription that would pay all the bills, give me some discretionary spending, allow me to save, to invest and to give, I decided to volunteer 2 hours of my time per day promoting eScription because I like it and I'm a little older and don't want to waste all my energy transcribing. But you know what they wanted? Copyrighters to teach the children! What's my next step?

    Guest (zumodeka)

  2. Hello Katie, I like the statement you say to me:
    "Is there anything I can do or anyone can do for you please let me know" Yes , dear Katie, I am struggling for three weeks writing the grant for a non-profit organization.I need help to submit a proposal to the right grant maker. I've asking for help many times but no one seems to take into consideration.
    my big fear is : this is my first project . I do not want to mess it up.
    please help. Thank you . God Bless Jane as Jennie


  3. My fear of pursuing this career, is I will lose focus on the Novel I started, and never finish, plus the career I really wanted to pursue, a TV writer and show creator. That's my real passion and I don't want to lose sight of that.


  4. These case studies have been inspiring and motivating. I've just begun the course after spending the past year pursuing many other on-line business courses. I've been writing all my life, but this seems a work fit for me and the varied life I have lived.I've been a nurse for eight years but all I want to do is write. I'm excited and happy to know many have succeeded who were once in my shoes as a beginner. Thanks for sharing the roads these copywriters have taken.

    Skywalker Payne

  5. Thank you for posting this article. I often think "should I/could I." My fear is the contact--or reaching out--to other copywriters. My severe social anxiety stretches into online territory too. I haven't contacted other copywriters yet, on Groupsite or other parts of AWAI. I realize that communication is a HUGE part of the copywriting career. It includes other copywriters, experts, even loved ones. I need to tell myself AWAI is very supportive; I won't lose anything attempting to reach out.

    Sara A Watts

  6. I'm afraid of being useless. My family is filled with people in medical and management fields. I can pretend to fit in there, but I've finally taken a step in doing something I'm passionate about--Expressing myself! And encouraging others to express themselves! I'm a Jamberry Nail Consultant now, which doesn't sound like it has much to do with writing or expression, but I get to meet new people while having fun and "advertising" a product I love! Thanks for the encouragement.


  7. Hello Katie, I put my comment here yesterday.Today I go back to read it . I do not see it.
    Jennie as Jane


  8. It wasn't that long ago that I felt stuck because I lacked finances to move forward, but I think I have this under control now for a while. My biggest concern is for managing the business end of things. I am currently working through Freelance Writer's Business Success (from the Product Catalog). How does one manage the business while at the same time do the writing, especially those in solo practice?

    Nora King

  9. my fear is rejection and not able to complete the task assigned to me. In fact many times i failed to deliver on time and never delivered.

    Guest (Sajjad Brohi)

  10. I enjoyed this small article about how fear holds you back. I just joined not too long ago and am looking at articles to help me get past my fear of writing well. I am struggling like so many people today with just making ends meet with my family and am trying to plan my next step here. I will start with the tips I have read and will look for more free articles to help me until I can pay for more training and study how to be a Christian copywriter. Thank you.

    Maria V-H

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