Creating Your Own Luck

“He is so lucky!”

It is an interesting term that gets thrown around. Often stated in connection with another’s success or good fortune. People tend to dismiss a person’s “luck” as mere happenstance. On the darker side of things, in some cases, people use it to justify why that person is successful or a receiver of good fortune and they are not.

But what really lies behind it? Is it really just a matter of the cards magically falling in all the right places? Or is there something else to it?

These are all valid questions. There are answers to these questions, and that is what we are going to look into in this article. So we can break it down and find how you can … create your own luck.

What is Luck?

A dictionary definition from Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary:

a force that brings good fortune or adversity

b. the events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual

2. favoring chance; also “success” <had great “luck” growing orchids>

The above definition speaks to how most tend to use the term. Yet, I would like to stray from the above definition and talk about what luck really is, and how it applies to our B2B copywriting world. For example, think of times when people observe what is happening around them, and often in result, quickly tag other people’s hard work with the term “luck.”

In reality, sometimes “luck” does just happen. Things move smoothly and in your benefit. And when that happens, in addition to the benefits of your efforts, then things really get rolling in your favor. Moreover, I think that luck can be created, or at least enhanced to moving in your favor by giving it a little push … and the way to do that is through consistent action.

Some People Have All the Luck …

Think of the big business professional who has it all. The successful wheelings-and-dealings, the fancy car, the nice house, the good job … the works. Many would look at that and attribute it to luck of the draw. But let’s look at the truth behind it. Consider the countless hours spent, networking, taking risks, attending meetings, and simply just going full-force on the work task at hand. Time and time again. Not luck, but effort, and time spent creating that luck.

In other words, consider all of the successes and failures … and everything in between that creates it all. Forget about those who simply gaze at the end results, and tag it with the term “lucky.” That is only half of the full picture. It all comes down to effort and creating that “good fortune.” It is effort that brings results. Sometimes the results may not always be the desired outcome, but even the less favorable results tend to bring you closer to your goals. Even in the worst case scenario, you at least learn what doesn’t work, and can re-evaluate. Then move forward in a new direction, likely to bring you some of that “luck.”

Create “Your Own” Luck

The chances of “luck happening” are far greater when you take steps to make things happen. In fact, let me tell you a true story that highlights this point. Years ago, I used to work in a factory. I would put parts together, put them in a box, and get them ready to ship. Anyway, I had a co-worker in packaging, and he would play scratch cards all the time. The funny thing is, he won quite often. Everyone would say, “Oh, that Mike and his scratch cards. Always winning. What a lucky guy!”

This caught my interest, and I closely observed what was going on. Through study, I found that Mike had a system. He would consistently buy anywhere from 10 to 30 cards at a time. Usually on the more abundant side. Of course, he would have his dud cards, but then he would have a few that won. Sometimes it was $5 and other times it was $35, or $75 … or more. The point is, he didn’t cry over his losses, because he knew that was part of the game. Yet, he would take his wins, however big or small, and he would just compile them. Some days were better than others, and sometimes he hit a bad run. However, at the end of the month he always ended up ahead. I was so sure of this system that I had observed, that I put it to the test. I even tried a few variations, just to see the validity of the system. And overall, it worked. But it wasn’t luck, well maybe a little, but overall, it was the continual practice of actions that followed a system.

This goes the same in your copywriting business. If you send out one email to a prospect (like buying one scratch card), then results might fall flat. However, if you send out 50 emails (like buying several scratch cards) to prospects, then Lady Luck might blow some magic dust in your direction and good things will likely come in to formation. Furthermore, if you do this every week, like my co-worker Mike did with his scratch tickets, big things are bound to happen for you … you will create your own luck in your business.

Then others will look at you and say, “Oh, she is so lucky!” But you will know the truth, that it is really a reflection of all of your efforts.

A “Lucky Conclusion”

Finally, let’s start with a comparison of what successful people do vs. what unsuccessful people do.

First, What Unsuccessful People Do:

1. They nod their head and in agreement, then turn their back and wish failure and breakdown upon you.
2. Only talk about “what if” and never do much to promote self-growth and development.
3. Watch TV all day and complain about being bored.

Next, What Successful People Do:

1. They want others to grow and succeed.
2. Continually learn and set goals for advancement.
3. Compliment others, take action, and network.

There are other points that can be mentioned, but I wanted to focus on these three, because, I imagine that you are already attaching images of people you know to these compared three points. It doesn’t necessarily make them bad people. Unsuccessful people can be great people, and friendly, but if they start complaining about bad luck and their position in life and try to bring you down, then I want you to remember these points and quickly surround yourself with the opposite type. Because I want you to grow and prosper. Not waste your time swimming in a puddle and then complain about why the water isn’t deep.

It has been mentioned several times already, but in closing, you are the creator of your own good fortune. Your efforts will surely bring both ups and downs. Yet, this is all part of the game and the big picture. Your losses are simply a “set up” for the bigger and better things to come. So take action and drive your own success. Then, some of that magic dust from Lady Luck is also likely to come your way. And keep in mind …

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

― Seneca

This article, Creating Your Own Luck, was originally published by B2B Writing Success.

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Published: July 23, 2015

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