I’d Love to Meet You

Did you ever have one of those days that starts out poorly, but then something happens to make everything seem great?

I hope so. Because that happened to me today.

I won’t go into what didn’t go well, except to say that suddenly my to-do list doubled in length when I was hoping to clear it completely today.

But that same to-do list brought the turnaround. When I’d gotten rid of the two items that had appeared unexpectedly this morning, I focused on one item I knew would make me less grumpy.

I booked my travel to Delray Beach for October 14-17.

This time of year for the past eight, I get excited about leaving my “cave” here in the rural mountains of far northern California. I can count on two fingers what gets me excited about leaving my home.

Visiting family and Bootcamp.

I have many reasons that going to AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair excites me. Even though I’m now almost a fixture there, I always learn something new. I expect to again this year.

But one part of Bootcamp makes it a particularly enjoyable trip.


People like Bob Bly, the master copywriter responsible for getting me into copywriting. Bob’s a Bootcamp favorite, because he’s incredibly generous with his time chatting with Bootcamp attendees.

Then there’s Carline Anglade-Cole. Carline is a true inspiration to copywriters everywhere with her rise from humble beginnings to the top copywriter in alternative health.

I met Carline for the first time last year. I’m eager to renew my friendship with this incredibly friendly, caring copywriter. And, she’s a humorous presenter, as well!

I’m also looking forward to renewing friendships with Lori Haller, Clayton Makepeace, Pam Foster, Jen Stevens, and John Forde.

These masters aren’t simply “podium presenters,” although each gives great, informative presentations. They’re more than that. Each of them spends many minutes of his or her free time chatting with AWAI members about copywriting and career building.

Of course, there are other master copywriters and marketers I’m looking forward to seeing again or meeting for the first time.

Who I really look forward to seeing …

There’s a special group of people I’m most excited about meeting …

You … and other AWAI members.

As much as I love being a presenter at Bootcamp … I guess it’s the teacher inside me … what really jazzes me when I visit Delray is being able to meet and chat with you.

I’d love to spend a few minutes getting to know you. Getting to know your passions, your goals, your successes. And – just as important – the challenges you’re facing in your career.

For me, meeting you is the most exciting thing at Bootcamp – out of many exciting events.

If you do come to Bootcamp, I do hope you look me up. But I know that meeting won’t be the most exciting part of Bootcamp for you.

Your biggest take-away from Bootcamp …

I can guarantee you’ll learn a ton in the Bootcamp presentations. But that’s not going to be your biggest take-away this year.

It’s not the superstar presenters. It isn’t even walking out of Job Fair with a real assignment and a new client (although that’s happened to many Bootcamp attendees).

And, as important as all the career-advancing contacts you’ll make, it’s not that either.

The single most important benefit of Bootcamp is the boost you gain in confidence and motivation.

This is how AWAI members who’ve actually been to Bootcamp feel …

David H. of Lexington, KY, said, “Bootcamp has given me the motivation I’ve needed to get my copywriting career going. Thank you so much for everything. I’ve also enjoyed meeting ‘online buddies’ face-to-face and others who share this dream of the writer’s life.”

Raymona A., Santa Fe, NM, says she “ … came with the mindset of a ‘cashier/wannabe copywriter’ and I left as a writer. Thank you.”

Raymona’s mindset going in is common. “I’m not just there yet” the thinking goes.

Mark K. of Chicago, IL, echoes Raymona’s feelings: “I now feel very much a part of the AWAI family … it has increased my confidence as a copywriter and my belief that I can be successful.”

After you’ve attended the sessions tailored to your skill and career needs … after you’ve chatted with presenters who all willingly spend time talking with you … after you’ve formed friendships and bonds with other copywriters just like you … you cannot help but walk away knowing you are a copywriter!

Here are two other AWAI members weighing in on the benefits they got from Bootcamp:

“The AWAI staff really knows how to put on a personal, life-changing Bootcamp. Unbelievable!” – Ken T., Nagoya, Japan

“This is the best conference – of any kind – that I’ve ever attended anywhere. It was so packed with good information and encouragement, I feel like I’ve been taking a drink from a fire hose … and thoroughly enjoying it!” – Phil G., Plano, TX

Please do me the favor …

Right now is the perfect time to sign up for this year’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair. Click here to learn more why you should come to Delray Beach this year.

Getting my travel arrangements settled to go to Bootcamp reminded me of why I love coming back year after year.

Like I said, it’s you. I want to meet you. When we’re at Bootcamp together, please do me the favor of collaring me in the hallway and introducing yourself.

I look forward to meeting you.

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Published: July 20, 2015

1 Response to “I’d Love to Meet You”

  1. No matter WHERE you are on the confidence spectrum--from doubts and fears to purpose and excitement--the camaraderie you experience at Bootcamp juices you up. It's easy to fade away when you stay away. I guarantee you'll find someone there who is RIGHT where you are. The resulting encouragement, and even learning just ONE thing that hits you between the eyes, is a game-changer ... worth the investment of time and cost in yourself!

    no-more-excuses-DebJuly 20, 2015 at 11:03 am

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