Living Proof: Author Pat McCord Reveals How Copywriting Boosts Her Bottom Line

Katie Yeakle here, back again to share some of the many AWAI success stories … and to show you how you can create the same success.

Yesterday, you learned how copywriting can help you step away from situations that make you unhappy. Today, I’d like to show you how copywriting can help you move closer to the life you want.

Especially when the life you want to lead is the writer’s life …

That was true for Pat McCord. She wanted to write fiction – and, in fact, had published several books – when she first heard about copywriting.

One of her biggest frustrations with her writer’s life at that time was the inconsistent income. Between books, or when sales were low, she needed an outside job – a “Plan B” to make sure all her bills were paid.

She’d tried office jobs … and even considered working fast food. Fortunately, she found copywriting …

So, tell me … do you have any dreams that are on hold because of financial constraints? How would a flexible copywriting income make those dreams possible for you?

If you’d like to share them with us, scroll down to comments below.

Tomorrow, I’m going to introduce you to Peter … a writer who’s been able to use his skills to live his dream for over five decades. His story has some twists you won’t want to miss!

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Published: July 7, 2015

8 Responses to “Living Proof: Author Pat McCord Reveals How Copywriting Boosts Her Bottom Line”

  1. I lost a great job 2 years ago because it was forced to close down. I have been struggling getting work and my present job is stressful and low paying. I am so tired of the struggle to acheive my dreams. To make good money at work that I once again enjoy. To look forword to each new day. To be able to make plans to travel, to spend more time with my sweetheart and her son. To buy that nice house I know my girl will love. To bring my family together and pursue our lives and dreams together.
    I would love in 6 months from now to see these things to become not just dreams anymore! I have been thinking about doing the writing thing now for 2 years. So here I am to see what happens next!!
    Alan L VonLoh, Green Bay, WI.


  2. For me , copywriting IS the dream...freedom from work I no longer want to do is the constraint on my finances.

    Guest (Allen Carrington)

  3. Hello Katie, I getinvolved in this writing business not too long ago. I purcharsed The Barefoot Writer, Money Making Website and PWA.
    Lately I do intensive research on Grant Writing.I have my first client who requests me to write the grant for a non-profit organization.Would you help me to get any members who experience in this project to guide me in this path?
    Thank you. God Bless. Jane


  4. I get involved in grant writing project at this moment. This is my first one. I struggle to find where I should submit my proposal .
    I truly need help from experienced leaders who know about grant writing , who can lead me in this path.
    Thank you . God Bless jennie


  5. Yes I do have a dream, traveling the USA. I have seen a great deal of it when I worked corporate, as I hurriedly drove through of flew over. I.e. I have stayed in a Holiday Inn on the rim of the Grand Canyon, and I have not seen the Grand Canyon.

    Part of my dream is to travel in an RV, and show my wife this great country.

    Part of that same dream is to pay off our debt and buy a good RV. My wife is ready to go.

    Right now, I am on full retirement with a 25% disability (back issue). I do business inspections PT.

    My wife (sorry to say) is still working full time (I need to fix that soon). Her boss (Steve, is in his mid-70's) is tired of his company of 37+ years.

    I need to get my Research Business moving.

    Guest (NoMoHype)

  6. Consider a retired, fixed income person, with not much money.......

    Guest (Timothy McKinney)

  7. I desire to be a successful travel writer. All that I see and read sounds great. I believe I could do it easily. The problem is, I've seen nothing geared to me. Maybe it's a great advantage.

    I have something unique to offer the travel industry. Since I'm wheelchair bound I can provide a unique perspective for promoting tourism to the disabled, an up and coming niche market not being filled

    The problem is, nobody talks about travel for the disabled or how disabled people can be a travel writer

    Rick-International Travel Reviews

  8. Yes, Katie, like so many others I too have dreams. Unfortunately, both my husband and I are on disability, so since our income is so limited, there's no telling when I'll be able to afford boot camp. I'm on the 3rd week of test drive for Accelerated Program but may have to cancel because I can't see having $180 by the 24th. But that's my problem, not yours. Both parents are passed so that's not an option. I ache to do this; in school I'd get in trouble because I've ALWAYS written as if I was talking to a friend. I'm going to stop now because I'm crying for my situation. Thanks for your time. I WILL succeed !!!

    Marilyn Hartman

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