B2B Content Can Make Your Dreams Come True

Gordon Graham here for Day 2 of The Writer’s Life.

Yesterday I urged you to take your writing dreams seriously.

Today I’ll paint you a picture of the writing market of your dreams, called B2B content.

1. B2B is “the hidden economy.”

I call business-to-business “the hidden economy,” because you can’t find it in any store. You won’t see it advertised on TV, hear about it on the radio, or see it on the websites most consumers visit.

But, you can imagine it. Imagine every product you see in any store, from a bag of carrots to a tube of toothpaste. Now picture all the goods, equipment, software, and services that went into creating each product.

Any company that sells something to another company is part of that B2B economy.

2. B2B is vast.

The B2B market makes up perhaps one-third of the economy, perhaps half. Nobody seems to know for sure.

At AWAI, we often say B2B includes 7+ million companies. That’s the number of American businesses that sell B2B and have at least 50 employees … big enough to have a marketing person with a budget who can hire a writer like you.

3. B2B is different from B2C.

When a consumer buys something, it’s usually a quick transaction. You see it, you want it, you buy it.

Not so for B2B. Most B2B sales are bigger, with several people involved. B2B products can be more complex and linked to services. Picking the wrong one can end the buyer’s career.

That’s why B2B sales move slower, and why business buyers need more information.

4. Content is the biggest trend in B2B marketing.

The Content Marketing Institute says 86% of all B2B companies use content marketing today—down from 93% a year ago, only because they tightened up the definition.

The rationale for content marketing is simple: Posting good content on the web encourages Google to rate a company higher. The higher the company shows up in search results, the more prospects notice it.

Content brings in new customers, for much lower cost than traditional advertising, trade shows, or salespeople flying around the country.

5. Content is a vast opportunity.

The average B2B firm uses 13 different types of content, from blogs to white papers. 7 million B2B firms x 86% using content x 13 different types = a FANTASTIC opportunity for copywriters.

I know the B2B world, because I worked in what’s called “enterprise software.” In fact, I was VP of Marketing for a company that tried everything to bring in new customers.

The tactic that worked better than any other, even in the late 1990s, was content—case studies and white papers—published on our website.

The good news for writers is that somebody has to write that content. And most marketing teams are too busy to do it themselves. That’s why more than half of all B2B companies plan to spend more on content next year than they did this year.

In short, B2B content is a wide-open market that can help make your writing dreams come true.

Please feel free to share your comments and questions here.

And tomorrow, I’ll tell you about the most popular formats of B2B content you can write.

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Published: August 18, 2015

11 Responses to “B2B Content Can Make Your Dreams Come True”

  1. Hi Gordon, I am intrigued by white paper and case studies. I have some experience dealing with B2B as I was the contact that needed to be "sold" enough so I would position the product to the doctors I worked for. Case studies or "hard evidence" is Hugh in B2B. I would love to learn more about breaking into this niche.


  2. Hi, is there room in B2B for a copywriter that would like to specialize only in Video?

    Thanks, Kay

    Guest (Kay)

  3. Awesome content. Grateful if you could guide me to a course/program that will deepen my understanding in writing case studies and white papers?

    Guest (John)

  4. What's holding me back at this moment is non completion of the Accelerated course. Is that a valid reason?

    Guest (Tony Wormer)

  5. I have not yet selected my niche, but B2B sounds worth looking into. I look forward to more information this week in "The Writer's Life".


  6. I am anxious to learn more about Bob writing. Especially about case studies and grant writing. Bring it on. The more you teach, the better off we will all be. Thanks.

    John P

  7. Thanks, Gordon, for sharing your insight and illuminating our eyes about the enormous benefits to be gained in utilizing B2B as a rapid means to achieve our goals in copywriting.

    I'm currently working on my First Direct-Response Copywriting Sample, which is quite stimulating to me and I am "fantasizing" about all the exciting treasures that are in store for me as I complete every assignment.

    I've been bragging to my husband about how much fun I'm having learning so much of what I never knew !!

    Guest (Joan Jones)

  8. Loretta: Stay tuned this week, and then explore all the AWAI products available, including my Crash Course and the programs on white papers and case studies.

    Kay: Of course! B2B video is growing fast. You will probably need to join forces with a production team so you can deliver completed projects.

    John: AWAI has programs in writing case studies and white papers. Or for an overview of 12 most popular types, check out my Crash Course in B2B Content.

    Tony: No! B2B content is not the same as direct-response copywriting. By all means, learn all you can and get as much practice as possible in all forms of writing. But don't wait.

    Guest (Gordon Graham)

  9. Gordon, I read your Writer's Life articles back in March and bought "White Papers for Dummies", which I am studying now. I have struggled with picking a viable niche, but writing White Papers is a perfect for my education and experience. I would love to talk with you.

    Guest (MiKerr)

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