How to Get Clients to Believe You’re an EXPERT in Your Industry

Boy ‘o boy – this week is flying by … and look at what we’ve accomplished so far:

Monday: You created your cheering team!

Tuesday: You declared your Independence Day!

Wednesday: You discovered two successful strategies to jumpstart your freelance business!

And now, today, I’m going to show you one of the BEST ways to become an EXPERT – or, at least, a PERCEIVED expert – in your industry!

But, before I tell you the secret, let me ask you this:

Who makes more money …

A general practitioner or a cardiologist?

A general practice attorney or an intellectual property litigator?

A school teacher or a college professor?

Even if you don’t know for sure, you can probably guess!

In just about every instance, you’re going to make more money as a specialist instead of a jack-of-all-trades!

So, today’s tip … correction – today’s advisement (doesn’t that sound more expensive than “tip”) … is to niche yourself. The sooner, the better!

A “niche” is a TINY, distinct segment of a market. A niche makes you a specialist in the land of generalists.

For example:

“I’m a copywriter.” That’s general – and there’s a huge pool of folks to draw from.

“I’m a direct-response copywriter.” Ok, that’s a little more specific – but still a crowded field.

“I’m an alternative health direct-mail copywriter” – now, you’re talking about a tiny segment – and I’m ONE of the elite members!

So, don’t come talking to me about writing for the financial market. Can’t help you with your non-profit mailings. Not interested in helping you sell People magazine.

But, if you’re looking for the BEST in the sliver of the market called alternative health – well, look no further – you’re about to get the crème of the crème!

You get what I’m saying?

When I decided to niche myself as an alternative health direct-mail copywriter – my business changed in three ways:

#1: I write faster copy.

I’m immersed in my niche. I know the alternative-health field – so I didn’t need to “learn” it with every new project. I can focus on the uniqueness of the product I’m writing about, and the background info about health just comes naturally to me. Writing faster copy means I can write more promotions – and that increases my odds of getting more successes!

#2: I become more credible.

When I turn down – or refer to others – projects writing for the financial or gardening markets, because they’re not my “field of expertise,” I’m being viewed as a health writer by clients … and, eventually, a health expert! It wasn’t intentional on my part – I wasn’t that smart back then. But I’m sure glad it happened!

#3: I charge more money!

After all, I’m an EXPERT! It would be an insult to my clients NOT to charge them top dollar. Think about it: if you can buy a Rolex for the price of a Timex … hmmmm … are you getting a REAL Rolex?

So, if you forget everything else I’ve said today, just remember this one thing: Find your niche – and become a master in it!

And, if you’re having trouble identifying your niche – let’s talk about it! Share your comments here.

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Published: August 13, 2015

31 Responses to “How to Get Clients to Believe You’re an EXPERT in Your Industry”

  1. Although I've been a nurse, bodybuilder and use all natural products, I find this industry jam packed full of alternative health copy-writers.

    I know I would do fairly well, but what about the competition? Also, what other areas would someone like me go into with my background?

    I've been interested in the financial industry because I've not done much in investments and would love to learn more about it.

    Any good suggestions?

    Dale Hogeland

  2. Great tips all week! Picking a niche is hard. I have interest...Home remodeling, Pets (Golden Retrievers), Basketball Officiating, and of course...Travel. I did really enjoy one website for none other than...alternative health and read 3 or 4 I subscribed to free newsletter. Any thoughts?

    Guest (JJ)

  3. How does one go about finding their 'niche'?

    Guest (Wurdbyrd)

  4. I know finding a niche is important, but it is hard. I worked for the government before so there is not much of a niche. I love travel and history, but they don't pay what the financial industry does. Plus I'm nervous that I might not like it. I wish you could just try each on to see how it fits and go from there.


  5. Hi Carline.
    I've picked a B2B niche, but have no copywriting experience in it yet (although I do have a Masters Degree in it and worked as an business analyst in the industry during the 1990's).
    Can I position myself (e.g. on my LinkedIn profile) as "wanting to specialise" in the niche (as a web copywriter) or do I have to do some sort of spec work first?

    Simon James

  6. My entire working career w2as spent working with computers. I have done everything from building them from scratch to operating to programming to systems design to running IT departments to running my own company. What would you suggest for my niche?

    Guest (Gordon Holmes)

  7. I've worked as a nurse and in an administrative role in a health setting over 27 years. Like Dale, I feel the alternative health field is crowded.

    I've researched health supplements and written product descriptions, and included info about the ingredients, and medical conditions they may help.

    I'm studying the AWAI Health programme with a view to doing the spec assignments.

    I'm trying to convince myself that no matter what the field, there has to be room for one more copywriter. Am I wrong?

    Glenna Hale

  8. I am a jack of all trades, now disabled. I have experience in the field of Aviation, Electronics, Computer Repair, Computer Operations, and Troubleshooting all. I am also an ordained minister in a non-denominational Christian Church. I have enjoyed fishing, hunting, prospecting for gold. I love the outdoors, now sort of unable to participate in these activities. I should be able to find 'some' niche out of all those, but it is "crazy" trying to decide.

    Tom Burdck

  9. I'm having a heck of a time figuring out my niche...I think B2B because I have been an entrepreneur for 20 years and on the B2B buying side of things for 12 years. But other than that I'm lost. I enjoy retail (I own an apparel/gift retail and embroidery/screen printing store), agriculture (Montana ranch girl), travel, education, and parenting. Any ideas of where to go from here?

    Holly Stoltz

  10. I am not sure what my niche is at this moment in time. I would like to narrow it down so I can start moving in that direction

    Guest (Rick Hamilton)

  11. Hi. I too have had a life-long interest in alternative health, but on a "Self-taught" basis, and it has never been a part of my job (i've worked in Manufacturing) After i train with AWAI i'd love to run with this... but here's a question:

    Are there more Women Copywriters in this particular niche? If so does this matter to me, as a Man?

    Guest (Trevor)

  12. Hi Carline!
    I am still not decided on a niche. Still exploring the different segments while I go through my Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. But the good news is that I finally submitted my Restaurant Letter. How can I find the copywriters that are specialized in their niche? I would like to ask them questions about a few different fields before I narrow it down...Any suggestions?


  13. Carline, I've enjoyed your messages this week. Fun to read and very helpful. I've struggled with the niche problem for too long and tried to navigate the minefields of generality. Only recently did it dawn on me - drill down!! Your advice today reinforces that. Many thanks!


  14. To Dale, Start by getting a job in ANY industry you're interested in. Your niche may naturally develop when you see you're consistently getting work in one particular area.

    Guest (Carline)

  15. tO lll and Wurdbyrd.:
    You start by narrowing down what you like and going after clients in those areas. If you're a newbie, then you just write for anyone willing to hire you. Use those samples to help you break into an area you're really interested in. When you find that area - carve out a small piece of that pie and become an expert in that segment. For example, you may love animals but your niche may be horse breeding!

    Guest (Carline)

  16. Hey Simon, I wouldn't hire anyone who's experience is "wanting to specialize"! So be careful with that wording! You may have to get the job and then look for opportunities move into the area you really want to be in!

    Guest (Carline)

  17. Hey Gordon, You've got a lot of experience in computers. So what do you LOVE about them? That's how you'll identify your niche!

    Guest (Carline)

  18. Glenna, No you are not wrong. There's room for GOOD copywriters in the health field!

    Guest (Carline)

  19. Holly - try to get a job in any of those areas you seem to love. Then follow the money - it can lead to your niche.

    Guest (Carline)

  20. Trevor - from my experience, I see there are more male copywriters than female. But it really doesn't matter. Copy is blind. I write for the 60+, white, male market all the time - and that's not who I am! The key is knowing and understanding the needs of your market - and writing compelling copy to appeal to that market.

    Guest (Carline)

  21. To Rocky - attend the AWAI bootcamp in October! You'll meet tons of copywriters specializing in all types of niches!

    Guest (Carline)

  22. To JudyB - You're welcome! Glad this week has been helpful to you!

    Guest (Carline)

  23. Carline,

    Your abundant energy clearly comes through in everything you write...along with your wit.

    I looked forward to each of your articles this week. Each one definitely put a smile on my face...and thoughts in my head on how to get my career of the friggin ground (pardon my french but channelling you!!!).

    My cheering section fizzled out so I need to boost it or hitch a ride with another one. Any ideas?

    See you at Bootcamp.

    John B

    John Batson

  24. Hi Carline, I promise you I will be a freelance writer.
    I can picture myself leading a meaningful life with purpose as a writer.
    You are proof that desire and dedication can make it happen.
    Thank you for the push!
    Oh yeah, my niche? Horticultural therapy utilizing plant propagation as a tool to heal and comfort.
    What do you think?
    Thanks again, GaryM


  25. Carline,

    Another very helpful article. Thank you!

    Although I work in IT, my passion is physical fitness. So, my primary market will be Health & Fitness. As a 39 year old male, I'll likely specialize in the over-35 weekend warrior.

    Thank you again for your inspiring posts!

    -- Paul

    Paul Miller

  26. I think finding my niche is what is really holding me back. I feel lost, and have no focus. I am not able to create any real goals since I don't have a direction. I am not an expert in anything. I want to target something in the equine field because that is my passion but I cannot think of niches in that field. I'm STUCK!

    Rena M

  27. Great articles all week, Carline. I love how you tell it to us straight. Enjoyed your comments at Clayton's events, too.

    Thanks for the encouraging words.

    Guest (Sandy)

  28. Hi Carline,

    I share a interest in alternative healing and have been a student for yrs and I am certified in a couple of modalities.

    How ever I do not know if I could write about it.
    I am finishing my accelerating program shortly, and will start my money making website course.

    With these I feel like I will be able to put a package together for clients.

    I started the writing course because I wanted to get into marketing products on my personal websites. And I still will.


    Guest (Lewis Vest)

  29. Doug, "the bug" here.. I desired a "niche" initially upon signing up for the Accelerated 6-figure Copywriting program. It was to write about the Health Industry as well.

    I was told by someone in the office to take the Accelerated 6-Figure Copywriting program first!
    Being new to AWAI, is that the way to go? I was told all the basics of Cooywriting would be covered and this was this MOST newbies proceeded when beginning their Copywriting career. Now you're telling us to find a niche ASAP! And get started. Well. Which is correct? Please get bCk to me on this? Thank you,


    Guest (Doug the bug)

  30. After starting and stopping again I decided on concentrating on Household and Community as my niche. I am looking into every article and entry I can find on the subject. I decided though that I could more easily write about what what I experience everyday. Here is the link to my blog if you are interested. http://lovefornews dot weebly dot com/

    Guest (Amy)

  31. Hi Carline, Really wanted to think you. You did a great job stirring within me these thoughts on which I've chewing for so long. I'll jump in the pool as soon as possible. I have no alternative so this should be easy. God bless you and your family! Again, thank you!


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