NOW is the Best Time to Launch Your Freelance Career!

Tick. Tick. Tick. Do you hear it? That’s the sound of your career clock running out …

Ok – before we get started today – did you DO yesterday’s assignment?

Have you lined up your cheering squad?

If not, go back and read yesterday’s article. It may sound simple, but it’s a VERY important first step.

If you did your assignment – kudos! So, let’s keep it going …

Today – you’re going to discover three reasons why NOW is the time to launch your freelance career …

#1: No job loyalty!

If you’ve got a nice, cushy “safe” job – with “seniority” – and you think your company will always treat you fairly … stop reading now – at least until you get your head out of the sand!

Don’t fool yourself. No matter how nice the company and people are: If you’re working for anyone else, they’re watching THEIR bottom line – and that means YOUR bottom may end up in the unemployment line!

#2: Layoffs and downsizing!

If you got downsized, riffed, laid off, or fired recently – congratulations! It’s the “kick in the pants” you need to focus on your freelance career. So, use this free time and find your passion!

#3: You’re not getting any younger!

And, you’re probably as smart as you’re ever going to get – so, NOW is the time to make your plans – and work your plans! Is it scary? Ok, heck yeah – but so is living a life of “if I coulda, woulda’s!”

Meet a few folks who took the freelance leap …

Cynthia tried several different career paths: Administrative assistant. Medical assistant. Massage therapist. Personal trainer. Medical director. And, even a missionary! She was also broke.

Cynthia got the idea to create a business that provides on-site corporate wellness programs. She organizes health fairs, nationwide tradeshows, workshops, and health screenings. Turns out – EVERY job she’s had actually gave her the skills to work her business. Now she has the time, freedom and income to raise her two sons. Her husband even quit his job to help run the company!

Then, there’s Milan D., who turned down a full-time salary at a prestigious marketing company to give freelance copywriting a try.

Instead of giving that company her blood, sweat and tears – she invested that energy in herself. Seven years later – she’s married and raising her three boys – and loves working from home!

And, “travel bug” Tiara – who signed up for a special 3-day graphic design course offered by AWAI after her sophomore year in college. It gave her the guts – and skills – she needed to take the plunge!

She dropped out of college … moved back home to save money … and started hitting the “cyber pavement” to look for jobs. It was tough at first – but because she kept her expenses low – she didn’t have to earn much to be a “success”!

Now, Tiara’s got a mobile graphic design and copywriting business that allows her to travel to Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Peru, Ireland, England, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Greece and Finland!

Feeling inspired? Good!

Today’s assignment: DECIDE when you’re going to take the freelance plunge. Select a month, day and year – and call it your “Independence Day”!

Post that date around your house to remind you of the commitment!

Declare your independence day and share your comments here.

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Published: August 11, 2015

27 Responses to “NOW is the Best Time to Launch Your Freelance Career!”

  1. My independence day is Friday, August 14, 2015 because I am ready to do this. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I know I can do this. I want to do this and I need to do this NOW!!


  2. August 28th is my independence day! Decided three months ago I am going to be a freelance writer and gave my resignation... so ready or not... here I come. Absolutely scared to death, I've been dependent on a paycheck, benefits, and security for over 20 years, but looking forward to having the opportunity to do something on my own and be proud of later.


  3. Thanks for all the encouragement.What I need to do is stop reading so much and start wrting, easier said than done, but not impossible.

    Guest (Mona Merriman)

  4. My date to living the writers life is May 31st, 2016. When my kids exit school for summer break, I want to be free to spend every day of it with them.

    Chris S

  5. Today is the day. In fact, it has been the day since I received my first AWAI email.

    Guest (Amy)

  6. Already designed, and indeed sent to the White House, dedicating today as the first day for however long it takes to OWN #44's Presidential Library and Museum's actual realization is hardly a problem. The drawings are done and -- despite each picture speaking its OWN thousand words -- now's the time that the REAL writing begins. And indeed flow like a mighty stream from atop a mountain whence our better angels are accessibly within reach.

    Guest (Chris Morris)

  7. Hi Carline,

    My Personal Independence Day will be 28th August 2015. Employers have no loyalty to staff, even after they've been given almost 24 years of hard work. Redundancy is forcing me towards my dream life.

    As you say, hard work, sweat, perseverance and maybe the odd tear should make my dream of the writers life a reality.

    Thanks for your inspiring words.

    Glenna Hale

  8. Happy Independence Day Bren!
    You can do it!

    Guest (Carline)

  9. To Ketter - fear is a great motivator!
    You've started your freelance life - now it's time hustle and write!

    Guest (Carline)

  10. Hey Glenna - sometimes getting fired is the best thing that can happen to you! The best revenge is success! Show your old boss that you CAN make it - and live your dream!

    Guest (Carline)

  11. I like the tone of Carline Anglade Cole's writing (voice) here....

    (She's a leader!!!)

    I also listened on that phone conference held today with RM, DF, and the other four working copywriters.

    Good stuff and good tips!


  12. On May 22, 2015, I rendered a classic resignation letter thanking the company for 15 awesome years.
    As quoted in Sweet November, it is more profound to say quits when love still exists, and while the underlying issues haven’t slain one’s wits.
    It wasn’t easy. A revolting decision of leaving a stable job meant jumping in a lion’s den as an easy escape to every day’s drudgery...

    But I declare it as My Independence Day- the day I decided to become a Writer.

    Right now, I am on page 37-Part 1 of “The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting”. I can’t wait to find out the page where the ‘Glicken’ is.


  13. Been on medical leave for several weeks, enjoying the healing time. Now the company says I'm out of days off and would prefer me to quit. Then, they say they'll rehire me. Ya Right! Am studying daily on 90 day plan & hope to jump in before 8/30, my B-day.


  14. My Independence Day will be September 1st, 2015. I'm afraid, but I know that if I do not do it now I never will.

    Guest (Lorie)

  15. Dear Carline, Did you look into my initial emails when I started my accelerated program? :) When I started this year, on July 4th, I called it MY "Independance Day" because I felt I had no reason to celebrate at the time. But now I do- and I will have a year to look back to see what was done. Everything you have said here is very true. Thank you again for you help and advice !!

    Amandula Garcia

  16. Okay Carline, you've given me that nudge (but feels more like that shove over the cliff!). Currently working on the Accelerated Program for 6-Figure Copywriting, and weighed the pros and cons. My Independence Day will be July 4, 2016 (but I may actually move it closer). I've got sticky notes all over the house and am determined to do this. My cheer squad is my friend in a different time zone. LOL I'm excited at the possibilities!


  17. Hi Carline! I have already experienced the things you mentioned. My Independence Day is May 31,2016. I am working on the Accelerated Program right now!


  18. Hi Carline Love your "tough love". Am at exercise 11 of the Accelerated Copywriting course and plan to have all completed before Boot Camp this October. My Independence Day will be at Boot Camp. Infinity member of AWAI. Have been planning Independence for 9 months now. Almost there. Have read of your stupendous success "9 controls" etc. Aspirations to do what you do, or what Katie does, or Rebecca, or Paul H. in brief emulate the "A1" copy writers...perhaps you'll want to dance with "DanceMan"

    John Paul

  19. To Amandula:
    No, I don't remember seeing your initial emails when you started the program. Remember, I'm not on the staff of AWAI - just hanging out with these folks for the week! :-)

    Guest (Carline)

  20. My independence day is today! i started by doing something, anything to get moving in the "write" direction (see what I did there) and so I submitted an article to Reader's Digest in hopes they pick my story for publication. Wish me luck everyone and I wish all the best for you as well!

    Kim Smyth

  21. Happy Independence Day Kim!
    Now - don't just WAIT on that response from Reader's Digest! Write more and submit more! Make a goal to submit something every day - or at least every week!
    Congrats again!

    Guest (Carline)

  22. Dear Carline, Then this makes my day, for I didn't think that I was on the right track. Once again, thank you very much for your articles!!


    Amandula Garcia

  23. Carline, I want to thank you (SO MUCH) for your boost! I got over my fear and finally submitted my Restaurant Letter to the groupsite (Restaurant Letter: ZSalinas). I got over my fear, and will accept the advice (and constructive criticism) from others. I know that what others say will only help me to improve my writing. And I know that is definitely the first step that brings me closer to my INDEPENDENCE DAY!! Woo-Hoo!!


  24. Yeah Rocky! Woo hoo!

    Guest (Carline)

  25. Hi, Carline Well, it's Friday. And I'm back-tracking on the daily messages you've sent this week. Because today I did declare my independence in a way. I just took a deep breath and registered for this year's Bootcamp. Something I've been on the verge of doing for four (yes, four) years! It's a big step - for me anyway. And I'm glad I took it because it's a serious commitment showing me I'm serious about become a freelance copywriter. Thanks for words of encouragement!


  26. Hey JudyB-Raleigh!
    Congrats on the big step! Make sure to come by and say hi to me at Bootcamp!

    Guest (Carline)

  27. Dear Carline, I have been writing all of my life, have never submitted a word anywhere; so to say I am fearful would truly be an huge understatement. I am now 60. I know I am a good writer as I have been told so by people from many different areas of my life. I know of a surety that this is my time to go forth in this area. Thank You so much for Your frankness and just the kind of pushes I need. I am known for assisting others in finding their way and I truly believe AWAI is my Godsend!!!

    Moving Full Speed Ahead

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