The Most Popular Types of B2B Content

Hi, Gordon Graham here … back for Day 3 of The Writer’s Life.

So far this week, I’ve urged you to take your writing dreams seriously, and to consider the vast opportunity in B2B content marketing.

Today I’ll describe some of the most popular forms of B2B content, as revealed in recent surveys by the Content Marketing Institute.

So, let’s dive right in.

Blog posts: Articles posted on a company’s blog, running 500 to 600 words, are used by 4 out of 5 B2B companies. But, did you realize that many companies hire someone to write them? You can earn $250 to $500 a pop writing blog posts.

Case studies: Extended testimonials on how a B2B product or service helped a customer in the real world, about 1,000 words long. Also known as success stories and customer stories, and used by 3 out of 4 B2B companies. And, you can earn $1,000 to $1,500 for writing one.

E-newsletters: Regular informative emails packed with time-saving tips and helpful advice, sent to keep in touch with prospects and clients. Used by 4 out of 5 B2B companies. Excellent repeat business, often written under an annual contract worth thousands.

Infographics: Visual presentations of key ideas about a topic. Must be gorgeous and well-researched. The fastest-growing format, now used by more than half of B2B companies. You can earn about $1,000 for researching and writing one, while a designer earns another $1,000 for putting it together.

Press releases: Announcements about some news or events that will interest a certain group of business people. Usually 1,000 words or less, press releases have a rigid structure. Once you learn them, you can write these quickly, for $250 to $500 each.

Slide decks: PowerPoint slides with notes for narration, usually 15 to 30 minutes. Three out of 4 B2B firms could use slide decks. You can earn anywhere from $100 to $500 a slide, depending on the production values the client wants.

Video scripts: Words spoken or text shown in online videos, either talking heads, screencasts, explainer/animation, or live action. Now used by 7 out of 10 B2B firms, the typical length is 3 minutes, with writing fees $1,000 to $2,000 … not including production.

White papers: Persuasive essays that use facts and logic to promote a certain B2B product or service. Used by 2 out of 3 B2B firms, white papers are one of the longest, most challenging forms to master.

I don’t have space to describe e-books, placed articles, speeches or websites. But many B2B companies use these formats, too.

You’ve likely encountered some of these. If you haven’t, don’t worry. Just Google any term you’re curious about to see lots of examples.

And, to help you find out more, click here to download the bonus Content Reference Guide from my AWAI Crash Course in B2B Content.

Share your comments here.

And tomorrow, I’ll show how to decide which formats you might like to write, and how to explore those in more detail.

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Published: August 19, 2015

13 Responses to “The Most Popular Types of B2B Content”

  1. I was trying to become familiar with all the terms I will need to build my business. This article helped me immensely in furthering my list. Thanks so much.

    Guest (Amy)

  2. I have decades of B2B writing experience. What I need is help finding and applying for open B2B writing jobs. Any suggestions?

    Guest (Candace Talmadge)

  3. Thanks, for the great, step-by-step "low-down" on B2B opportunities. It makes me look forward to completing my exercises in order to explore one of these possibilities.

    The stimulating information you provide propels us to keep pursuing our dreams !!!

    I appreciate your direction and guidance.

    Guest (Joan Jones)

  4. Are there standard business solicitation letters that novice writers can use as a template to start attracting clients?

    Guest (John)

  5. Excellent info. Sounds challenging and interesting. Re, for example, case studies, does the company furnish all info and you put it together or is there a lot of research?
    Thanks, Candy.

    Guest (Candy)

  6. Dear White Paper Guy:

    Leonardo da Vinci was a white paper guy (albeit sepia-aged o'er half a millennium). But HIS became second to none due to his doodling's becoming.

    Can I be your white paper's doodler affixer? Literally DRAWN to what it is you have to say.

    Thanks for your kind consideration.

    Chris Morris

    p.s. I'm actually the ONLY guy EVER that can no doubt draw better than Leonardo. Quick, too!

    Guest (Chris Morris)

  7. Candy: For case studies, the company generally gives you a short briefing, then you interview their customer. Of course, you visit the website of the customer to prepare. And you may do a small amount of third-party research but not usually more than a few minutes.

    Guest (Gordon Graham)

  8. Great breakdown of the terms and information! I ordered the 'Crash Course in B2B Content' yesterday and look forward to diving in!


  9. @Candace Jay White has a job finding service for $5 a month. Check it out.


  10. Hi my name is Ana,oh and I could say I had a dream but not just for me. It was a dream, for everyone in the world. I called it happy endings for happy New beginnings. First started with saving souls, than with making peace, and than finding your true love than that would be the happy ending, for a whole new happy beginning. Living it out was probably the hardest part,almost going thru trials and test. Maybe for judgement but not giving up till everyone learned from there mistakes and understood right from wrong. Also showing how much our loving god did care and love us. But the hard part was the one with the idea would be the last one for the happy ending for the happy New beginning.

    Guest (Ana Porras)

  11. A lot of information to guide in the right way to have a successful career

    J C

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