Key Differences in “Easy” Versus “Harder” Copywriting Projects

Mindy McHorse

Welcome back! Yesterday, I encouraged you not to sell yourself short as a copywriter.

In the name of busting down barriers to copywriting, the myth I’m taking on today is this: That all types of copywriting projects are equally easy.

It’s important to recognize, especially if you’re just starting your writing career, that some forms of copywriting are simpler than others. Some require more input than others. And some are worth vastly more than others.

Forms of copy CAN be easy, like blogs, editorial content, and emails. Others are harder and take more skill and experience, like white papers, sales letters, and lead generation.

The amount of feedback and review involved in each project is usually a direct reflection of the project’s complexity—and, in turn, its value.

For example, writing out a week’s worth of social media posts can earn you between $50 and $250 for your effort. Once you’ve established yourself with a client (meaning you’ve gotten to know them, and they’ve gotten to know you), you’ll probably be posting on a regular basis without needing to get pre-approval for your posts.

If you write emails for a client, you’ll generally interact with one or two “point people” who approve your idea and edit your final content, and then your work will most likely go through a copy editor before being published. Fees there are slightly higher, ranging anywhere from $100 to $400 per email.

Once you venture into the territory of the bigger, more lucrative projects, you’ll go through several more revisions and levels of approval.

For example, a direct-mail sales letter (ranging anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 plus royalties), can go through multiple rounds of revisions. You’ll generally get signoff from several people in your client’s company, as opposed to just one point person. Your copy may even go through group reviews and mini-tests to make sure it resonates with the prospect before your client rolls it out to their full list of customers.

Here’s a list, ranging from least complex to most complex, of some of the more popular copywriting projects:

  • Pay-Per-Click Ad Projects ($25-$250 per ad with keyword research provided, $75-$350 per ad if you prepare the keyword research)
  • Blogging ($50-$500 per post)
  • Social Media Posts ($50-$250 for a week’s worth of posts)
  • Online Articles ($200-$400)
  • E-newsletters ($100-$300)
  • Promotional Emails ($250-$1,000)
  • Video Scripts ($200-$300 per screen minute)
  • Landing Pages ($450-$1,000)
  • Sales Letters ($2,000-$20,000, plus royalties)

Don’t feel like you have to work your way through the list to get up to the more lucrative levels of copy. But, it is a good idea to understand the different forms, so you can turn one project into six—not to mention making a lot more money. I’ll go into this more tomorrow, when I cover our next myth.

Based on the list above, pick the top three areas you’d like to write in … and focus on growing your writing business in that direction.

In the meantime, does it make it easier to know you can start with smaller projects and work your way up? Please share your thoughts below.

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Published: September 30, 2015

18 Responses to “Key Differences in “Easy” Versus “Harder” Copywriting Projects”

  1. Hello Mindy, Thank you for the tips.Ti is awesome to knowcthe average price of different fields.

    The problem with new member like myself is:
    How do I get hired ? I looked at many jobs opportunities, they all looked for 3-5 years experienced people. If they don't give the beginner a chance. How can that person have the experience?

    I like to share with you my struggle .
    I do not know if other new members have this same problem .
    Have a Blessed day.


  2. Hi Mindy, It will be great to get started in a smaller way no matter which form of copy writing one gets into as a starter!
    Then, follow it up with more effective and robust approach letting will be client know what one could do and even beyond their expectations/imaginations. This entice polishing one's writing tools and skills as a novice copy writer.
    Following the footsteps of our gurus in the copy writing world, we the aspirant copy writers could change our world too.
    Timidly is out of question here as braveness and enthusiasm tares pr-emence over it.
    Sky wont be a limitation at all!

    Guest (Peter)

  3. Thanks for the feedback! I had no clue how vast this business is! My goal is to take what I have and continue to study what works in the broad spectrum of copywriting.It seems to me that, as a writer, one must continually exercise their skills and reflect on the experiences that have brought them to where they are. Honestly, I am totally GREEN to this business! There are so many "leads" if you will, that say they can guide and help you to "pick" the road that best suits you. What I have discovered is that the more research I do, the better off I am. When I start this journey, my intentions are to keep writing. Looking forward to working and learning and writing with AWAI!Again, thank you for your time and interest.

    Guest (Pamela Hall)

  4. The price list above is very helpful. However, compare that pricing to freelance projects at www.outsource dot com and people are working for peanuts by comparison.


  5. Hi Mindy. Really good advice here. And timely. I was just thinking today that I should look at the job postings and see if there are any jobs I would be interested in. You gave me more possibilities to look into. Thanks. Even a little extra income is better than nothing, plus I'll gain some experience and that is what I need most right now.
    Thanks again Mindy. Have a blessed day.


  6. Clear and to the point; however, a more detailed description of the individual copywriting projects would have clarified thing a bit more.


  7. Mindy, this was a lot of help to me. I am moving slow through the AWAI 6 Figure course.
    So, I also started a project, to test if I am really picking this stuff up. It involves a promotional email and trying to also incorporate other AWAI lessons. Warren

    Guest (Warren Robinson)

  8. It's good to know we can get our feet wet with smaller projects. I'm still working my way through the Accelerated Copywriting Program. I also intend to complete the B2B program. I appreciate the daily emails. They help keep me motivated and are helping me narrow my focus as to what I want to specialize in.
    Thanks :)


  9. Thank you Mindy for the encouragement. I would love to write onPay-Per-Click Ad Projects ($25-$250 per ad with keyword research provided, $75-$350 per ad if you prepare the keyword research) Blogging ($50-$500 per post) Social Media Posts ($50-$250 for a week's worth of posts) Online Articles ($200-$400) E-newsletters ($100-$300) Promotional Emails ($250-$1,000) On any of these forms of writing. I know I can, I am just lost how to approach them. I am not willing to invest more on any packages, I am ready to write based on my skills

    Guest (Jorge A Kamkoff)

  10. Yes there are various forms of copy writing and I would like to know all of them well eventually but I think writing as a B2B writer is the one for me. I want to write and research in at least a two week period not a month on one project. I would like to be good enough to handle three or more projects in the same time period. That's my goal and I think I can accomplish that here with Barefoot writer.

    Guest (Alfie)

  11. Hi Mindy, I have been working hard to establish set up. Thanks to your timely advices and knowledge sharing, Now it is much easier for me to do.

    Guest (Muhammad)

  12. Copy is like light. It's bent on BOTH particles AND waves. Entangled. And very fast. Ever notice that the tea kettle still whistles for a bit when you turn off the heat, while a flick of the light switch instantly loses light to timelessness? So, trivial writing is but the rub on heat while bigger reaches mesh the words whence waves duly deliver on our meaning's bigger purpose. Like the exponential expansion of the universe, e.g., and manifestation of our destined singularity!

    Guest (Chris Morris)

  13. Hi: I'm new: only on part 3 of program.The list is great. Thanks.It is helpful to know that revisions is the natural process of copywriting. Had I not known this I would have thought my initial submission was and "all or nothing". thing. Accept/Reject. That leaves some room Thanks. I didn't know that. I wish it didn't take 2 days to get the invite to the group session. That's 2 days delay in sending in my first Restaurant Letter for scrutiny. Looking forward to making a livin at this a.s.a p.

    Guest (JMichael Sumpter)

  14. Hi Mindy,

    I am glad to know there are some simple ways to get started. I've just started looking into writing blogs and emails, I also have started the B2B course. Please pray that my first job will come soon and I can do it

    Sarah F

  15. Great article. I love the breakdown of the different fields and pay ranges. I'm going to print this list out and set it up to use as my "bible" of sorts when identifying my price range for copywriting jobs I apply to in the freelancing world. If the client cannot see the value in me and pay this price then I don't need to work with that client. Thanks a lot!


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