The 4th Pillar of B2B Writing Success: Get Really, Really Good

Steve Slaunwhite

Think the market is flooded with copywriters? Here’s what the marketing director of a software company said to me recently:

“Sure, there are a lot of writers out there, but few know how to write well. And fewer still can write strong B2B copy that engages our audience. In fact, we’re still struggling to find someone who can do that.”

I didn’t make that up. That’s exactly what he told me. And, I hear similar complaints from B2B companies all the time.

“Good B2B writers are hard to find.”

So, if you can position yourself as a writer who is good — really, really good — at writing marketing copy that engages a business audience, you can pretty much write your own ticket.

B2B marketing directors will be interested in talking to you.

How do you go about becoming “really, really good” at writing B2B copy?

First, you need to learn how to write copy (emails, ads, success stories, white papers) that communicates effectively to a business audience. Depending on the client you’re working with, that audience might be sales people, business owners, accountants, human resource managers, restaurant owners, etc.

There’s a specific style and approach you need to take when writing persuasively to a business audience. Once you learn that, you’ll be on solid ground as a B2B writer.

Second, you need to learn the best practices of writing typical B2B projects. For example, putting together an effective sales email … crafting a compelling case study (product success story) … writing a winning landing page … constructing effective social media updates … scribing a convincing white paper.

Next to an ability to write good B2B copy, clients will be looking for project expertise. You can count on them to ask you something like, “Do you know how to write an online ad?” You’ll wow them when you not only say, “Yes, I do,” but also rattle off three or four best practices.

And, here’s good news …

Becoming really, really good at B2B writing isn’t that difficult. The fastest way to get up-to-speed is to take a good B2B copywriting course. Ideally one that provides you with professional feedback on your work.

So, there you have it. The four pillars of B2B writing success:

  1. Commit to a target market.
  2. Never stop prospecting.
  3. Become a linchpin for each client.
  4. Get really, really good at B2B writing.

Like I said earlier this week, if you do those four things, there’s not much that can stop you from succeeding in this fun and lucrative market. Please share your success story in the comments.

And, if you’re asking which pillar is the most important for you to work on now, my answer is: Number four. After all, good B2B writers are what clients are looking for these days.

Modern B2B Copywriting

Modern B2B Copywriting

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Published: September 25, 2015

5 Responses to “The 4th Pillar of B2B Writing Success: Get Really, Really Good”

  1. Hi Steve, Thanks for the excellent insights on B2B writing success. I have already taken your courses on Hi-performance B2B, Lead-gen, and some others. My niche is the Hi-tech Networking Industry. In a recent Industrial Internet Consortium conference, had some great discussions and found out how REAL the demand for good marcom writers are.
    But I'm still in a "prospecting" stage thou, yet to land my 1st B2B client. Any advise on what's needed to expedite that jump?

    I'll be at the AWAI bootcamp and look forward to meeting you there (if you are coming)!

    regards, -sravani


  2. Steve --- can someone like me with limited income possibly setup monthly psyments to take ypur course...really want to be a copywriter!

    Guest ( Betty)

  3. Thank you very much Steve, for the for pillars you shared. It was clear and seemed to make it easy to become a good B2B copywriter.

    My only question is on how to break in to the B2B world as a newbie.

    I will read the four pillars over and over until I get to where I know I can get.
    Once again, Thank you!


  4. Thank You, Steve. As usual, you get to the point right away and back up your suggestions with solid reasons and facts.

    My goal is to approach your expertise in the B2B writing market.

    Your insights will help me.


  5. Hi Steve, thank you for all your information. I really appreciate for your consideration to send all these tools to become a great writer. As I have mentioned before I am in the midst of my worst financial situation... I have not lost my passion and goal to become a successful writer.. Nevertheless, I have been offered a few deals on your program.. I really can't afford anything. I was only able to pay off the fee of the Barefoot Club.. I am still without a job... Thank you.

    Guest (Jorge Alexander Kamkoff)

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